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  1. Bought this for my son, 316i Compact, 44k miles, had full service history up to 33k in 2016, no rust. Seems to have been one of those garaged OAP cars that gets money thrown at it but hardly does any miles. Someone else bought it at 35k and ratted around in it. I will love it and give it the respect it deserves. Corners of bumpers a bit tatty, pov spec, but at £300 I wasn't complaining. Price was due to it needing a new window regulator and it has a short mot. Love the E36. My son has been through two Rover 25s both died due to head gasket failure. Bag of crap engines, the second one only had 70k on the clock as well.
  2. Time to say bye bye to the 530d. Not because there is much wrong with it, there is just the starting problem which is either the EWS or the ring thing around the barrel, but as with my 523i, I CBA to spend any more time on it. Any time i spend on cars i want to spend on the 540. It will start and drive fine after leaving the battery disconnected for a while. I only had new turbo pipes and a new stater motor fitted last month. Grrrr. I've bought an E61 and I'm going to get more breaking than selling as a whole. I only need to make back £1500 and then it's on a trailer somewhere. Whole car if you want it is £1200 (with style 49s). I'll lose £300 to save the pita that is car breaking. Car had a recon turbo around a year ago has done about 4k since. Tasty bits: Sport bumpers £450 pair collected with everything included - lower arch liner thingies not broken Facelift front and rear lamps £125 front (one needs polishing) £40 rear x5 Style 49 with tyres £150 collected x5 Style 69s with excellent tyres £650 Complete DSP kit complete with loom £110 Mk3 nav £35 16:9 screen screen is a bit dull and has scratch on screen £75 M Sport wheel with every possible button £90 Heated sport seats £100 Heated seat retrofit stuff £75 OEM privacy glass £100 Folding mirrors / Chromatic glass / switch pack / control unit £150 Full black interior and roof lining £100 M5 stitched rear headrests £40 Satin Chrome trim £60 Finally want to mention I have a new job, leaving home at 7 and getting in at 7 Mon to Fri and then 4 hours on a Sunday so I can only strip the car on a Saturday so please bare with me. If you are in a rush for parts I probably ain't the droid you're looking for.
  3. Chrisarfinance@Gmail.com please buddy Yeah no rush
  4. Ok so it's a tragic tale everytime, but it is a really good show. Really informative, great animation. Some of the causes of plane crashes are most of the time human error and it's unbelievable how lax airlines have been. Watched one today about a crash near Mecca in 1991 involving a Nationair DC10 which was on fire in the sky just because the tyres were neglected and under inflated - they burst on take off and caught fire due to the friction...the pilots then retracted the landing gear... The second one I watches today was shocking - this guy murdered the pilot, co pilot and his boss who was a passenger on the plane. He then put the engines into full thrust and it hit the ground vertically at over 700mph. The passengers experienced 5000 g's. Unbelievable.
  5. Anyone see last nights? Lapa 3142 The worst case of piloting I have ever heard about. Totally shocking.
  6. 25. Yep Insurance is something like £1500
  7. Hi mate Still got the 49s, five of them, tyres will need replacing soon.
  8. i just went for a dateless NI plate, £25 plus DVLA fee
  9. Beautiful. Ever thought about having a private plate?
  10. Logic 7 foor / roof / dash speakers from E60. Part number 6930903 Fully working no issues 3 avaliable £34.50 posted each
  11. I'd like to sell it together if possible. I'm in no rush. A deposit will secure it
  12. It is fully working. I'm based in B69
  13. E39 Heater Blower Cover

    Got one, depending how desperate you are.
  14. 2002 E39 steering wheel

    Got one in the breaker Dan
  15. Thank you Dan, and the tyres are spot on as well. No Chinese crap.
  16. Time to sell on the 69s to pay for my e60 wheels. These are factory E39 74.1mm fitment, not bored out X5 or E38 wheels. These look so so good on an e39. Very rare in staggered form Tyres - three are as new - x2 Hankook V12 - 3.5mm 1x Firenza - 8mm tread x2 Nexen - 7mm Some kerbing but only slight £600 collected - four pictured plus one still in wheel well
  17. There are 3. One in the woofer box, one tweeter at top of the card and one behind the mirror. Trust me, I've fitted DSP three times now