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  1. Just the one question. Why?

    I suppose because everything else in the VAG / air cooled scene has been done. Plus no one will miss either. For full scene points transplant a turbo diesel?
  2. Just the one question. Why?

    I kind of like it. Two turds make a gem?
  3. You recall correct. The cancel button should be pressed first in case of errant entries made by ne’er-do-wells. In fact, you can press two, more, or indeed all buttons simultaneously. I have tested all the theories. Toyed with the idea of making a tool up.
  4. Present plan is to keep it indefinitely, but if that changes you’re first in line.
  5. My E26!

    “ex” - has-been ”pert” - drip under pressure I seem to remember voting for some type of concourse last year. Actually now thinking about it, it was ‘best restoration’ or similar. I’ll head down on Saturday then, all being well, and say hello if I see you / can work out who you are.
  6. Every man has his price - even for the most prized posession!
  7. My E26!

    “the very best of the legendary Munich marque” - quite some accolade! I’ll be there one of the days, you can count on my vote.
  8. Thanks, we will. I can't see us parting with this one for a long while. The pictures don't quite do it justice, it really is very special. I've only given half the story yet though! The gentleman bought it as a 50th birthday present to himself, it was ordered in 2000 and so comes with the commemorative silver crest on the wheel. I have a letter signed by the MD of AFN Reading confirming placement of the order with Porsche, as well as all the dealer bumf advertising their track day club, and of course invoice and delivery inspection slip. Toured all over Europe in it. I've found receipts in the cubby box for fuel and parking in France. The chap took over a year to come to terms with selling it, as he is very tall and was starting to struggle to fold himself into it. He couldn't see himself using it as intended in the future so was selling on the agreement that the new owner would use it properly and drive it hard. He refused to sell it to a dealer or to anyone he didn't like - clearly we passed the test! Thanks, I shall. The condensers have been done recently but it is on the original rads. The ducts are pretty clear at the moment. Are the grilles easy to remove for access? This was always going to be a gateway Porsche! A dry run for 996 ownership, but I've not decided which one yet. Maybe 4S, maybe early 3.4 C2. Maybe by the time I've saved up they'll be £50k like the 993s and 964s and it'll all be academic. So anyway I'll keep this thread updated as I have a few little jobs to do with it. Mainly preparation / protection for its first winter on the road. There's a bit of paint correction to do, sealing paint/wheels/trim/glass with one of the hydrophobic ceramic systems, sealing the roof, deep clean and sealing the interior. UV protection for the headlights (still totally clear and I'd like them to stay that way) - maybe ceramic or maybe paint protection film. Finally a deep clean underneath, topping up the underseal where necessary and coating the arches, suspension, etc. with anti-corrosion wax. Will be so nice to own something tidy for once! Thanks all.
  9. I’m a total convert. Reckon the prices bottomed a year or two ago, at the very least this ought to be free motoring for a couple of years. I can’t get over how good value they are, especially compared to a nice 328 Sport Coupe for example.
  10. Cheap run about

  11. I do this most days. I also, always, get my works ID card out in preparation to swipe open the door to my lab, which has one of those mechanical punch-button locks on it. No idea why.
  12. Tom's Garage (E34 535i Sport Restoration)

    Painted some walls and stuff... ...not a lot of progress really... ...because I got slightly sidetracked! First car in the garage is not what I had expected, being honest.
  13. Morning All. Thought I'd share our recent acquisition. No reason, other than "what is a car forum without gratuitous pictures of cars?" So, the Boss bought this F20 a couple of years back. Standard fayre: puny diesel, many mpg, finance deal. Parents wanted her to have something reliable / EuroNCAP / whatever. Obvious. Lovely car. Boring. Bored. Nearing end of warranty, what to replace it with? Another one? i3? Golf GTE? E30/36? Maybe even E34/39? Plenty of dodgy ones out there, plenty also for mega money. Totally uninspired by the current phoned-in me-too niche-within-niche excuse for a model line-up from Munich. In fact, the harder we looked the more we realised nothing from this century was going to cut it. So we enrolled in hairdresser's school: Blah blah IMS bearing blah blah I don't care. One owner from new, possibly the nicest man I've ever met. All of the history laid out in chronological order. His lovely wife made us sandwiches. We took it home. It's a 2.7 with no options. It's a boring colour. And I couldn't care less because it's honest and it's clean and it has a lovely story to tell; and it's timeless and elegant and the build quality is in another league. It goes where you point it, the steering has actual weight and feedback, it has proper brakes, the engine is tractable and docile and yet gloriously musical and free-revving. And best yet; as a package, a whole-vehicle-concept, it works so well together. The harder it's driven the more alive it becomes. I love it and I need a 996 with a Mezger engine.
  14. Start up

    You can get round this by shutting the engine down from a fast idle. Hang 2-3krpm off it for a couple of seconds, hold the throttle steady and key off, shut the throttle after the engine has stopped. Higher engine speed stops it running rich as it will at cold idle, more airflow pulls the extra fuel through the engine before it stops. The problem is most likely due to fuel condensing on the cold walls of the inlet manifold and never actually getting to the cylinders. On restart it's far too rich / wet to ignite the mixture from a spark.
  15. Cheap run about

    Forgot to add, I have seen a solid 35-40mpg at a 65-70mph cruise. '23 has bags of torque and silly long gears.