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  1. Life advice needed!

    Feel for you, hating a job to the point where you can't face going in of a morning is totally shite, but, and I know this sounds bleedin' obvious, whatever you do, no matter how hacked off you feel, DON'T jack in your job before finding another one! As someone who has had their fair share of unemployment in recent years I can tell you straight it is far easier to find a job whilst you are still working. Seven months on JSA is not only hard on the savings it also affects your relationships and sinks your morale to the lowest point, so, start looking, consider your options, but keep punching the card..
  2. Customs duty AUS to UK

    I've had 3 shipments sent from China, each was marked "Trade Samples, no commercial value", totally unsolicited I must stress!
  3. Just caught the first two on Catch-up and I must admit I like it. Certainly more realistic numbers than Mike 'Tubby' Brewer's guesstimates at costs and it's not just "restoring to former glory". The first custom job, a MKII Escort was nice, although I wasn't sure about the paintwork, I think the yellow should have gone further back down the bodywork, and whilst I liked the 'roadster' treatment of the MGB I would have dropped it by a good few inches, as it was it kept the original doner rubber bumper stance and the wheels seemed a bit lost in the arches Anyone who's not seen it take a look https://www.broadcastnow.co.uk/factual-entertainment/goblin-works-garage-quest/5125418.article Oh, and hands off Helen, I've got first dibs!
  4. Goblin Works Garage, thoughts?

    Agree with Dan, the Landy was crap, spend £11K on a nicely restored 2A, then strip all the paint off and lower it to the ground, what the fek is that all about. Then, and this stretches credulity to the extreme, find a Muppet prepared to pay £26k for the rolling turd!!!
  5. The AA have warned that due to the extreme weather conditions if traveling it is advisable to take the following: A fully charged mobile phone Sunglasses. Personal medication. First aid kit. A road atlas – in case of diversions. Sat-nav or a printed route for an unfamiliar journey. A blanket, rug or sleeping bag. Shovel. Ice scraper and de-icer. Torch and batteries. Snacks – chocolate or cereal bars. A warm winter coat, scarf, hat, gloves and warm clothes. Waterproofs. Sturdy footwear. A flask of hot drink. I felt a complete twat getting on the bus!
  6. E60 front shock

  7. Refuses To Start

  8. Road Tax Fine

    Hmmm..... 1) Do they not do that anyway? And would it make that much difference if we are actually getting revenue from the people who are currently avoiding RFL? 2) The kind of people who are deliberately dodging RFL will in all probability be the uninsured tosser who rear ends you in a traffic queue. If they can get away without being caught for RFL what is to say they are insured or that the vehicle has a valid MOT? I am not saying do away with the central database, just change the way the RFL is collected.
  9. Fecking Ryanair

    Reminds me of this!
  10. Ill again...

    You have my sympathy bud, like you I've had a hacking cough for about 3 weeks, then last week it turned into a heavy cold, just when I thought I'd got clear of that the cough has returned. I'm spending most nights trying to sleep sitting up in an armchair because as soon as my head hits the pillow I start coughing my bloody lungs up, oh, and and as I keep telling SWMBO, the malt whisky I'm imbibing is strictly medicinal!
  11. Road Tax Fine

    I am still firmly of the opinion the best way round this whole RFL malarky is to add tax to fuel. The money from the RFL goes into a central government coffer these day anyway, so it's not like it's ring-fenced for road maintenance or improvement. Everyone who uses a vehicle has to buy fuel so there would be no dodging. Vehicles would effectively be taxed according to their road usage, so the driver doing 5,000 miles a year pays proportionally less than the driver doing 30,000 and the smaller, more frugal vehicles pay less than the gas guzzlers. Add in the amount saved on administration, to say nothing of saving the costs of chasing and prosecuting offenders and it's a total no-brainer!
  12. Road Tax Fine

    Because traffic wardens and police on foot patrol can no longer make a quick visual check of a vehicle's RFL and don't have time/can't be arsed to do an electronic check. So the DVLA and Police are relying on ANPR to throw up vehicles without RFL. That will only work if you actually pass a vehicle with ANPR kit fitted and they tend to be parked on major routes where there is lots of traffic. Chances of being caught are fairly slim so that helps the deliberate dodgers and without a paper disc to remind them few people actually remember when to tax their vehicle. Like many others now, I pay my RFL monthly and like the OP rely on the DVLA to take the money and keep me legal, I honestly couldn't say if my car is taxed or not, I simply assume that they are taking the dosh therefore it is!
  13. £2300 for a new DPF? FFS! My wife drives like Miss Daisy and has had the EML come up on a couple of occasions, I simply take her Nissan Juke for a quick, high-rev burn and the light goes out and stays out for another 6 months. I do the same thing with my diesels before an MOT and have never had a failure or even advisory on particulate emissions, but I suppose it's horses for courses..
  14. How would you react............

