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  1. Good bye?

    Great photo of the Jag there Frank.
  2. My third E39! :)

    Andy, just post the pics in your gallery and then show by using "insert other media", "insert existing attachment" and finally, "gallery images".
  3. Can Darkbmwlord run his E39 on a shoestring?

    A good run/blast occasionally certainly won't do it any harm. If I don't use mine for a few weeks I'll take it down a couple of junctions on the M23 from Gatwick to get all the innards flowing nice and hot again and to charge the battery. Usually a 30 mile round trip. Much better for it han driving it two miles down the road and back. Then I'll park it up again if I can't see me needing it for a while!
  4. The BMW5 random picture thread

    July 2017 - on an 'island' just off the B500 in the middle of the River Rhine. It's a very wide part of the River where there are massive locks which accommodate large vessels like container ships etc. The B500 crosses the Rhine here and this is at one of three locations you can exit as you cross. I missed the turning last year on the way to Bavaria, so was determined not to miss it on the way to Stuttgart this year!
  5. What's being worked on today?

    Agree with Blobby, looked like something from the 80s. At least they made amends with the exterior.
  6. MOT.gov website

    Yes it's a bit addictive when it comes to checking on previously owned vehicles, or those of other friends or family.
  7. Top bombing....

    Because they're nuts......
  8. MOT.gov website

    That's a recent additional feature which I noticed the other day. Very handy. I'm sure that only a short while ago it just showed the MOT test centre reference/number. Now, by knowing the name and address of the place it might come in handy if you want to get in touch with the current owner and offer to buy back some previously owned, but still loved, vehicle! In all honesty, I'm surprised that such a level of information is made available as from the test centre's point of view they could be inundated with all sorts of requests for info on vehicles they've tested.
  9. North-East Newbie

    Welcome to the forum Marc. Probably the best 5 Series forum in the world, as Carlsberg might say....!
  10. What I did WITH my E39 today

    That is some trailer...
  11. my first bmw

    Very nice - welcome to the forum.
  12. The BMW5 random picture thread

    Ah yes, forgot there was another one. XH558 is at Doncaster??
  13. Not a great deal unfortunately and I'd agree with Dan above.
  14. The BMW5 random picture thread

    Vulcans and Lightnings at the Biggin Hill air shows in the 70s. Those were the days...