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  1. Hakon

    E39 M5 in Need of Clutch/Flywheel. What To Buy?

    Anyone do the clutch change yet ?
  2. Hakon

    My E39 M5

    The kit I bought from BMW includes the caliper, pads, discs. The discs are not aftermarket and fit the E39 M5 hub (with the removal of the mentioned lugs ) The lugs can be seen https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FOR-BMW-5-SERIES-E39-M5-4-9-FRONT-AXLE-WHEEL-BEARING-HUB-FLANGE-KIT-FAG-GERMANY-/161717197995
  3. Hakon

    My E39 M5

    M5 hub bearings have a protruding locating disc lug that needs to be removed. Don't think this applies to non M e39 bearings.
  4. I'm pretty sure from pics on M5 Board that they fit under 16'. Think I've seen them used as 'winters' in certain cases. But a run through the threads will confirm….. Much improvement on M5 front brakes
  5. Found a picture, some trimming of the shield too
  6. Some shots in here, try and ignore the rears http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/129170-my-e39-m5/ Kit, Calipers, pads sourced from BMW The brackets online from M5 board Stainless lines all round,online, goodridge
  7. Fitted BMW PBK to E39 M5 over three years ago. Considerably better than stock with easily sourced discs, pads. BMW PBK gets a bad rap because the discs are slightly smaller in diameter and thinner than the M5 original. I've not seen anyone with the E39 M5 who has had any issues with them in over 5 years.
  8. Hakon

    How accurate is an E39 fuel gauge

    This support ring is missing from all BMW parts diagrams https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-bmw-parts/supporting-ring/16141182903/ Part No. 16 14 1 182 903 This plastic ring is situated beneath Part No. 4 as described above. I destroyed this in the removal as well as part No. 4. Undoing the metal ring was far more difficult than the internet guides would let me believe. The rest was straight a forward swap.
  9. Hakon

    How accurate is an E39 fuel gauge

    In the M5 there is a plastic ring that locates into Part No 4 http://www.bmminiparts.com/PartDetails.aspx?InventoryId=B0AC25FD-ED98-4A42-B360-E697E7192078 This plastic ring is not on the parts diagram for my vin number.
  10. Hakon

    How accurate is an E39 fuel gauge

    It is indeed but cheaper than your quote from ECP I needed to replace Part No. 6 in the diagram. uk car http://www.bmminiparts.com/DiagramView.aspx?DiagramId=153608&MOSP=47550 1183179 LEFT FUEL LEVEL SENSOR £85.79
  11. Hakon

    Never expected to see this.....!

    Nice, I'm getting close to your mark
  12. Hakon

    How accurate is an E39 fuel gauge

    I paid £87.97 in 09/2017 for the non fuel pump side sensor for an E39 M5. From Cheltenam BMW
  13. Hakon

    How accurate is an E39 fuel gauge

    I put 74L of V power into a 70L tank and the reserve light wasn't on. I went straight into the French petrol station and told them pump was rigged and I was calling the Police ! Duh In fact the second sender had failed. The OBC helped to confirm this. Straight forward change of the sender but I found it really difficult to remove the petrol tank access lid, virtually destroying the cap in the process.
  14. Hakon

    Shadow Chrome. Who are the best?

    http://www.lepsons.com Wheel Showcase -----> photo gallery ------> chrome -------> black chrome two tone
  15. Hakon

    Shadow Chrome. Who are the best?

    Had mine done twice at Lepsons in 2017. First refurb has to be redone due to warranty issue. Lepsons wall hung, shadow chrome demo wheel is too silver, in my opinion. The shadow chrome achieved in the linked thread was their version of shadow chrome but with a few less passes of silver over the black base. This caused the wheels to be a little less silver then their demo but somewhere between silver chrome and light anthracite, I'd guess. For me the finish was a little darker than what I would imagine original factory shadow chome to be. But the darker suits perfectly .