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  1. BMW main dealer stickers?

    Yeah, I get you completely. Actually, I also have the 5 forum sticker in the rear window too - subtle, as you say. Plus a Nurburgring decal as well, but that's it.
  2. BMW main dealer stickers?

    Down to individual tastes of course, but the first thing I've always done is immediately peel off any dealer stickers from any vehicle I've bought. I don't want to provide any free advertising (nothing personal, even if the dealership is a good 'un), plus I prefer the uncluttered window look.
  3. Went Xmas shopping today

    "Fashion" LOL
  4. What will you do in ThanksGiving Day?

    As much as I love America and going there from time to time, you're bang on the money there!
  5. Jan 2008, 535d MSport

    Per Dan's post above, you need to post a decent set of pics if you are continuing to advertise here. And that wheel arch scrape - not good, a bit more than an acceptable scuff. Good that you'll reflect that in the price. WBAC? Forget them. I reckon you'd be lucky to see £5k from that shower.
  6. Double Mattress (4' 6")

    Brand new in June this year, this top quality mattress was bought for my mum who slept on it for just three or four nights before being admitted to hospital. She's not returned since and will be going into a nursing home this week. So, as Power of Attorney for her financial affairs, I'm regrettably preparing to sell her home next year. If needed, the divan base (which isn't new) with four drawers can be included for no extra cost. "Make and model" Dreamworld - Sweet Dreams - Oxford Pocket Supreme £100 Collection from RH6 postcode - Horley, Surrey.
  7. Will they fit ?

    Dan, having done the stud conversion, how far does the outer end of the stud protrude from each bolt hole in the wheel. Depending on which wheels are used maybe?
  8. Hey - Ive got a classic!

    Makes you kinda proud to own one.
  9. Thanks fella's..... I'm out for now.

    Thanks for the kind words Andy and good luck with the X5.
  10. DVLA SORN Question

    Well, I bought the old Z and it's being delivered next weekend by my wife's cousin, who's the current owner. There's a chance that I might insure and tax it straight away but a SORN is more likely. Per Yoko's post above, I'll wait for the V5, and then do it.
  11. DVLA SORN Question

    Per Calypso's points above, which echo my thoughts: Not having done a SORN before, I was assuming that because the previous owner would be claiming any unused RFL back, DVLA would then catch on to the fact that no application for tax has been made by the new owner. Therefore, an unexplained 'gap' if not immediately SORNd = letter through the post to new owner. Yeah, I analyse things too much sometimes - blame my job!
  12. DVLA SORN Question

    That was my concern, the time difference between the two. Never done a SORN before and I don't know how strict DVLA are with this sort of thing.
  13. DVLA SORN Question

    Thanks Andrew - was trying to find a way of doing it 'real time' on-line but I guess this method will be acceptable if needs must. Cheers.
  14. DVLA SORN Question