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  1. The new motor.

    My wife got a tiguan 3 years ago and has done 60k Miles in that time, other than a little sunroof leak it’s only had rear pads and 2 tyres, much better than any car I’ve owned on that front
  2. Diesel - full tank range thread

    My mapped 3.0 525d gets a minimum of 650 miles from a full tank, on a run I can get over 700
  3. Need some urgent advice - F10 rear suspension

    I agree with you to an extent, the lack of space for a spare is shocking! I just carry around the foam and a pump but I am tempted to get a space saver for longer journeys
  4. Front discs and pads

    Can I have a price for front discs and pads + sensor for my F11 525d (3.0) please - chassis no c598820 - i believe there are a couple of disc sizes available for the 3 litre cars?
  5. Window Tints

    I had my windows tinted today, just the rears to keep things legal, I asked for as close to factory levels as possible
  6. Need some urgent advice - F10 rear suspension

    I changed to non run flats when on my 18"s and there was a noticeable difference
  7. Need some urgent advice - F10 rear suspension

    Surely it’s worth fixing?! I’m sure it’s nothing major. I remember my parents buying a brand new e46 and e39 when I was at school and they both visited the dealer a few times with issues, I don’t think older BMW’s are without their issues. I think you need a 90s petrol Honda! You probably don’t even need to service it!
  8. Top Gear

    I think it’s quite good but have to fast forward through the bits Rory does on his own... I’m not really interested in his opinion and his shouting and screaming is so pointless
  9. Shocked at trade in value of F11

    I was given a 330d F30 as a loaner while my car was having some work done, whilst it drove very nicely the interior feels like a big jump down in quality from the F11
  10. F10 door corrosion

    I visited BMW over 3 months ago to report mine, was told it will be sent to BMW for approval... chased them yesterday and fobbed off
  11. Considering F10 M-Sport...

    my 3.0 525d felt quite weak and definitely needed a bit more go from a re-map, its still not 'fast' but it is much more enjoyable to drive
  12. Geneva motor show

    Popped over to the motor show for a look around as a mate lives and works in town so a cheap trip! The new m5 is a bit of a beast but the real treat was going behind closed doors to see the new senna
  13. HiFi speakers and set up advice

    Good to see folk still using decent sound systems, most of my mates have gone down the sonos route and I personally think it sounds terrible but I pretend I’m impressed. I still use my old rotel amp and floorstanders and feel the sound produced is lovely... each to their own
  14. Id rather a 6 pot 7 than a 4 pot 5 but.... 530d vs 730d I would probably stick with the 5 as its already a big old bus to park. I've never been in a 520d so I've no idea what they are like, plenty of other 4 cylinder diesels though.
  15. Full option 535d 2010

    Yes, seems a touch pricey. It is quite an old car now regardless of options