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  1. Do you still have these? What’s your best price for collection?
  2. paperjams

    Parts price request

    61119129360 - coax fakra wire for usb 84109237653 - USB/Aux socket Thank you
  3. Are these still available?
  4. I have the same engine/brakes as yourself (3.0 525d) and ordered genuine parts from costswolds on this forum when changing the discs and pads. They worked out slightly more expensive than euro car parts for brembo.
  5. paperjams

    HI, not quite new!

    nice looking E61 you have there and a rare combo of engine/gearbox/spec!
  6. I use grosvenor in Caversham and have recently had a service done there too, they actually told me certain things I had asked to be replaced didnt need doing and were very honest. They cleaned it really well and charged a great deal less than main dealers. They had a very long chat with me when I dropped the car off about my F11 & E39 and seem really interested in what they do. Highly recommended
  7. paperjams

    Clutch and dmf

    My 525d (3.0) had a DMF and clutch at BMW due to juddering, all sorted under warranty - I was told the job would have been over £3000 if I was paying?! Seems madness
  8. paperjams

    F11 Speaker Upgrade

    A simple bass blocker will suffice to add in before the mids in the door, I did this and can be had for about 5 quid, it stops them distorting at higher volumes
  9. paperjams

    poor fuel economy

    Ah yes, I see your point. Maybe worth another attempt! I had this done on my car a few months back and made a big difference.. http://www.enginecarbonclean.com/
  10. paperjams

    poor fuel economy

    yes, 38 mpg on a run is terrible for a 520d, my 3.0d can quite comfortably get 50mpg on a run. Id get a specialist to take a look if you aren't handy with codes/spanners
  11. paperjams

    Front discs and pads

    Can I re-check the prices and go ahead with this please, they lasted much longer than expected!
  12. paperjams

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Mine say 1400 Miles, they are the original discs and pads with 72k miles! They said 3000 miles to go 17k miles ago!
  13. paperjams

    F10 door corrosion

    Ive given in trying to sort mine, 2 of my doors are affected but I have been told the car has had paintwork - there is no way the chap using the paint depth tool was using it correctly as he was trying to do it one handed and really rushed it, he said in person the car definitely hadn't had any paintwork in its life but then the claim was rejected? I am very fussy about bodywork and see it has not been painted. I am at the stage where I cannot be bothered to pursue it, with the war on diesel only getting worse the car must be worth next to nothing and I can only imagine them making a bad job of it too. Shame on you BMW, other than the rear air suspension and the clearly problematic corroding doors the car feels well made and properly engineered, it is a shame BMW won't acknowledge they messed up and will rectify all affected cars. my car has full BMW history and 70k miles.
  14. paperjams

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    The kit is impressive, it comes with plugs that go straight into the BMW loom so no chopping wires, the tweeters clip into the BMW sails and the crossover fits onto the door car with no clearance issues.
  15. paperjams

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    I didn’t want to spend a fortune and so looked for a kit that is designed to work with the standard amp. I also added some bass blockers to the mids as they are on the same channel as the subs so distort at too lower volume. It really does sound alright now! the kit I ordered....https://www.audiodesign.de/mbquart/english/quartmobil-qm100c-bmw-2-way-component-system.html amazon have it for £130