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  1. M62 not starting

    Well an update on the saga. After reading on meeknet about the intake bolts not getting force due to the rubber spacers degrading, I added in some washers and the manifold feels much tighter now. The car still doesn't start, and I'm now 100% that all the intake work is perfect. This leads me to think its either the missing connector or fuel supply issues. I guess I should test the incoming fuel pressure to the engine and perhaps change the relay.
  2. Wiring help

    Fair enough.. I think I just enjoy soldering things too much.
  3. Wiring help

    I would resolder the wires with the correct gauge, using a lineman splice (nice video showing how to do it below). Then put on heat shrink and a new shroud. Never trust those sorts of connectors.
  4. M62 not starting

    Hey NWJW, Well I've spent the day rebuilding the intake manifold. The CCV was not connected to the timing chain cover with that cross pipe, so I fixed that issue. I also bought the CCV rubber bung that was missing and checked the gaskets and everything. It still won't run. It did sort of coax it into life with the throttle pedal, but it sounded very bad. I'm wondering if it is a throttle issue. Should the throttle butterfly be at 50% open at rest? Cheers,
  5. M62 not starting

    Hey Supertramp, This is my link http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/partgrp?id=DE63-USA-11-1997-E39-BMW-540i 97/98 BMW M62 (Non TU, Non Vanos)
  6. M62 not starting

    Sadly not. I've definitely ruled out fuelling, and spark that's fine. The car makes a lot blowing and popping and startup. I've realised I've made a mistake not connecting one of the pipes on the CCV. I'll have to take the intake manifold out again. Hopefully its just a massive leak and refitting it properly will resolve it. Still never found a home for that connector. :s
  7. M62 not starting

    Cheers! Yeah the pre-vanos appears to be subtly different.
  8. M62 not starting

    Thanks supertramp. Well, I 100% cannot find anything this goes into, and I'm not convinced it is stopping it starting. Doing an inspection I notice that the CCV (I've replaced it), the blue connector on this picture, just sits out .. should it have a hose attached or something? Or does it pull in outside air?
  9. M62 not starting

    Sorry.. on the throttle body connector (the one i'm really trying to find). It has two wires. Blue with a small yellow stripe, and red with a small white stripe. If that makes sense?
  10. M62 not starting

    Blue + Yellow and Red + White (Throttle body connector)
  11. M62 not starting

    Fair enough. I think I may have to take it all apart again to see If I can spot what I've missed.
  12. M62 not starting

    I've tested the fuel pump, it works fine. There is fuel pressure in the lines, the car just cuts out immediately. I'm totally stumped, It must be something that's not put together correctly in the intake manifold or throttle. Any ideas anyone?
  13. M62 not starting

    Morning! So here are the two connectors missing a home. The square connector runs from the left bank coil pack, not sure about what it is meant to go to. My labelling was obviously not that good. The oblong connector misses a home in the cooling. I've also attached the car starting. It feels like a fuelling issue, but I'm just not sure. Any help much appreciated! Cheers, IMG_1021.MOV
  14. M62 not starting

    Hi NWJW I'll post pictures up as well as a recording of it trying to start first thing in the morning. I feel like its something very stupid that I'm missing!
  15. M62 not starting

    Hi Guys, Finally finished all my jobs on the M62 (New rad, hoses, valley pan gasket, CCV, Intake manifold gasket, water pump), however when I try to fire the old girl up. It doesn't start. The car turns over very briefly, then just cuts out. The usual culprits seem to be covered. 1. New battery. 2. Has fuel. 3. Fuse 17 Okay (Changed it) 4. Cam shaft position sensor connected. 5. Can hear the fuel pump priming. 6. No error codes I do have two connectors left over, which to my shame I can't remember what they connect to. One is for "upper throttle body" according to my notes, and another is for the expansion tank. Is there anything I'm missing do you think? Is there a good way to check whether fuel is reaching the engine? Cheers, Andy