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  1. Love this Look at this on eBay https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F223179594306
  2. Piper

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Wheres the pics Stu!!!
  3. Piper

    If I had the £££

    I'd just buy one of every m5 ever made.
  4. Not sure. But i remember Andy mentioning how these were a big improvement on the e36 compact, and that m52tu is a brill engine in this lighter car.
  5. Ok, research done. Thanks to Clav. So for reference, parts are 51127897196 51127897195 51127897144 51127033712
  6. Hi This has probably been asked before but a quick search came up with nothing. Have got a bumper and diffuser, £100 from ebay. All good apart from a dent at the top of the diffuser. Good price but there is no way this could be fitted to my car, paint is terrible. So, I'm assuming im going to also need the metal crash bar. Anything else? The PDCs are a different size but i have the pre LCIs ones and the loom. Cut and splice job on the loom? Thanks in advance
  7. Piper

    E38 750i

    That kills me and reminds me of how i wasted a golden opportunity to buy one for £1500
  8. Piper


    Your best bet is to do what i did. Find a spare or repair e39, or a cheap one with the DG in, strip it, sell the bits and get back what you paid for it, then keep the DG for free. Get slaving over those ebay auctions! Also, give the breakers on here a shout. M535 Man sold me an e39 Touring with DG for a grand and i did the above.
  9. Piper

    540i (2000) lacking power under 3000rpm

    Battery is dead. Will recharge and get back to you!
  10. Took the 540 out and it seems down on power in the low rev range, not an instant shove like it should be. In D, its not till I get to about 3k rpm before it starts to go like it should. Putting it on S makes it more responsive. Vanos?
  11. Piper

    2002 E39 windscreen washers not working

    If that's the one behind the glove box, i would say its a bit of a nightmare depending on how much time you have. Easist way is dash out and you can access the module from above. Otherwise you can remove the just glove box but its hard to see from the low angle yoid be sitting in the foot well Maybe im wrong, its been about 18 months since i messed with an e39
  12. Piper

    WANTED - E61 M Sport Towbar cover

  13. Piper

    WANTED - E61 M Sport Towbar cover

  14. Ok, you were looking at e60... Below is e61
  15. Thank you. Looks like carrier is also different?
  16. Piper

    '94 540i Touring 6spd - The Money Pit!

    Good to know she's still on track to be on the road some time in the future Mazz
  17. Piper

    WANTED - E61 M Sport Towbar cover

    Just found a new one for a tenner on ebay
  18. Piper

    Topaz E39 525d Sport

    Any updates buddy?
  19. Piper

    N54 twin turbo conversion project

    Oh OK thanks, good knowledge
  20. Piper

    530i SE

    Anyone who pays the figure is deluded
  21. Piper

    Oxford Green e34 530i v8 auto

    Nice but pricey. If completely rust free then price could be around the £2.5k mark or am I being too harsh?
  22. Piper

    Saloon rear quarter window removal

    It's a crappy job. I tried cutting with it with wire and had no joy. Gave up.
  23. Piper

    Piper's E39 540i Touring

    Hi Scott, Needs *Front sport bumper painting and fitting *Rear bumper needs respraying, (I chipped it) *Extending boot floor I bought needs fitting *Front DG windows need installing *M5 seats need dying black *Lack of torque at low revs *Needs paint correction all over to finish bodywork *Front of sills are starting to go again (awful design flaw) *Tailgate doesn't stay open (when I had replacement tailgate fitted I don't think he connected it up properly, supposed to use a special BMW tool) *need to replace painted rear bumper trim with original black trim *need to do resistor hack on rear Celis to get rid of error message on check control *some black interior tailgate trim missing, dealer wants approx £40 for a simple bit of trim