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  1. Just one of the main online sellers, can't remember but they're readily available I think. Course I would have loved a mint OEM set but at £2000 with tyres....
  2. Everything needed to convert your touring to double glazing. Except for the drivers side window coz I dropped it. £150 collected
  3. Thanks for the info. Do you know of a part number for the headlight washer module?
  4. Looks like a decent job. Car looks great
  5. I'd ring the ports it might be in a container somewhere
  6. Im wondering if it is the lever after all....pulling the lever makes the wipers work
  7. Unless there are two relays with the same part number that do two different jobs
  8. Yeah the pumps are not coming on wich is why I thought it must be the relay
  9. Still interested to know what's causing this tho
  10. OK so I have a problem on the 2002 530d. Intensive wash works fine. Pull the lever to operate standard wash and nothing happens. No water from bonnet jets or headlight jets. Have changed both pumps behind the arch liner. Made no difference. Have changed fuse 4 and 2 in the glove box and changed the K6 relay next to the ECU in the white box under the microfilter. Again nowt. Im thinking it must be the lever on the steering column? Also will the car pass the mot with just the itensive wash working?
  11. bump