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  1. Piper

    Adeel's E39 525d

    By the way is that bumper you bought of me Adeel
  2. Piper

    Adeel's E39 525d

    Great car
  3. Piper

    E39 Sport M kick plates

  4. Piper

    E39 Sport M kick plates

    You may. Let me just go and get it
  5. Sorry, I've lost the plot in terms of keeping up with this,. Back on it now.
  6. Piper

    E39 Sport M kick plates

    I do Sir
  7. Piper

    E39 Sport M kick plates

    Hi Dan, no damage no cracks. Some friction wear as to be expected. A very slight like 1mm width piece of rubber is missing for about 1cm along the edge. 15 posted
  8. Piper

    530e A Friday Car

    He is the funny guy. I had this conversation with the missus a while ago, you can never tell someone's tone from words on a screen. If he'd have put smiley faces after each sentence you'd have realised he's having a laff. But he didn't so...
  9. Piper

    BMW Car Mag - Why so BUSY?

    It's a more competitive market now I suppose. I bet readership is down at least 25%. I love Andy's stuff and used car reviews and info. Not too keen on reading about Motorsport or the articles they have on stuff like 'how to clean your car' or 'alloy wheel offsets explained' because I can find that stuff on the Web. I wanna read about those special cars where that there is less info on the Web about. Those Alpinas, ACSs, Hartge, stuff from Birds, the high end BMW stuff - V12s, V8s. Rare M editions, rare options etc. Stuff you don't see everyday on the road.
  10. Piper

    Any stoke fans here?

    Yep and yep. But only coz it's top 6 otherwise I wouldn't bother
  11. Piper

    Any stoke fans here?

    So you care more about Watford vs Bournemouth or Swansea vs Palace than you do about a game like Villa vs Wolves or Leeds vs Sheffield Wednesday? They are big clubs, good attendance and atmosphere. Much better games to watch than the bottom half of the Prem. The Prem is a big con. Sky, Talksport, BBC, BT Sport all promote the Prem like no other league exists when actually who is really bothered by Bournemouth vs Watford. 12000 fans and low viewing figures in reality, while at Villa vs Derby there was 41000 and end to end football. Take out the top 6 and the Prem is dull. The Championship is really tight, anyone can beat anyone. If it wasn't for the fact we need to get promoted to stay in financial touching distance with teams like Watford, Palace, West Ham, Burnley etc etc then I wouldn't be bothered about doing another year in the Championship
  12. Piper

    Any stoke fans here?

    Err yeah keep up