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  1. sezzatotalbmw

    meet write-ups for Total BMW

    Ahhhh, forgot to ask... would you guys like to also be the club in the 'focus on...' section too? If you haven't seen the page in the mag, it's basically a short write-up to publicise your club which explains the reasons why it started and who by, who it's for (maybe that's rather obvious ) what members should expect, any fee to join, which events usually attend.. that sort of thing. Maybe a line about why this club stands out from the rest? Best part, it's free publicity! If one of you is up for this, any chance you could cobble something together and email it across to me asap: bmw.clubs@kelsey.co.uk. Then this will also be in the next issue. I can use a screen shot of your forum page to illustrate the club, unless you'd rather me use a logo? Hope you can help Sezza
  2. sezzatotalbmw

    meet write-ups for Total BMW

    Thanks Duncan for submitting the extremely well written feature from your Herts meet... the plan is to try and get this in the next issue of TBMW (August) since you guys haven't been featured just yet. Keep up the good work! Any other meets coming up, keep us in mind!
  3. sezzatotalbmw

    meet write-ups for Total BMW

    Great! I look forward to reading this
  4. sezzatotalbmw

    meet write-ups for Total BMW

    Hi guys, I'm the new clubs co-ordinator for Total BMW and we have a new section in the magazine to cover the BMW scene. If you've had an event or meet recently which had a good turnout and you think would look fab splashed across these new pages, then please get in touch through our club email: bmw.clubs@kelsey.co.uk" target="_new We would usually suggest a write-up of no more than 750 words as a lead story, with 6/7 high-res photographs to represent the day - captions would be useful if only to give an idea of who's who in the piccys and who's done what with their BMW. Hope you're all up for it! Cheers Sezza