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  1. Just to let you know the black plastic box the speakers sit in is the same on all cars. The woofers themselves are different.
  2. Maybe it is 10mm I can't remember exactly. The ride is definitely better than coils tho.
  3. Got them on mine, looks good. Drop is about 5mm more than OEM sport. I don't like the slammed look, there's still a bit of air between the top of the tyre and the arch. Ride is still ok.
  4. Used starter motor and solenoid bought
  5. Mate, I've lost 5 stone in two years. Now 11.5 stone. It was hard at first then it fell off. Losing weight is theoretically easy. Just dramatically reduce what you eat. Exercise is not needed. Go for a max of 1500 cals a day and watch the weight fall off. My usual day, I'm now also a veggie- Breakfast - bowl of Shreddies and two slices of no sugar jam on toast, no butter Lunch - 1 Egg sandwich, bottle of Pepsi Max Tea - Generally a stir fry of Quorn, onion, peppers, courgettes etc. Choice of sauce. Rice or pasta. Pudding is always fruit. Don't drink beer at home. Never eat chocolate, cakes, crisps or chips.
  6. Chi let me know your details matey
  7. Haha thanks for the offer buddy but I don't even have time to fart properly at the moment.