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  1. Part price request please

    26111226209 - should be a prop shaft drive seal 33107505604 - shaft seal with lock ring TYP188 x2 07119963355 - gasket ring A22X27-AL - x2
  2. Stretch's 530d/S62 Sport Touring. Updated 17/01/18

    Fantastic work, can’t wait to see this!
  3. The grand tour

    It was good episode, much better than the last 2. Hated seeing the 420g get ruined needlessly, I’ve always wanted one and it was a lovely example
  4. Upcoming Service

    My front pads said 3200 Miles about 7000 Miles ago, they now say 3500 Miles, they have about 4mm left so I would have a look rather than trusting the idrive
  5. G30 520d

    My 3.0 525d gets a calculated 42mpg on average with mixed driving... manual gearbox tho
  6. What to do with my 535?

    How much would you want for it as is? I’d love a project
  7. Found some pics of my 530 before I turned it into a track car
  8. Any HiFi enthusiasts here?

    Ive got a few sets of floorstanders that arent worth a huge amount if you are interested. Mordaunt Short
  9. Race Chip Pro 2

    This is a quality tuning box from Germany with loom for BMW N57 3.0 - it is adjustable with 3 power levels. It is the middle of the range model which comes with automotive grade plugs and is a really nice quality unit. It raises power by about 20% and makes a noticeable difference. I am thinking about selling the car and so have removed this now. Cost me £250 so looking for £150 delivered.
  10. New member

    If you are going to be towing I’d check the condition of your air bags on the rear, both mine have been replaced now and the near side left me stranded a long way from home. Lovely looking car
  11. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Changed all 6 glow plugs and another suspension airbag for the Arnott replacement. Jobs Bmw wanted well over £1000 for. All done for under £300
  12. Off to look at a car

    I think you’ve done well and they are very very tough cars. I was once caught in unexpected flood water nearly half way up the doors and it kept going... I sold mine to a mate who ran it with almost no engine oil for some time as it needed over 4 litres to top up, still sounded sweet. Check for seized front brake calipers... I tried repairing mine with new parts and it took months to find the parts
  13. Off to look at a car

    I had a legacy spec b 3.0 a couple of years ago... wonderful flat 6. Really enjoyed it but dreadful on fuel. It averaged about 19mpg or 23 ish on a run. Didn’t put a foot wrong but spare parts are very hard to get hold of
  14. XC90 yeah or Nae?!?

    lets see some pics... the wife wants one.
  15. Size matters! F10 v E39

    I have no issues parking my f11, yeah it’s big but you get used to it.
  16. My 520d saloon the verdict

    I looked at the xf before my f11 and actually really liked it, my issue was I could only stretch to a pre facelift and the infotainment system was a little clunky. I also wanted a manual gearbox and that was never available.
  17. Size matters! F10 v E39

    Love these... wasn’t one used in a bond film. 5 pot turbo from memory or even a v8?!
  18. Why did I go back to a BMW?

    My F11 has been a great car... much less trouble than my e39's and E61. Its a bit dull and big but a car I can just get in and drive and cover some serious distance. I think you are being a tad critical and very quick to jump the gun. I have had a couple of issues within the 2 years I have had mine and BMW have put it right each time and been a pleasure on every occasion. Mine is now 6.5 years old and so I expect it will need some work every now and again. Perhaps you should consider leasing a new one!
  19. How Long Have You Owned Your E39?

    530i saloon bought back in 2009 so nearly 9 years, I’ve done 70k miles and now showing 150k. The car is now a track car. Car is the best car I’ve owned. It requires love but never let me down
  20. Brands hatch yesterday in the 530

    It’s a great circuit, the Indy track is short but quite technical... paddock is a touch scary with cold tires!
  21. Car was absolutely faultless all day, track was really greasy to start off which was fun/sketchy! There were 4 cars in the gravel over the course of the day, the afternoon dried up which meant we could get some decent laps in, 1.01min was our best lap - not being competitive at all, just seeing how the car progresses with mods over time.
  22. F10 door corrosion

    I’ve just checked mine and 1 of the doors has corrosion. Will phone Bmw next week
  23. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Had 4 wheel laser alignment carried out, it was quite a long way out so should make a difference.
  24. its a ludicrous asking price, the car looks to be in lovely condition but I am 100% certain he will not find a buyer at that price.
  25. M54 or M52TU?

    I purchased My m54 530i sport manual back in 2009 and it’s now on 150k, the past 3.5 years it has been a track car with oil changes every 2 track days, it doesn’t put a foot wrong and lives at high revs. in the cars life it has had lots of maintenance but never left me at the side of the road. The manual box is sweet and the engine still sounds great and pulls very hard - it’s suprisingly fun in a 1200kg e39!