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  1. Loadmaster

    Front Cup Holder Broken

    There's a cubby hole to replace the rears.
  2. Loadmaster

    Front Cup Holder Broken

    First time they were ever used in my ownership. My son stuffed his slightly oversize and full drinks bottle into it and that was it!
  3. Loadmaster

    wheel upgrade

    Following on from Paddy's comment above, personally I think that 18" rims suit the E39 perfectly. My first E39 ran 17" style 42s which I left on because somehow the design appeared to make them look bigger. Maybe the sport suspension helped there as it sat lower of course. My second and current E39 started with 17" style 66s, a good looking wheel but unfortunately, as Dan says, not made in 18" flavour. The car is now fitted with 18" style 65s and to me looks just right. If you look in my Mohne Dam gallery here you will see the car with both the 66s and 65s fitted as a visual comparison. Keep an eye out in the wheels and tyres section here. Something might appear, or you could put a shout out in the wanted section.
  4. Loadmaster

    New to BMW

    Welcome to the forum. Plenty of good stuff here, along with knowledgeable owners, should help you get the most out of your E61.
  5. Loadmaster


    Looks tidy, welcome to the forum.
  6. Loadmaster

    Front Cup Holder Broken

    Cheers Paddy, will take a look.
  7. Loadmaster

    Front Cup Holder Broken

    Anyone aware of a blanking kit mod for the deletion of the front cup holders? There's one for the rear pair (cubby hole) so hoping there's a similar option for the front pair. Thanks
  8. Loadmaster

    Your forum needs you!

    Two Mods required - me down south and you up north....
  9. Loadmaster

    Your forum needs you!

    Happy to chat about the Mod role Duncan. Maybe that can be evolved to cover social stuff if no actual Social Secretary is found (?).
  10. Loadmaster


    Welcome to the forum. As Dan says, post all your tech questions in the E39 tech area below. Would be good to see another E39 saved as they are no doubt becoming fewer each month.
  11. Loadmaster

    Your forum needs you!

    I wasn't aware that the forum had any presence at shows. A small group of us get together at a few shows over the summer, but not in an official capacity as far as is evident.
  12. Loadmaster

    Your forum needs you!

    Dan101, what do you consider to be 'significant time' ?
  13. Loadmaster

    Your forum needs you!

    Sounds intetesting but I'm already the E39 model rep for BMW CC GB. The 'significant time' required might be a problem.
  14. Loadmaster

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Sorry to hear that Teddy...