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    2005 550i M sport
  1. SE vs M Sport?

    Strange thing is, now the oil leaks are all fixed on my 550, I don’t seem to have the same smoke after a period of idle. I was never convinced of valve stem seals causing this blue smoke, I’ve not used car in traffic the same since fixing the last leak so still to be confirmed
  2. E61 550i Exhaust smell in cabin

    Attached a couple pics I took when I was doing my rocker gaskets recently 1st pic with hose circled in red is from aux pump to heater valve 2nd pic is the valve to bulkhead hose, along with the valve it’s all directly next to exhaust manifold
  3. E61 550i Exhaust smell in cabin

    Aux pump is just behind the nsf headlight, hose then runs to the heater valve, from there to the bulkhead. The hose between the pump and the heater valve runs along the chassis leg, secured with a cable tie, it runs very close to the engine at one point - the securing clamp for the oil cooler pipes just above the alternator Need the air cleaner box totally removed to see the area clearer
  4. E61 550i Exhaust smell in cabin

    Down that side of lower inner wing along the leg is the aux waterpump, heater valves and hoses towards the bulkhead, could be a leak around here spraying onto exhaust. Not much space between the hose and engine
  5. Price please

    Thanks, paypal sent
  6. 550i e60 pre or post LCI or just avoid?

    Had mine a short time only and had the double rear silencer replaced with a little powerflow silencer, it satisfied my ‘make it louder’ requirement from idle it means business
  7. 550i e60 pre or post LCI or just avoid?

    Bmw v8 ownership is like running any car - they all have their common failures generally as mileage increases. not the most straightforward engine to work on, but at least it’s not a dirty derv ditch the standard exhaust silencer and listen to it properly though, it’s too quiet standard
  8. Looking at a 550i tomorrow, advise please!

    As Andrew says above, however my 550 doesn’t have the secondary air system - don’t think they put it on the 4.8s oil leaks are a right pain, I’ve done mine myself so know all about it, tho still got the NS rocker cover and top timing case seal to do (gave up today as need to removed even more)
  9. Price please

    Please price me a total for parts below: manifold seals x8 11617537999 oil pipe o’ring x2 17227558508 oil pipe o’ring x2 17222245358 disa motor o’ring x2 11617514883 throttle o’ring x1 13547510433 rocker bolt x1 11127568834 Injector grey o’ring x8 13647509752 many thanks
  10. 550i e60 pre or post LCI or just avoid?

    Pre lci here (55 plate) love it only downside is oil leaks: rocker gaskets, top timing cover, alternator bracket, and anything else with rubber o’rings like cam sensors 25 mpg average, dropping if do more town journeys, but what do I care I’ve got a 4.8 V8
  11. ZF 6 speed transmission issues

    Andrew, the alt bracket seal a couple months ago, but since then the rocker gasket and top timing seal have both been leaking a fair bit onto my nicely cleaned up alternator. Should be the end of it when rockers done
  12. ZF 6 speed transmission issues

    These engines do seem to like to spring leaks, I’ve had vac pump leak, eccentric sensors seals leak, oil cap, breather pipe split, alt bracket leak, now a more serious leak from upper front timing case and rocker. It’s been a continual Chad over the past 2 years. My alternator now been soaked again I’m not stuck for a car so not been using my 550 since found this oil a proper leak this time, and done all replacements myself, hate to imagine the costs otherwise, feel your pain (without having felt it fully myself) my e39 with m62 engine had leaky rocker gaskets too, I can advise don’t let them get too bad, once that oil hits exhaust it stinks and takes ages to clear
  13. ZF 6 speed transmission issues

    I’m doing both banks rocker gaskets on mine diy, split over 2 weekends, did the OS bank last Sunday im doing vanos valve seals and top timing cover seals at same time, the NS bank is pi$$ing out the timing cover and corner of rocker, I left this one till last as access to the cover looks slightly worse and thought the other bank would be a slightly easier practice not a fun job by any means, but possible diy. I used DIS to set the valvetronic to minimum lift before removing the motor dash lit up with engine fault, reduced power. But on refitting all and cycling the ignition twice, my heart started beating normal again when engine ran fine and all warnings off. Same fun again I spose doing NS bank this sunday recommended to replace all cam sensor o’rings, eccentric sensor seal, timing cover seals, vanos valve seals, spark plug tubes, vac pump seal double work removing pollen filters and intakes and cross bar, and setting valvetronic to minimum lift by diagnostics - not drastic amount of double work doing each bank separate, but to be honest your best doing both
  14. Electric throttle-valve actuator The DME control unit calculates the position of the throttle valve: from the position of the accelerator pedal and the torque required by other control units. In the electric throttle-valve actuator, the position of the throttle valve is monitored by 2 potentiometers. The electric throttle-valve actuator is electrically opened or closed by the DME control unit. With Valvetronic, the throttle-valve actuator is activated for the following functions: • Engine start (warm-up) • Idle speed control • Full load operation • Emergency operation copy/paste from TIS, don’t know what temp they class as warm up. I know from a cold start mine will idle at 1k for maybe 20 seconds, then 800ish for maybe 2 minutes before dropping to 500 I’d check both breather valves, one each bank under the round cap, ensure not split check the breather hose from each bank to the manifold is OK, recently found mine brittle and cracked. Failure of either can allow unmetered air into manifold and cause unsteady idle
  15. Breather pipe

    Payment sent many thanks. Iain