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  1. After many weeks, mainly due to the DVLA dragging their heels to correct theur mistake, the 540 finally becomes mine. It's bloody awesome, its immaculate, it looks the mutt's nuts and it's mine! Gave it a rinse and drove it around, just to get used to it! More later, and a few questions from me no doubt.
  2. Loadmaster

    E39 540i Sport - Delivery at Last!

    I just looked up the meaning of 'Yakuza'...!
  3. Loadmaster

    E39 540i Sport - Delivery at Last!

    Was that when it was BT? I don't work in City Place, just around the corner, but the Beehive Terminal and modern City Place buildings are, as you say, a good backdrop for car and bike pics. Very quiet around there 'out of hours' so no other people or cars to get in the way. Quite a long way from the Forest of Dean!
  4. Loadmaster

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    How much to Cotswolds charge for the roundels, including delivery, Dan?
  5. Loadmaster

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Didn't want to tempt fate beforehand, but I knew it would pass! As it always has done with the odd one or two minor exceptions.
  6. Loadmaster

    After 3 years with Mercedes..I’m back

    Welcome back Fezzy. Enjoy the new wheels!
  7. Loadmaster

    BMW 540i 62k Japanese Import

    It's just the plate recess that differs, unless I've not noticed something...! Personal taste I know, but I've grown to like my "two liner". Seems to give the rear end a more chunky appearance.
  8. Loadmaster

    missing pixels

    How do you 'pop the dash out'...!?
  9. Loadmaster

    missing pixels

    I think he may have gone back to SA. When I visited him four years ago, that was his plan I recall.
  10. Loadmaster

    E39 540i Sport - Delivery at Last!

    Hi Chris, sorry for the late response. I'm away in Germany and not getting online too much. No, not really had time yet to consider the TV and sat nav issue but it is on the to do list at some point. When does yours arrive in the UK?
  11. Loadmaster

    Is a Sponge Just a Sponge?

    I usually use the bog standard sort that you get for a quid at Halfrauds and the like. Always no probs but their longevity is questionable. So, are there 'posh sponges' out there that do a better job long term? Not looking for wash mitts, before they're suggested - thanks.
  12. Loadmaster

    My F10 M5 slightly modded

    Very nice....
  13. Loadmaster

    New viscous coupling too stiff

    How strange - I've experienced all of these elements at my local ECP, long wait times in particular... ! I always swear I'll never return, but for some things I always do!
  14. Loadmaster

    540i Exhaust Mod Options

    Took the car to a local exhaust specialist today to get ideas and suggestions on how to extract just a little more V8 rumble from the exhaust note. With the car up on the four poster it was suggested that to keep it subtle, but noticeable, delete the last muffler in the back box system and straight pipe it from the box in the foreground. Has anyone here done this to their 540?
  15. Loadmaster

    540i Exhaust Mod Options

    Yes, I'll be keeping all that's removed in case I need to reverse the mod at any point.
  16. Loadmaster

    540i Exhaust Mod Options

    No, the centre box is staying, that's for certain. Just a case of whether I experiment with removing one 'scuba' first, then the second if required.
  17. Loadmaster

    540i Exhaust Mod Options

    Thanks for the link Dan. Yes, removing both at the back would be the simplest way, just a little concerned that it would be too loud, hence considering removing the second of the two first. Impossible to know until it's done. Decisions, decisions....
  18. Loadmaster

    MK Motorsport wheels

    Yikes...! 20 inch..... ?
  19. Loadmaster

    540i Exhaust Mod Options

    Scuba tank, in other words both of those in my photo, gotcha now. Do you think that by just removing the last of the pair there won't be much difference? As I originally said above, could try one first, then the second if necessary. And, as per your comment, their advice was not to remove the mid 'Y' piece silencer section either.
  20. Loadmaster

    530e A Friday Car

    Well, yeah, apart from that...
  21. Loadmaster

    One of eleven...

    That looks tasty...
  22. Loadmaster

    Newbie calling

    Welcome to the forum...
  23. Loadmaster

    530e A Friday Car

    Nice to see a happy ending here...
  24. Loadmaster

    Hello all! Here's my E39 530i SE Touring!

    Looks good, welcome to the forum...
  25. Loadmaster

    540i Exhaust Mod Options

    Thanks for your comment Dan. I didn't actually realise that there were two separate boxes. The first a sort of 'dead end' with the second being the last and exiting to the tail pipe. I assumed that the term 'back box delete' meant removing both boxes, not just the last of the two. We're thinking that take the last one off initially and if that doesn't have the desired result, the first one can then be removed as well.