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  1. Due to some life changes I'm looking to sell up the 540i Loads of pics in the project thread 11 months mot no advisories Ringbinder full of service history bursting at the seams 154k car, 110k replacement engine 18" Axe Ex 10 Style 5 reps, Bridgestones on back, Conti on front. Mint condition. Full facelift Sport rear / Alpina front Ambers Full black on black interior M5: heated front seats, door cards, centre console, clock rings Folding mirrors, Chromatic glass Eibach Pro Kit Private dateless plate DSP 16:9 widescreen Mk3 satnav Rear blinds Birch Anthracite trim No rust on any panel, three quarters of car has been professionally resprayed by Beemabuild. Body is in very good condition. £3500
  2. 8362154 - £9 8377430 - £11 No breakages, filly workng
  3. M6 wheels
  4. I must be one of the only people who isn't keen on the OEM M5 wheels. I'd rather have a set of Spiders.
  5. Everything needed to convert your touring to double glazing. Except for the drivers side window coz I dropped it. £150 collected
  6. This came through this morning. Booked in at Sytner.
  7. Off to London to pick up a new car. A 1999 540i Touring. This is a massive gamble but at £1100 it's worth a punt.
  8. Big un - £25 posted, comes with rubber seal Little uns - £10 posted each
  9. Hi sorry for the delay Yes everything is tip top
  10. That I did. And I made a huge mistake in selling it for £1500 when it's now worth double that.
  11. Have got everything. By the runners you mean the weatherstrips?
  12. Fancy a V12 on LPG
  13. Putting feelers out there, thinking of selling. Looking for £3000.
  14. 12 months mot. No advisories
  15. Not really, I just wanted to have the first post in the new 2 Series section!
  16. Just one of the main online sellers, can't remember but they're readily available I think. Course I would have loved a mint OEM set but at £2000 with tyres....
  17. OK so I have a problem on the 2002 530d. Intensive wash works fine. Pull the lever to operate standard wash and nothing happens. No water from bonnet jets or headlight jets. Have changed both pumps behind the arch liner. Made no difference. Have changed fuse 4 and 2 in the glove box and changed the K6 relay next to the ECU in the white box under the microfilter. Again nowt. Im thinking it must be the lever on the steering column? Also will the car pass the mot with just the itensive wash working?
  18. Thanks for the info. Do you know of a part number for the headlight washer module?
  19. Looks like a decent job. Car looks great