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  1. E39 M5 in Need of Clutch/Flywheel. What To Buy?

    Great find, couldn't resist. Thank you.
  2. E39 M5 Brake Overhaul Advice

    You need 500ml + more brake fluid than required to keep pressure vessel topped at all times up so no air blows through. The pump mechanism got sticky and failed on mine and the pressure it created wasn't great either. When I changed round to the stainless, I did one corner at a time and manually bled after each one. I bled again all individually once all were swapped over.
  3. E39 M5 Brake Overhaul Advice

    I've that exact same bleeder and it's not the greatest bit of kit ever made. As above, clamping the old rubber lines then fitting stainless with the refurbished calipers was my route. I got a refurb kit from these people https://brakeparts.co.uk
  4. E39 M5 Wheel refurb options

    Their shadow chrome is done by a base layer of black followed by layers of silver. You need to ask for a few less passes ( than their version of shadow chrome) of silver over the black base to achieve the above colour. They did mine and a friends to this colour last year so it should be relatively fresh for them. Helen was the representative we dealt with and she should certainly remember as we had to do them twice to get the desired result.
  5. E39 M5 Wheel refurb options

    Had mine done last year at Lepsons including straightening one of the rims, they provided an excellent service. It took two goes to get the correct shadow chrome effect ( their demo shadow chrome is way too silver) with the second attempt just perfect for me. What we went for in the end is their shadow chrome with a only a few passes of silver to finish. I found it hard to capture the actual colour but here are a few…… in some shots they appear quite silver but this is not the case in reality
  6. Michelin PSS 'out of round'

    So, tyre was found to have excessive run out by Michelin and voucher for a new tyre provided.
  7. Recent fitment of a pair Michelin PSS 275/35 18 to the rear axle resulted in an immediate vibration at 80mph + They were re-balanced with no improvement. Hunter road force balancing today demonstrated that the rims are true ( rims refurb April 17) with both tyres are out of round with one considerably worse than the other. Construction date November 2016 They were refitted with the least offending tyre rotated with some improvement but nothing could be done for the other. The tyres have about 500 miles on them and recent alignment is factory spec E39 M5. I'm a bit surprised really from Michelin but a chat with the tyre guys and it seems to be a relatively common thing.
  8. Michelin PSS 'out of round'

    Yup, as they're going to have to inspect the tyres…but in the meantime I've to buy a new pair pending their diagnosis and report, if favourable. The potential exposure to which is circa £1.2k+ for a set of pair of rear tyres. In the eight years of ownership, having so far run PS2 / VREDS / PS2 and these PSS I'm at a loss as to the quality or subsequent storage issues whith the PSS.
  9. My E39 M5

    Owned since 2009 with 72k. Rear eibach arb, 40% locking differential, intrax springs and bilstein B8 dampers, powerflex control / thrust bushing, Russ 4-2-1 headers, Eisenman box, E60 SSK, braided hoses, BMW PBK front, Porsche 4 pots rear.
  10. My E39 M5

    I'm with you all the way on the reasons not to go with the BMW PBK, my decision was based mainly on the fact that I had to replace the front discs and pads (tried various combos) three times in 30k as well as rebuilding the front calipers and everything else,in order to try and sort the front judder that I was experiencing. At each replacement the judder came back within 500 miles resulting in not being able to really drive the car, the hotter the brakes, the worse the judder. I toyed with the idea of an AP racing or Stoptech brake kit but as I don't as such track the car, I had difficulty in justifying the added expenditure. In light of my disc judder issues, I've followed the BMW PBK kit since it's adaptation to our cars and I have as yet to come across any documented issues when used on our cars, only what appears to be an unfounded feeling in parts of the community that it's a downgrade over standard. Sure, it's by no means perfect and you can easily find evidence of the ceramic hats of the pistons cracking after repeated hard track use and the dust boots melting but for a kit that came in at a about a grand with easily sourced replacement parts /discs / pads, I decided what the hell. Having had the fronts on now for over 2.5 years, I'm very happy, without issue and for me they have been a significant improvement over standard with gains in pedal feedback and outright stopping ability. This has included everything from U.K driving, to fully loaded up braking 100-150 and down, due to those trucks that 'just' pull out on the dual carriageway autobahns. I'll probably not go with the BMW pads when they need replacing and replacement discs are pretty cheap when ECP has a discount thing going on. Hakon
  11. My E39 M5

    Font caliper and discs and pads are from the BMW 135 performance kit, you'll also need an adapter bracket. The discs need a little modification to fit our hubs or our hubs need a little modification to fit the discs, which ever way you prefer.
  12. My E39 M5

    I had problems (juddering) with the OE front brakes since I started ownership, with all the usual potential causative factors dealt with, to no avail. Three set's of front discs, pads and rebuilds later, I gave up and went BMW PBK and haven't had any issues since. SInce being able to brake harder now, without the sensation of the steering wheel being pulled from my hands, it kinda highlighted that the front performance felt stronger than the rear. The porsche calipers were rebuilt with new seals and swapped over the link pipe and bleed nipples (Porsche run these the other way round) They were also poorly sprayed to colour match the fronts. An adapter bracket and some trimming of the shield is required as well as a few washers to perfect the fit. A couple of different pad sizes are available with one of them filling the swept surface of the disc perfectly, sorry can't remember exactly... but they are oe textar from ecp Hakon
  13. My E39 M5

    Thanks, The two modifications that have provided the biggest changes have been the intrax /bilstein over standard and the rear ARB. Rear arb has tightened up turn in and made the front more direct with a reduction in roll. It came soon after the springs and dampers so I wasn't fully accustomed to the new set up before fitting but I'd recommend it. It was a toss up between Eibach and the Dinan (which had come available on the market again) but with the shipping / import and handling fees, as well as the fact I'm likely never to change the settings, it was an easy choice. Unfortunately the Eibach only comes in a kit with both front and rear bars. I'll not be fitting the front as the chassis requires some grinding to fit and the improvement in handling from the rear arb is somewhat lost. It does however make the rear an expensive bit of bent red metal ! Hakon
  14. My E39 M5

    Thanks, it's taken a while but I'm very happy with it .
  15. BMW E39 M5 Rod Bearing & Chain Guides

    Haha, that was assuming all suspension parts had already having been taken care of. Borescope through the oil filler cap can take a look at some of the main guide but I'd certainly get a new main tensioner in, as they slacken and it takes less than 20 minutes. My guides were replaced at 68k as they were found to have broken tabs and although not unduly worn, the missing tabs is a potential problem especially with a slack chain. I had big end bearings actually fail at 32K, thankfully with minimal damage to the crank. Had they not, I'd have probably had them done with the guides at 68k
  16. BMW E39 M5 Rod Bearing & Chain Guides

    Good call Did mine last summer (not at cpc) and included to your list. Chains (main, timing and oil), Guides (all inc oil and timing), Tensioners (vanos and main chain) I'd get vanos rebuilt with actuator seals and the vanos diaphragm springs taken care of too, whilst you're in there. Hakon
  17. E39 m5 anti roll bar upgrade?

    Is it the rear that needs grinding to fit ?
  18. I have the same thing, it just doesn't work no matter how many times I reset it. I've given up, I have a pressure gauge in the glove box instead... Hakon
  19. tyre check control (TDC) questions

    I have the same problem. I've done the reset numerous times now with the same response... Hakon