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  1. Yeah, that's a lot of dosh... I recall paying around £300 for the pair from C3BMW back in late 2012.
  2. I had this grief with the original units on mine back in 2012 when they would have been 13 years old. Nothing would eradicate the problem despite the excellent advice on the forum. In the end I bought a pair of new Hella angel eye units. Best thing I've done to the car cosmetically and still look as good as they did new, five years on.
  3. Love the stripey hoovering! Old Colonel Classics do that! I'm no expert, but surely at least £2.5k if it's as good in the flesh as in the photos - and to the right person?
  4. For the first time this year I insured my E39 without using my NCB. I then used my allowance on one of our other two cars, and my wife used hers on the second. Without NCB, the E39 Fully Comp policy cost around £150.
  5. M74

    What better way to start the day?!
  6. M74

    No, down south.....
  7. M74

    A mate of mine drives for Saints - I'd never actually considered before how the mega mileage builds up on such a relatively young vehicle. In his case, the vehicle is in use virtually 24/7, When he finishes, another colleague jumps in!
  8. Aaaaiiiii....
  9. Hi and welcome to the forum.
  10. A ruined tourer, how sad.
  11. Welcome to the forum. Good looking 5 - is it grey?
  12. Cheers guys...
  13. From the album Stuttgart 2017

  14. Per title, recommendations please for tried and tested products. Currently using up a 3M example but fancy a change.
  15. Welcome to the forum Mike.