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    Old Mercs and BMWs, anything with an AMG badge on it, bikes of the motorised variety, aircraft, music, foreign travel (USA a favourite) and, oh - the family!!
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  1. Loadmaster

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Nothing, for over a week now, as I'm about 1400 miles away from mine. Having a great holiday but I must admit I'm looking forward to getting home Bank Holiday weekend. .......not that I'm letting on to the family.
  2. Loadmaster

    Genuine BMW Style 65 Wheels, staggered

    Hey Deepan, what wheels are you removing from your car?
  3. Loadmaster

    E39 Bonnet Badge

    Yeah, been said before here that the only way to go is OEM for a lot of cosmetic stuff, badges and trim.
  4. Loadmaster

    E39 Bonnet Badge

    Hi, probably a very widely used part number on a lot of models, but price please for a bonnet badge for my 2001 E39, including p and p. Many thanks.
  5. Loadmaster

    Car insurance

    Blimey, that's a heavy shunt! Glad that MrsJohnny was okay.
  6. Loadmaster

    What are you currently drinking...?

    Partial to the occasional cider. Here's a good example that I'm sipping whilst doing sod at the villa in Nerja, Spain, for a couple of weeks.
  7. Loadmaster

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I think that they look rubbish and that you should sell them to me...
  8. Loadmaster

    Mercedes E63s

    Purely out of interest. Big AMG fan myself.
  9. Loadmaster

    Mercedes E63s

    What age range CLS are you looking for?
  10. Loadmaster

    Style 66 and 37 Wheels - Same Offset?

    Good links Dan, thanks. Dangerous!
  11. Loadmaster

    The new project and not a 5! - 2006 E65 730D

    Looks awesome Dan. I recall you saying that you weren't a fan of dark windaz. Well, they look great on your car.
  12. Loadmaster

    Style 66 and 37 Wheels - Same Offset?

    Yeah will probably remain that way. Thinking of having them painted gunmetal / anthracite which would go well against the silver body. Spacers? Yes, I still happen to have a set which I bought from a bloke in, erm, Preston I think...
  13. Loadmaster

    Style 66 and 37 Wheels - Same Offset?

    Found the car, was a client of a BMW indie not far from me. Well, it's gone now and the wheels weren't OEM apparantly. Never mind, plenty more Style 37s in the sea, as the saying goes...
  14. Loadmaster

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Drove mine in proper rain for the very first time since taking delivery back in April.