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  1. Some Japanese Provenance!

    Checked the status of what plod might think by asking my Surrey traffic cop mate yesterday. Not illegal to carry but if I wanted to dispose of it, drop it into the local fire station!
  2. E39 540i Sport - Delivery at Last!

    ^^^^^^^ That's been around for quite a while now and had that been nearer to me I'd have taken a look. Higher mileage but still well priced. I think that white really suits an E39, quite rare too as I don't think it was a UK colour (?).... Is it in your part of the world?
  3. Some Japanese Provenance!

    Must have missed that when the car was shipped.
  4. Beautiful! INCREDIBLE!

    Yes, that is a looker for sure...
  5. Hi from a noob

    Welcome to the forum. Put any tech queries into the appropriate section here on the forum.
  6. Hi from the caribean

    Looks good, welcome along.
  7. New to forum

  8. Newbie saying Hi

    Welcome along!
  9. Some Japanese Provenance!

    There are a couple of E39 tourer imports that I've seen along the way during my purchase, but mainly all saloons.
  10. Some Japanese Provenance!

    Live and learn - never heard of that before.
  11. E39 540i Sport - Delivery at Last!

    Funnily enough, the car came into the country with the (apparently) original plastic covering from the factory still wrapping the rear seats. Who knows if that's true or not? Even so, you're right, it's like they've never been used. As for the coin holder, is that rare? Along with the non opening centre console it's just another case of less storage space! As for other options, it's nice to have electrically adjustable and heated seats, but I'm so sad that the electric rear blind floats my boat the most!
  12. E39 540i Sport - Delivery at Last!

    Thanks for the info on the android head unit. I'll keep a note of it for future reference. With regards to the camera, I'm using the camera on my LG K8 phone. Only 13mp, which is pretty good for a phone I guess, but not a lot in the grand scheme of tech these days. I'm really impressed with most of the results it gives so I'm tending to use it instead of a conventional camera.
  13. Some Japanese Provenance!

    No, absolutley no different to a UK car, with Admiral anyway. I paid a top up of just under £100 over the 523 for the remaining 11 months of the policy. Yes, I paid a good few quid over a very good UK car but it is truely immaculate and when an independent inspection was being done prior to purchase the tech commented on how clean the underside was and with no signs of corrosion anywhere. Coupled with the mileage of 34500, which all adds up in the service history which is joint English/Japanese and in a BMW service book, I just thought I'd take the plunge!
  14. E39 540i Sport - Delivery at Last!

    A few from this morning.... There is virtually no wear at all inside. I'd have preferred the brushed ally trim instead of the wood, can't seem to get away from vavona, or whatever it's called!