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  1. Bonnet release bits

    Hi Cotswold BMW, Could I please have a quote for the following. CENTRE BOWDEN CABLE 1 51238176596 LOWER PART OF HOOD LOCK 2 51238203859 Torx-bolt with washer M6X14 6 07149156085 x 4 UPPER PART OF HOOD LOCK 2 51238176594 x 2
  2. Fuel pump problems

    So just to finish this thread. The positive terminal inside the tank came apart in my hands, resoldering and checking for continuity has fixed the problem. The pump now powers and I get fuel. ...Still have other problems though. But one down!
  3. Fuel pump problems

    Ah cheers, I think I might have to take the whole thing apart and check it over properly. Hopefully it is a simple solder fix. Might take some phots and put them up this thread if it helps anyone else.
  4. Fuel pump problems

    Hi All, Battery is brand new. Did some testing today: Getting a battery charger and some test leads, attempting to power the pump directly (whilst its inside the tank), it doesn't run. This suggests that the assembly is the problem as previously suggested. I did test the old pump on its own using the battery charger and it ran. So.. where do I get a new assembly from? Or do I take it apart, and continuity test all the wires and connectors?
  5. Fuel pump problems

    Ah gotcha thanks!
  6. Fuel pump problems

    Sorry, whereabouts is this?
  7. Fuel pump problems

    Sorry guys its an E39 B10 Alpina (Same as 540). I think i'll try the old pump with a battery, if that works. It has to be a grounding issue.
  8. Fuel pump problems

    Hi Guys, More E39 woes. The car cut out on the drive, and I have no fuel in the lines. I swapped the pump for a new Pierburg one, and still it doesn't start. Shorting the relay, I see 12V at the connector so power must be reaching the pump. Could this be a ground problem? Either that, or I have two dead fuel pumps which feels less likely. My multimeter doesn't have a continuity mode, so I'm not sure how to test the negative terminal. Are there ground points to look at? Cheers, Andy
  9. M62 not starting

    Well an update on the saga. After reading on meeknet about the intake bolts not getting force due to the rubber spacers degrading, I added in some washers and the manifold feels much tighter now. The car still doesn't start, and I'm now 100% that all the intake work is perfect. This leads me to think its either the missing connector or fuel supply issues. I guess I should test the incoming fuel pressure to the engine and perhaps change the relay.
  10. Wiring help

    Fair enough.. I think I just enjoy soldering things too much.
  11. Wiring help

    I would resolder the wires with the correct gauge, using a lineman splice (nice video showing how to do it below). Then put on heat shrink and a new shroud. Never trust those sorts of connectors.
  12. M62 not starting

    Hey NWJW, Well I've spent the day rebuilding the intake manifold. The CCV was not connected to the timing chain cover with that cross pipe, so I fixed that issue. I also bought the CCV rubber bung that was missing and checked the gaskets and everything. It still won't run. It did sort of coax it into life with the throttle pedal, but it sounded very bad. I'm wondering if it is a throttle issue. Should the throttle butterfly be at 50% open at rest? Cheers,
  13. M62 not starting

    Hey Supertramp, This is my link http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/partgrp?id=DE63-USA-11-1997-E39-BMW-540i 97/98 BMW M62 (Non TU, Non Vanos)
  14. M62 not starting

    Sadly not. I've definitely ruled out fuelling, and spark that's fine. The car makes a lot blowing and popping and startup. I've realised I've made a mistake not connecting one of the pipes on the CCV. I'll have to take the intake manifold out again. Hopefully its just a massive leak and refitting it properly will resolve it. Still never found a home for that connector. :s
  15. M62 not starting

    Cheers! Yeah the pre-vanos appears to be subtly different.