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  1. Off to London to pick up a new car. A 1999 540i Touring. This is a massive gamble but at £1100 it's worth a punt.
  2. New seats going in tomorrow
  3. I'm blown away. There are some real heros out there. You can stick your Android head units where the sun don't shine! Bluetooth, nav, Connected Drive, DAB, DVD ...it all works! Announcement - I'm doing this. https://youtu.be/DusKlcGABEM http://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?2153382-NBT-CIC-CCC-retrofit-in-E39-E38-E53 http://carsystems.com.ua/bmw-products-en/bmw-exx-ibus-nbt-retrofit-adapter-en http://www.bimmerretrofit.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=113
  4. x4 Hi Fi speakers, these came as part of the Hi Fi option package, blue sticker. Part number 65138352687. The stickers are white on these but the sticker on the pod was blue The naff E39 standard speakers are part number 65138369265, white sticker. Interestingly the Touring roof speakers are the naff ones even with the Hi Fi upgrade, so these are a cheap upgrade for Touring owners. Got two sets of these. No issues. £20 posted the pair.
  5. Lol I was just thinking I have an whole E39 in parts in my garage
  6. ^^^ M Sport grille??
  7. Intereste to hear more about those seats. Did the runners have to be welded on?
  8. Have annoyingly mislaid this:
  9. Oh yeah I'd unscrewed it as I was repairing the vapour barrier.
  10. Wow, youve really taken this to the next level. Looks fantastic, well done.
  11. We need a thread on this beast!
  12. Finally have bought a genuine Sport! Needed a car fast after selling the 728i, the 540 was drinking petrol like an alcy drinks Tenennts Super on my daily stop start commute along the Wolverhampton Road. Found this 5 miles from me, seems well looked after, usual rust spots but not on sills which is good. 190bhp version, no cracks in the bumpers, heated leather, kiddy boosters (up for sale), sun protection glass. 179k but doesn't bother me. Price was £1850. Not mega cheap but just needed a new cheapish BMW and quick. Gonna stick in DSP and nav, flog the Style 66s and just use it as a daily. Fingers crossed it will get to 200k without any issues.
  13. Thanks for the link buddy. I'll consider it
  14. Sold it almost a year ago!
  15. Errrm yeah
  16. Just your eyes. The glass is open.
  17. Thanks lads. I don't own any. Probably need to invest. May get the sill sorted now. I'll give Wayne a bell
  18. Did 12 month oil change today. Good bit - 10 litres of fully syth and a Bosch filter for £30. Happy. Bad bit - the car fell off the jack. Luckily I wasn't under it but the sill is a mess. Not happy.
  19. You could get a A1 brilliant one for £25k and run it for 5 years and still be quids in
  20. Jeffrey Dean Morgan
  21. Someone take these bloody things off me. Each one will only cost you the price of a curry at my local desi pub. One was off a 728i and one was off a 540i £5 collected each
  22. Don't mind holding onto them for ya
  23. Mate, Its fooking ace!!
  24. Oldbury B69 buddy