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  1. Fitting LED day time lights

    Per my learned colleagues above, DRLs just look complete cack on a car that wasn't built with them as standard. It goes without saying that they would look truely awful on an E39. Why not just upgrade your bulbs and keep the lights on during low viz driving?
  2. Will these work?

    When I replaced my standard units back in 2012 with new genuine Hella items, the difference was night and day (pardon the pun...)
  3. All I can say is thank feckkers for winter tyres

    Just wondering, and obviously it's more effective to have all four, but I guess it must still help no end with buying and fitting just two winter tyres to the rear of a rear wheel drive car (?). At least you would get traction, even though the front might not go where you want it to go..
  4. Red Halo's

    On the subject of illumination, I was behind and old 3 series the other night and the BMW boot roundel was glowing blue around its circumference! I quite liked it for a minute or two....... then I gave myself a talking to!
  5. How Long Have You Owned Your E39?

    Jeez, I think you may do..!
  6. A bit of a lightweight post I admit, but I suddenly realized this week that in February I will have owned mine for nine years! Will have only done about 30, 000 miles in that time though. In that time, several other of our family cars have been changed, but the E39 hangs on in there... Any other long-timers here?
  7. Double Mattress (4' 6")

    No idea, but I can check. I'm down south by the way...
  8. Hi! New 2003 BMW 530i SE Auto owner

    Firstly, welcome to the forum and the world of 5 Series ownership! I've owned my E39 for nearly nine years and in all that time the temp needle has never strayed from dead centre - even when sat in prolonged stationary or slow moving traffic on a hot day.
  9. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Very similar to the Lockheed Tristar...
  10. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    With no dramas?
  11. My Norwegian E39 With Many pictures

    Of course, you have snow!
  12. Not keeping them for after the winter Dan?
  13. New M5 owner in edinburg

    Welcome to the forum, plenty of good stuff here to make the most of your M5.
  14. Jan 2008, 535d MSport

    Result - hope you got a fair price.
  15. DVLA SORN Question

    Took delivery a week ago and I didn't SORN it. Well, at £166 taxeded AND insured, it was rude not to!