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  1. AndrewMac85

    Folding electric mirrors

    Given up, found a working one on e-bay. The whole assembly is floppier than a 10 pint erection, and I don't think I can save it.
  2. AndrewMac85

    Folding electric mirrors

    Well playing around tonight, I can sort of make it turn. But it turns very slowly and can't turn far. Which makes me think the motor is either too weak or the gears are too stiff
  3. AndrewMac85

    530d Aegean Blue 200,000 miles, advice please

    I'm amazed that your cooling system is original. They tend to be manufactured out of soft cheese. Assuming you don't want to spanner yourself. - Water pump and cooling system, all original to my knowedge New hoses ( 75 ) Rad ( 150 ) Water pump ( 50 ) Thermostat ( 50 ) Fan clutch (75 ) Coolant (25) Total = 425, plus labour and vat 800 or 900? - Crank case breather, may be original Not sur esorry. - Swirl Flaps and inlet manifold, original To remove and put blanking plates in. Perhaps two or three hours labor (200?) - Auto transmission, original Recondition box, swapped out. 1800 (My friend just had his rebuilt). - Differential, original Not sure sorry. In truth some of these tasks could easily be handled be a novice if you wanted a go yourself. You've obviously taken care of it well, and there's no reason why it wouldn't carry on for another 100k miles. It might be worth bearing in mind that Turbos could also go at this mileage so that's something else to factor in.
  4. AndrewMac85

    Folding electric mirrors

    Hi E39 Gurus, So my electric folding mirrors have been on the blink. So I ordered a new set of worm gears. I successfully repaired the passenger side which now works (wahoo), but the drivers side doesnt work with a new gear. Critically, with the motor removed It spins freely when the button is pressed. However, when fully assembled with a new gear it just cuts out. Is the motor encountering too much resistance? Does anyone know how I can troubleshoot? I've attached a video to explain what I mean.. Cheers, Andy IMG_2303.MOV
  5. AndrewMac85

    Shift Button Not working

    Really not sure to be honest. I'll try and test it and report back, wondering if something was damaged when the wheel was retrimmed.
  6. AndrewMac85

    Shift Button Not working

    Hi All, Since my steering wheel refurb, the down shift button has stopped working in sport mode. I took the airbag off and validated the connections and it looks good. Is there a good way to test these buttons? Should I measure the resistance with a multimeter? Does anyone know if this switches to ground or 12V? Cheers, Andy
  7. AndrewMac85

    Serpentine Tensioner pulley bolt stripped

    ha ha thanks! That is definitely my plan
  8. AndrewMac85

    Serpentine Tensioner pulley bolt stripped

    Fixed! Just closing this up for anyone who stumbles onto this thread. After attempting heat / hammering in a larger bit / JB Welding a bit in / Cold chisel on the bolt .. I finally gave up and cut the pulley off. It was a truly horrible job, hours of dremel work to cut through the bearings and the bolt to free it. Eventually after removing most of the pulley and using a chisel I was able to turn it a few turns and back it off. Here is the aftermath..
  9. AndrewMac85

    Serpentine Tensioner pulley bolt stripped

    Sorry to ressurect a zombie post. But I've come back round to this after leaving as it was. I've tried punching in a larger bit, which gave it some turning force. However the breaker bar eventually just tore up the thread more. I did try alternating between tightening and loosening to help. I'm now using a cold chisel and a hammer to try and budge it, no dice so far. Just to be sure this isn't reverse thread is it?
  10. AndrewMac85

    Bonnet release bits

    Hi Cotswold BMW, Could I please have a quote for the following. CENTRE BOWDEN CABLE 1 51238176596 LOWER PART OF HOOD LOCK 2 51238203859 Torx-bolt with washer M6X14 6 07149156085 x 4 UPPER PART OF HOOD LOCK 2 51238176594 x 2
  11. AndrewMac85

    Fuel pump problems

    So just to finish this thread. The positive terminal inside the tank came apart in my hands, resoldering and checking for continuity has fixed the problem. The pump now powers and I get fuel. ...Still have other problems though. But one down!
  12. AndrewMac85

    Fuel pump problems

    Ah cheers, I think I might have to take the whole thing apart and check it over properly. Hopefully it is a simple solder fix. Might take some phots and put them up this thread if it helps anyone else.
  13. AndrewMac85

    Fuel pump problems

    Hi All, Battery is brand new. Did some testing today: Getting a battery charger and some test leads, attempting to power the pump directly (whilst its inside the tank), it doesn't run. This suggests that the assembly is the problem as previously suggested. I did test the old pump on its own using the battery charger and it ran. So.. where do I get a new assembly from? Or do I take it apart, and continuity test all the wires and connectors?
  14. AndrewMac85

    Fuel pump problems

    Ah gotcha thanks!
  15. AndrewMac85

    Fuel pump problems

    Sorry, whereabouts is this?