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  1. How Long Have You Owned Your E39?

    530i saloon bought back in 2009 so nearly 9 years, I’ve done 70k miles and now showing 150k. The car is now a track car. Car is the best car I’ve owned. It requires love but never let me down
  2. Brands hatch yesterday in the 530

    It’s a great circuit, the Indy track is short but quite technical... paddock is a touch scary with cold tires!
  3. F10 door corrosion

    I’ve just checked mine and 1 of the doors has corrosion. Will phone Bmw next week
  4. Car was absolutely faultless all day, track was really greasy to start off which was fun/sketchy! There were 4 cars in the gravel over the course of the day, the afternoon dried up which meant we could get some decent laps in, 1.01min was our best lap - not being competitive at all, just seeing how the car progresses with mods over time.
  5. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Had 4 wheel laser alignment carried out, it was quite a long way out so should make a difference.
  6. its a ludicrous asking price, the car looks to be in lovely condition but I am 100% certain he will not find a buyer at that price.
  7. M54 or M52TU?

    I purchased My m54 530i sport manual back in 2009 and it’s now on 150k, the past 3.5 years it has been a track car with oil changes every 2 track days, it doesn’t put a foot wrong and lives at high revs. in the cars life it has had lots of maintenance but never left me at the side of the road. The manual box is sweet and the engine still sounds great and pulls very hard - it’s suprisingly fun in a 1200kg e39!
  8. M54 or M52TU?

    It’s all about the manual, they are much more fun and direct... use considerably less fuel too!
  9. E39 Touring 530i - Manual

    I sold my E39 530i sport touring manual about 18 months ago with under 100k on the clock as it was starting to rust in the usual places and fancied something a bit more modern... it took me such a long time to find one when I was looking with almost no nice examples left now. Good luck with your search !
  10. Purchasing high mileage 1 Series commuter

    My sister has a 120d on a 55 plate so the older engine which didn’t suffer from timing chain issues, she’s done 160k and had a clutch/fly and 2 injectors - that’s it, she got it on 100k. Hers has pretty much every option and thus the nav has just given up the ghost. The genuine LUK clutch and dm flywheel were under £400 after some haggling at Euros and only took 3 hours on the drive... it’s a good car to work on
  11. The Walking Dead

    I’m a big fan and loved this episode
  12. E60 shorter throw gear stick for E39

    Always happy to do a good deal for the forum
  13. BROCADE RED E34 540I / 124k MILES / BARN FIND

    It’s in very good shape!! You must be very happy!
  14. I’ve just swapped my 18”s for the same tyre and echo the above, a different car!
  15. E60 shorter throw gear stick for E39

    I don’t think they are too expensive from Bmw direct if anyone wants one, I’d recommend it!