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  1. Be worth £30k by then!
  2. Looks smashing. +1 on the headlights, mine look like that too.
  3. Excellent work, especially on those struts! Great to see. Don't worry about making slow progress as you're miles ahead of me. Just don't pull out too much of a lead, as I'd like a picture of them together at some point before I retire.
  4. Dig a trench, cock up concrete order, put too much concrete in trench / make more mess Do footings wrong, move footings, realise building is big Put walls up, realise building is really big Floor pour and OSB I-beam joists in this week with any luck. Know what you mean Duncan, first house and all that, start small. House prices cheap up north! Aiming for the next one to be a big project, will give you a shout when the time comes.
  5. Toys! Beginning, scraping, protect the rhubarb Make a mess Carport post x4, set around potted cable joint, a touch undersized I'd say Build a road, bury some electricity
  6. Good point. Two options: site long enough (40m) to do rear extension only, or do a room over drive-through garage. Realistically, more likely to get what we need from it, get the money out, let it and move on rather than extend. Pretty much at the road ceiling price once the garden building is done I expect.
  7. Before
  8. ...been a while! Now if only I can fathom uploading pictures taken on a new phone, uploaded to a new online storage facility, to a new forum software...
  9. So. After another 18 months of dragging my heels, some progress to report. As of sorts. This is very much panning out to be an exercise in management of sprawling projects. To cut a long story short: Identify need to buy house (5/16) Attempt to buy house with garage large enough to contain E34 (5-7/16) Admit defeat, buy house with no garage (9/16) Gut house (9/16) Make house nice (10-11/16) Run out of money, move into house (11/16) Make feeble attempt to save money (11/16-4/17) Get bored waiting, dig holes in garden (4/17) Fill holes with hardcore / concrete as appropriate (4/17) Place concrete blocks onto concrete in regular formation (4-5/17) Then once all that is done, there's just the small matter of: Finish garage Finish garden Finish house Rebuild 306 engine / box / rear axle (why) Rebuild E36 suspension (again, why) Commence E34 project - and this has been so long now (having owned the car for nearly 10 years) that it's daft to convince myself that it will be taken back to anything other than a bare shell, with a complete nut-and-bolt zinc-plate and powder-coat extravaganza of making the car look slightly better than it did in 1990. Pictures upcoming.
  10. Yes the 100Ah will last longer in the E34, it makes sense to fit the biggest one you can in the car that gets used least often. If you can though, fit a float (not trickle) charger to avoid ever draining the battery too much. Lead acid batteries aren't designed to be left undercharged (this is how they permanently lose most of their capacity). The plates corrode whenever the voltage is lower than when fully charged (12.8v), the longer they are left corroded the less capacity the battery will retain. Ideally they should be charged fully, immediately after any discharge. The gel-type (called AGM or VRLA) batteries handle deep / consistent discharge much better than liquid types, as they are less susceptible to corrosion on the plates. But they are expensive and not necessary if you can keep the battery charged. If the battery in the E38 is old and has had a life of being undercharged, this is a more likely reason for sluggish starting than the rating being too low. The tracker in the E34 probably kills the battery so quickly because the battery has consistently been drained by the tracker. It's a vicious circle. Nothing wrong with using an old one even if it is a bit short of breath, but if you can't float charge the one in the E34 then an AGM might be a good purchase.
  11. Cracking read. Looks like a good turnout. Nice city too, I've been that way a few times myself.
  12. No worries, I completely understand! Good luck with the search, it seems people are trying their hardest to push the prices of these skyward.
  13. Does it have to be a Sport? A friend of mine has a very well looked after 530d SE saloon auto, pre-facelift on a W IIRC. Silver / black leather, upgrade audio, circa 120k on the clock and FSH. Possibly at BMW but I wouldn't like you to hold me to it...
  14. Will it lift a Peugeot XU10?
  15. Nice looking car you have there. Tripping the ABS will be due to low grip at the contact patch rather than poor brake efficiency. This is most likely caused by poor quality or mismatched (F to R) tyres. Worn dampers or other suspension components could also cause this, but recent bills and low mileage suggest this isn't the case. As CG suggests, fresh consumables are are all that will be required unless you're going to the track. You can fit big heavy discs and calipers off an M5 or E31 if you really want, but they will do little but worsen the ride and handling.