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  1. Yeah they are black. I thought you had a rear sport one lol
  2. Wheel good Bonnet average I'll stick some interior pics up at the weekend
  3. Yes 139k
  4. Time to say bye bye to the 530d. Not because there is much wrong with it, there is just the starting problem which is either the EWS or the ring thing around the barrel, but as with my 523i, I CBA to spend any more time on it. Any time i spend on cars i want to spend on the 540. It will start and drive fine after leaving the battery disconnected for a while. I only had new turbo pipes and a new stater motor fitted last month. Grrrr. I've bought an E61 and I'm going to get more breaking than selling as a whole. I only need to make back £1500 and then it's on a trailer somewhere. Whole car if you want it is £1200. I'll lose £300 to save the pita that is car breaking. Car had a recon turbo around a year ago has done about 4k since. Tasty bits: Sport bumpers £450 pair collected with everything included Facelift front and rear lamps £125 front (one needs polishing) £40 rear x5 Style 49 with tyres (Not the Style 69s - keeping those babys) £175 collected Complete DSP kit complete with loom £110 Mk3 nav £35 16:9 screen screen is a bit dull and has scratch on screen £75 M Sport wheel with every possible button £90 Heated sport seats £100 Heated seat retrofit stuff £75 OEM privacy glass £100 Folding mirrors / Chromatic glass / switch pack / control unit £100 Full black interior and roof lining £100 M5 stitched rear headrests £40 Satin Chrome trim £60 Finally want to mention I have a new job, leaving home at 7 and getting in at 7 Mon to Fri and then 4 hours on a Sunday so I can only strip the car on a Saturday so please bare with me. If you are in a rush for parts I probably ain't the droid you're looking for.
  5. Now being broken. See parts and breakers section. Bye bye 530d. You were a good car until you decided to leave me stranded at work.
  6. Three E34s and numerous E39s later, I have finally moved on and have got myself an E60/E61. A 2008 black 520d Touring with a few nice options, but the best one is heated Comforts with ventilation and oscillating base £3800. Picking up Thursday. Pics to follow!
  7. Is that the page with EWS sync and EWS reset?
  8. Thanks, Do you know of a how to guide of how to do that. I have INPA
  9. So..... replacing and coding the EWS may solve this problem?
  10. Burglary? Like a burglar can't actually just walk in and look for himself? Oh no the crafty devil sends a man to take photos of the cars first!