    Sorry, the link seems to have vanished
  15. if you saw this driving up the road? https://dms.licdn.com/playback/C4E00AQF806joOEed-Q/c995193839d54639bf4a6c531777bf56/feedshare-mp4_500/1479932728445-v0ch3x?e=1515402065&v=alpha&t=w4nC8i_D0r1QOyOEbYv0amc8OHsXTJ8R2NMdwTqqFHM
  16. Actually sales of all cars fell by 5% last quarter. The drop in diesel car sales can be attributed in part to comments made by a number of ill-informed (or well informed but with their own agenda) politicians 'demonising' and vilifying diesel cars by claiming particulate pollution was more serious than greenhouse gas emissions. Recent tests have shown that the new generation diesels are actually cleaner than the equivalent output petrol cars and the old issues of DPF 'clogging' is not the issue it once was.
  17. How would you react............

    Porche must have taken that exercise quite literally, how else do you explain the push-me/pull-you design of the Boxster!
  18. F10 windscreen washers - Frozen??

    As said, the reservoir may be fluid, that is protected from the worst of the cold, but the pipes and particularly where they exit the bonnet are open to the elements. I normally free mine off by pouring a kettle of hot (not boiling) water over them and leaving for a minute or two with the engine running. TBH -5 anti-freeze is crap, it was -11 here (Central Scotland) last night and that was just ambient. Add in the wind-chill generated at say 40mph and you have -14 or lower! I always use -20, it's not much more expensive and in severe weather a couple of cap-fulls of methylated spirits in the reservoir also helps.
  19. Random speed limit sign question

    My understanding is they are different purely to highlight the information. The fact you have noticed the difference means they are working!
  20. Bloody frozen !

    Yep, a good spray of WD40 once the locks have defrosted, also don't try and force the door open, if the seals have frozen as well you stand a good chance of ripping the surfaces off, far better as said earlier to give them a smear of Vaseline once they too have defrosted. An issue we are encountering is the wife's car (a Nissan Juke) suffers very badly in cold weather from ice on the inside of the windows, presumably from excessive condensation, so I got a couple of dehumidifier pads which we leave on the dash at night, so far it's worked a treat and we have relatively frost free windows. Only issue is she keeps forgetting to bring the bloody things in from time to time to dry them out!
  21. FFS!

    They were actually originally developed in the US in the late '90s for driver training, I know because I used to fit the cameras to commercial vehicles and sell the trainer monitoring services here in the UK, but in the event of an actual accident the footage was deemed inadmissible and was not accepted in American courts as proof of liability. A useful tool if used correctly, but this step smacks of yet more Big Brother policing!
  22. So I been caught speeding :(

    Yep, that works, their 'device' tolerance is accepted at 73mph, add 10% of 70mph limit i.e 7mph and +6 as laid down in the ACPO Guidelines and you get 86mph. If you are being done at a cited speed of 90mph chances are (regardless of what your own feelings say) you were actually doing well in excess of 90mph as they allow around 10% for speedo error before booking you! I was doing an indicated 93mph according to my satnav when I got done by a camera van on the M74, but the speed shown on the NIP was only 85mph.
  23. So I been caught speeding :(

    I was going by the National ACPO Guidelines http://library.college.police.uk/docs/acpo/national-speed-awareness-course-guidance-2006.pdf So whilst I agree speed awareness is at the discretion of the local force (as is the decision to request to prosecute in the first place) the National guidelines state they will NOT be offered to motorist traveling at 10% + 6 over the limit and that is a RULE, not a recommendation. Incidentally, Police Scotland do not offer courses under any circumstances, they go for the jugular up here!
  24. So I been caught speeding :(

    Unfortunately you won't be offered a Speed Awareness Course, they normally only kick in if you are 10mph or less above the statutory speed limit on motorways and 10% or less above the limit on other roads. As said on here, contact www.pepipoo.com Nick Freeman is another option, but TBH it's an expensive step just to avoid points and a fine, if you were likely to lose your licence under totting up then yes, Freeman is your man but otherwise follow the advice on Pepipoo, don't return the NIP until the last minute. I managed to string my conviction out for over a year, I still got a fine and points, but the points are set at the date of the offence so actually only stayed in force for two years instead of three and it was the same fine I would have got had i 'fessed up at the start