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  1. M6 wheels
  2. I must be one of the only people who isn't keen on the OEM M5 wheels. I'd rather have a set of Spiders.
  3. 8362154 - £9 8377430 - £11 No breakages, filly workng
  4. This came through this morning. Booked in at Sytner.
  5. Hi sorry for the delay Yes everything is tip top
  6. That I did. And I made a huge mistake in selling it for £1500 when it's now worth double that.
  7. Have got everything. By the runners you mean the weatherstrips?
  8. Fancy a V12 on LPG
  9. Putting feelers out there, thinking of selling. Looking for £3000.
  10. 12 months mot. No advisories
  11. Just one of the main online sellers, can't remember but they're readily available I think. Course I would have loved a mint OEM set but at £2000 with tyres....