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  1. So it's time to get rid of all these little bits that just seem to hang around forever. So grab a bargain. All bits cheaper than ebay. I've checked . Postage included. So we have got: Two chocks £7 ea Black sliding armrest £23 Sliding armrest tray £10 PDC kit £10 Window switch pack £9 Heated seat switch packs £9 ea PDC sensors £11 ea Spanners £3 ea Z shaped toolkit thing £6 Gearbox and car ecu's £5 Towing hook £5 OEM Mole grips £7 ea OEM double ended screwdriver £6 Gear knob £9 Battery holder thingies £4 ea Spare wheel holder thingies £2 ea Grey plastic unbroken seat runner cover £4 E38 nav surround £3 Fischer cassette box £15 V8 wide grilles in average condition, some broken clips £10 ea Lambda sensors £10 ea Coil packs £8 ea First aid kit and manual still sealed £8 Memory seat switch £5 PF heated seat dials £3ea Rooftop telephone aerial £10 Headlight trims no breaks £9 ea Throttle body £10 Air pipe thing that goes from filters to back of engine bay £10 Blue mirror glass £9 ea Red battery terminal covers £4 ea Towing eye cover black £6 Leccy column lever £10 MAF £10 Wheel cap undoers £3 ea Butterfly screw £2 M5 zorst £20 (plus postage) Undertrays (there are two) £20 each v8 Engine covers £10 / £5 Beige mat set, mark on rear mat, they look dirtier than they actually are £15 Pair of grey £10 Tow bar £20 Rear media cages £10 ea for the rare ones, others £5 Black sill cover set no cracks £25 Black / grey centre console side carpets £10 black and £5 grey Early comfort seats control panels, switches ok but cracks in the panel £10 ea Vavova set £10 Nussbaum set (missing dash piece) £20 Some shadowline mouldings £15 all in or £5 ea Gearbox Crankshaft Position Sensor - genuine BMW - 12141433264 - £19 My paypal is chrisarfinance@gmail.com - Friends and Family Payments appreciated - items can't be withdrawn from sale until payment received.
  2. Recommend a commuter car

    What'a wrong with a 520d?
  3. V8 curiosity

    If someone wants to chuck me three grand for my 540 it's theres
  4. What are you currently drinking...?

    Coors Light on draught. Cannot be beaten. The end.
  5. The grand tour

    It's good. So is Top Gear.
  6. Hi mate Do you have a pic of what you mean?
  7. Bought this for my son, 316i Compact, 44k miles, had full service history up to 33k in 2016, no rust. Seems to have been one of those garaged OAP cars that gets money thrown at it but hardly does any miles. Someone else bought it at 35k and ratted around in it. I will love it and give it the respect it deserves. Corners of bumpers a bit tatty, pov spec, but at £300 I wasn't complaining. Price was due to it needing a new window regulator and it has a short mot. Love the E36. My son has been through two Rover 25s both died due to head gasket failure. Bag of crap engines, the second one only had 70k on the clock as well.
  8. 2000 BMW 540 touring auto 106k feeler

    I think it was the other way round
  9. Hi need a code for Philips BMW Business RDS cassette PH7850W1392564 Anyone help? Thanks in advance
  10. Pics or it didn't happen
  11. I have a new 2 Series

    Not really, I just wanted to have the first post in the new 2 Series section!
  12. Everything needed including the lower B pillar trim £50 collected
  13. Great wheel, good condition, later chunky one not the less popular thinner one. From 2002 530d £90 and a bit of patience while I scrap the car
  14. Mk3 nav unit

    Fully working £40 posted
  15. Fully working, manual, worn bolsters on drivers side, usual condition from high mileage E39 but NO rips. Switch pack with loom on rear Yellow (post 9/99) carpet plugs with length of loom Ideal for retrofitty. All in - £125 collected from B69. Come on, come and get em. You know you're desperate for a warm botty in this weather.
  16. E39 Breyton Bodykit

    Tempted to buy even though I don't own a e39 saloon
  17. Fully working. Drivers side one is a tad cloudy because it was half way through a restoration but wasn't finished. Still passed the MOT without issues. All connectors left on with a bit of loom so can be easily soldered onto existing loom £100 posted
  18. Double Mattress (4' 6")

    Memory foam?
  19. E39 pair Angel Eye Headlights

    Halogen. If they were Xenon add an extra £200
  20. E39 Breyton Bodykit

    Very nice and rarer than hen's teeth