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  1. Lack of progress gets boring, test fit of the E36, don't think I'll have a problem.
  2. Or a scissor lift or a MaxJax. Although for the latter, or any two-post for that matter, you'd probably have to cut the floor out where the posts are going to go and reinforce. Nearly as much work as digging a pit, but arguably a lot more useful I'd say.
  3. Name drop! Looks very well indeed, as does the E30. Good to see these cars being used! Big Benz coupe looks interesting too. A project of yours?
  4. I believe they either changed the diameter of the damper shaft or the thread at the top. @urquattro or @Dongiov will probably know, chaps?
  5. Roof to keep the rain out... Roofers miscounted the boards on their truck Monday so only managed to fit out 2/3 of it. Of course pissed it down since, joists have got soaked, W. Heath Robinson solution notwithstanding. Dodged the showers today to get it finished. Decent job, refreshing to work with proper trades...
  6. I gave up on uploading pics directly to the forum a long while ago when I ran out of storage. I tried Flickr, Google Images, and Photobucket before settling on imgur for image hosting. By far the easiest and quickest to upload and retrieve proper formatted links to paste into the forum.
  7. Here's mine, box fresh! Don't know what I'm going to do with it yet. I think the best plan is just to move in and see what I need. Some great inspiration from that link!
  8. Looks like a lovely motor! Tyres: I just put a set of Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance on my E36 to replace the (I believe) discontinued Dunlop Fast Response, in about that size. Both impressive tyres, not much else decent available from the big name brands in that size. Clutch judder may be due to fluid getting on the plate - check around the back of the engine for signs of leakage. Rear crank seal is possible but not likely. Glovebox comes out of the car in one piece quite easily, and can be adjusted. I'd start by loosening the screws in the hinge and pushing it around to see if you can improve the fit. I think there's a proper procedure for reinstalling it that you might be able to find - most likely from the Bentley manual. Pick up a copy of you can find one! Best of luck with it. Stick some more pics up!
  9. I don't know if it's of any use, but on my M30 car I used an E12 528 flywheel and E28 M5 clutch. Single mass setup that matches the height of the standard M30 DMF and works with the standard clutch release mechanism. Obviously talking about a totally different engine / box combo but might be some mileage in it? Especially if the clutch slave is the same between the M30 and M60 cars. Let me know if I can be any more help.
  10. Come to think of it, never did get my LH screwdriver either.
  11. Yeah the joists were actually a bit of a happy accident. Due to the span, we had to have engineered joists of some description - originally were going to be I-joists which have timber chords connected by an OSB web. Builder had them specced up before the walls were built, so he knew the dimensions, then went ahead and built the walls too high to get the joists on the top within permitted development limits. Part of the reason I got shot of him. These metal web ('posi') joists are typically used for intermediate floors in new build. The bottom chord doesn't have to be supported because the triangulation of the metal webs stiffens the top chord - the stiffness is the same whether they're supported from the top or the bottom. If anything, the bottom chord doesn't want to be constrained because swell in the timber would then cause the joist to bow upwards - there's a gap between the joist and the wall to account for this. Added bonus of top hanging is they can't fall over and make the roof a big parallelogram. Trades love 'em because they can throw services straight through the middle. I love 'em because they're stiffer, lighter, faster to produce, more sustainable, cheaper, and generally better in every way than anything else - progress! Same place I got the bucket of steam. I had to wait hours for them to be made up though - I wouldn't bother going back.
  12. Monday morning: Men with plywood and fire: Monday afternoon - enclosed! (nearly)
  13. Some timber arrived: Turned timber into wall plates: Minor cockup. Bolts too short, solved by counter-sinking timber, bolts from bad batch, replaced bolts, longer shank, bolts too long. Saturday evening, bolt place not open until Monday. Roofers coming Monday. Balls. To the lathe: Joists going up: Timber fascias: (stained in silver 'corpse', as the Wickes operative so delightfully put it) Building a fake overhang to allow for eventual cladding: Fascias going up: Done!
  14. Thanks guys. Just seems to be the way some tradesmen choose to operate - far too many people have bad builder stories! Some people confuse discussion with argument, and they do everything armed accordingly. Anyway, enough of that. One unkempt trench: More 1960s local authority services installed to the requisite depth: 10mm SWA and Cat6 going in: Metal web joists: Better: Next up: drainage. Roof going on next weekend all being well.
  15. I believe Renault Trafic and VW Transporter steels fit, albeit probably with spacers. Bet you could pick a set of those up cheap from a breakers'. There's one of each round my way wering E60 and E53 wheels respectively.