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  1. E28 527i / very special car

    Wow, lovely. Seems a very good price too.
  2. Apart from using the two screw holes provided, is there a plinth available anywhere to then fit to the bumper first? Would look a whole lot better I think. Or, other options?
  3. Opinions Please ‘aesthetics only’

    Hey Dennis - what brand/style of wheel is that on your car above?
  4. im back in a 5

    Welcome to the forum.
  5. My Norwegian E39 With Many pictures

    What's going on here Bent..??
  6. Bromley motor pagaent

    Ok, I'm in...
  7. Bromley motor pagaent

    So, in the main area. Any BMW?
  8. Bromley motor pagaent

    Yes I plan to be there. Usually use the one make parking - what's the theme of your stand?
  9. V8 curiosity

    Still waiting for my 540i as DVLA are dragging their heels in re-registering it, after they allocated a 57 plate to it instead of a 51 ....
  10. Xenon Retrofit and new MOT rules debate..

    Sounds expensive if the system malfunctions or fails completely...!
  11. Tyre advice 255/35/18 on rear 9j m parallel

    I believe it's a 235/45/17 for the front pair of style 66s. Would 245/40 be ok as an alternative option?
  12. Xenon Retrofit and new MOT rules debate..

    Being new to xenon lights myself, well shortly anyway, how do they 'self level'...? Also, out of curiosity and because it was discussed earlier here (or in another thread), I queried with a local MOT test station about the need for headlamp washers to be working. I thought it was just in the case of xenons, but it's for any type of headlamp - if the washers are fitted, they must work. Even blanking them off on the bumper wasn't good enough, all visible traces of the system would need to be deleted.
  13. 1999 523i (M52TU) Expansion Tank

    Maybe this is all a case of quality (i.e. lack of...) of components these days. I know for a fact that the original tank on V42 lasted until my ownership in 2009.
  14. Forum stickers

    Ah yes, that be them. Thanks.
  15. 1999 523i (M52TU) Expansion Tank

    Glad it appears to be sorted, good work Jim. As Dan said, a few more sorties to be sure. I'm disappointed that the tank let go at no more than two years or so since fitted. Seems odd seeing my, sorry, your car in the background there.. !
  16. Right lads...get your tips out!!!

    Good decision...
  17. 1999 523i (M52TU) Expansion Tank

    I was absolutely gutted and quite upset when I learnt of this event yesterday evening from Jim (Chicaneuk). I cannot believe the sheer bad luck (and embarrassment for myself) having never been let down by the car in the way of a breakdown in my nine years of ownership. Thankfully it seems to be a not too expensive fix, but all the same I will be contributing to the cost. The expansion tank isn't much more than two years old (from memory) so I'm disappointed from that point of view as well. Could it have been due to the extreme cold weather now causing a fracture? It was the first thing that entered my mind this morning...
  18. Forum stickers

    Are these see still available?
  19. BMW 530d e60 2006 gearbox fault

    Hope that's sorted then. But as Andrew said initially, get the codes read should the warning appear again. Welcome to the forum by the way.
  20. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Each to their own of course but i usually like the tinted look. Strangely enough though, I didn't think they'd suit my black E39, but with the new silver one they do. Maybe it's the contrast of the dark windows over the silver bodywork.
  21. 20180215_093133.jpg

  22. 20180215_095138.jpg

  23. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Yep, very true Dan. Just hope I don't regret the change.
  24. 20180311_153349.jpg