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  1. This is the only error message I've got coming up on INPA - anyone else had this problem? Simple swap of the glowplug?
  2. Just discovered that it's the cable at fault not INPA. The cable I had (cableshack K Line) is not compatible with 2008 cars. So I've bought a D Can cable which is. Can't wait to finally get rid of the car telling me my restraint systems are faulty
  3. Hi mate The speakers are connected to the door card, just undo the bolts and its a simple swap. The tweeters plug into the speaker itself, really easy to do. I bought all HK stuff and swapped over, you could go for that or the blue stickered Business speakers with tweeters or just add tweeters.
  4. Ok, so I've finally downloaded INPA V5.0.6. This is what I'm presented with after unzipping the file. So......now what do I do
  5. Piper

    E38 - cheap waft-bus

    Poor spec.
  6. So there isn't a massive car plant in Castle Bromwich then?
  7. Jaguar XJ with Meridian hifi Will be on 200,000 miles but what the hell
  8. Piper

    Anyone got a bit of love for old Fords?

    Cosworth RS500. Nuff said.
  9. Was walking the dog around a recent new build housing estate this morning and realised that almost every car on every drive was German. People trying to out do each other with who has the shiniest newest bit of metal from BMW, Audi, Merc or VW. Made me also realise that buying BMW is no longer being different or edgy or cool. I don't include any pre 2003 cars in that category but owning the newer stuff just feels like people do it because it gives them some kind of kudos because they can display a 'look at me, I'm better than you' attitude. For this lot a perfectly capable and very nice (in my opinion) new Mondeo wouldn't even by considered. So I've never wanted to follow the crowd and I don't feel the attachment to my E61 as I did to my E39/E38/E34s. My next car was going to be an F01 but now will be buying something I never see in these new build estates, a British built Jag XJ. This also matches my anti EU stance
  10. Do a dsp upgrade. I have the amp and loom. You already have all the door tweeters.
  11. Want to get the e61 done. Ta