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  1. Hakon

    Big Brake Upgrade

    Agree, there is better feel and stopping power, even with the supplied pads. Some bits and discussion here
  2. Hakon

    Big Brake Upgrade

    I've had the BMW 1 series, 6 piston conversion on the front for about four years and not one issue. I have porsche boxster calipers with factory discs on the rear and the braking is just much much better. I had repeated judder problems with the factory set up and chased every other likely cause, which was only resolved when I binned the factory fronts for the 6 pots.
  3. Hakon

    Power steering pump

    Took a punt on a reman from amazon, lets see.
  4. Hakon

    Power steering pump

    Had some very heavy steering issues on lock, a couple of occasions during the summer hot weather. I've no leaking lines and the fluid is a few years old, so I'm changing the reservoir as the filter inside can get clogged, I'm also going to do the pump as it whining a little but I can't seem to find one anywhere. Had a look but it seems they don't make them anymore, so it's going to be a remanufactured unit but even they are thin on the ground. Anyone have experience with getting their units rebuilt directly ? Cheers Gervase
  5. Did the same last year, Autodoc website is handy has they have the BMW part numbers to cross reference with.
  6. Hakon

    E39 M5 Suspension - Experiences Please

    Just wait till you fit the Intrax and B8 !
  7. Hakon

    E39 M5 Suspension - Experiences Please

    More than happy to give you a run intrax/ B8/ Eibach (rear) ARB any time you're in the London smoke.
  8. Hakon

    E39 M5 Suspension - Experiences Please

    Having drove a friends M5 with Intrax and Bilstein the handling was night and day compared to my 68k on original components example. Within a week I started to accumulate all the bits required and fitted them shortly after. Year and a half now and the only thing that slightly irritates is driving slowly over the shit London patchwork roads, at slow speed. Just to say, of all the add ons, headers, back boxes, 40% diff, steering poly bush, the most significant and noticeable improvement I've made were the suspension and then the brakes.
  9. Hakon

    E39 M5 Front and Rear Struts Replacement

    Back in now https://www.autodoc.co.uk/lemforder/1256826
  10. Hakon

    E39 M5 Front and Rear Struts Replacement

    Did this last year except went the Intrax / Bilstein route. I went with Lemforder top mounts BMW bearing race /cage All front rubber pads BMW On the rear only the spring rubber from BMW with the rest Lemforder etc. I find AUTODOC to be very good for these things
  11. Hakon

    E39 M5 in Need of Clutch/Flywheel. What To Buy?

    Anyone do the clutch change yet ?
  12. Hakon

    My E39 M5

    The kit I bought from BMW includes the caliper, pads, discs. The discs are not aftermarket and fit the E39 M5 hub (with the removal of the mentioned lugs ) The lugs can be seen https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FOR-BMW-5-SERIES-E39-M5-4-9-FRONT-AXLE-WHEEL-BEARING-HUB-FLANGE-KIT-FAG-GERMANY-/161717197995
  13. Hakon

    My E39 M5

    M5 hub bearings have a protruding locating disc lug that needs to be removed. Don't think this applies to non M e39 bearings.
  14. I'm pretty sure from pics on M5 Board that they fit under 16'. Think I've seen them used as 'winters' in certain cases. But a run through the threads will confirm….. Much improvement on M5 front brakes
  15. Found a picture, some trimming of the shield too