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  1. Anyone see last nights? Lapa 3142 The worst case of piloting I have ever heard about. Totally shocking.
  2. 25. Yep Insurance is something like £1500
  3. Hi mate Still got the 49s, five of them, tyres will need replacing soon.
  4. Bought this for my son, 316i Compact, 44k miles, had full service history up to 33k in 2016, no rust. Seems to have been one of those garaged OAP cars that gets money thrown at it but hardly does any miles. Someone else bought it at 35k and ratted around in it. I will love it and give it the respect it deserves. Corners of bumpers a bit tatty, pov spec, but at £300 I wasn't complaining. Price was due to it needing a new window regulator and it has a short mot. Love the E36. My son has been through two Rover 25s both died due to head gasket failure. Bag of crap engines, the second one only had 70k on the clock as well.
  5. i just went for a dateless NI plate, £25 plus DVLA fee
  6. Beautiful. Ever thought about having a private plate?
  7. Logic 7 foor / roof / dash speakers from E60. Part number 6930903 Fully working no issues 3 avaliable £34.50 posted each
  8. I'd like to sell it together if possible. I'm in no rush. A deposit will secure it