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  1. When re-fitting the bolts make sure there are not overtightened, an indy i used to get the gasket replaced overtightened the bolts, so it still continued to leak. IIRC it needs to be torqued to around 10nm.
  2. cadburys_5

    Best place to fit earth

    Plenty of grounding points in the boot area, depending on the thickness of the ground wire you could try grounding on the left hand side flap where the cd changer would be situated.
  3. cadburys_5

    Auto glym. Super Sheen. Where to buy?

    I would also reccommend using Autosmart finish, much cheaper product, not worth paying the extra buck for Autoglym.
  4. cadburys_5

    few pics of my car

    Looks fantastic, just needs lowering. By the way is that Velvet blue? colour looks similar to mine
  5. cadburys_5

    Any graphic designers on board?

    Thanks for the offer Alun, I'm just waiting to get a quote back from some companies, will send you a pm. Cheers.
  6. cadburys_5

    Any graphic designers on board?

    Thanks for your input chaps, will give them all a try.
  7. As above chaps looking for somebody to design me a company logo in return for some paper with the Queens face on it. I've drawn a rough design on Microsoft paint (don't laugh, its the best of my abilities) so I'm hoping somebody can make a proffesional looking logo. Thanks in Advance.
  8. cadburys_5

    Anyone ever replaced their key-fob battery DIY?

    Yup, the key battery recharges when you stick it in the ignition.
  9. cadburys_5

    Cooling System Issue

    Another suggestion to add, try getting the cooling system pressure tested, I had a pin hole leak from one of the pipes which would only leak after the car was slightly warm.
  10. cadburys_5

    Help airbag light wont clear!

    If you have a look on ebay there is a bypass resistor thing that you wire into the seat pad sensor thing under the passenger seat. Its about £3 - 4. That should clear out the light afterwards.
  11. cadburys_5

    E39 530i Oil Leak

    Sounds like quite a fiddly job, are any special tools needed to carry out this job? 35mm socket for Oil filter housing? You dont happen to remember the name of the halfords degreaser? Cheers.
  12. cadburys_5

    E39 530i Oil Leak

    I have the exact same problem on my 530i aswell, there is a little oil leak there. I've ordered the gasket approx £3.90 from BMW, do you know how easy/hard it is to change over?
  13. cadburys_5

    540i Cooling problem...

    I've been told when checking the coolant level to always release the bleed screw to allow the coolant to fully release into the tank. If you don't then it will appear as though you have insufficient coolant in the tank.
  14. cadburys_5

    e39 Steering angle sensor location?

    If its just a case of re-calibration then thats great news, as a replacement sensor is £188 from BMW. I shall pass on this info to my friend. Thanks again.
  15. cadburys_5

    e39 Steering angle sensor location?

    Many thanks Sepia . Neither did I, this sensor has caused the DSC light to stay on permanently.