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  1. Stick the VIN into the BMW decoder site for the full spec. Looks nice, what's the bodywork like and does it have sport suspension?
  2. Per title, and not wishing to offend any male owners here! CLK500 to be exact. V8 makes it a bit more blokey?
  3. ^^^^^^^^ Agree with the above.
  4. Oil service this morning are Walkers Autotech, West Sussex. Enjoying a cuppa and the view of some nice cars for sale.
  5. Lookin' good....! Love the rims.
  6. How about wheel centre caps? Mine showed signs of delamination in less than two years.
  7. A six month old car with only a 60 day warranty? So a nine month old car needed new calipers, or am I reading this wrong?
  8. Hi and welcome to the forum. Post all your tech queries in the appropriate forum section for a more widespread audience. BTW, love Tenby...!
  9. Dan, do the Osrams look a bit whiter than the standard 'off yellow', but not too white to look DRL ish and 'too modern' for the E39, if you know what I mean?
  10. Someone here will know. Might get an answer that way.
  11. I like the dials on that dash - have that 'retro' appearance (to me anyway). Kinda classy looking.