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  1. My pal's missus is a self-employed engineering consultant and is making pretty good money so her accountant advised her to get a 'company' car to replace her knackered pug 306. She bought a 6-month old Mazda 6 2.2 diesel saloon (because she liked the colour!) which came with 60 days warranty from the local Mazda dealer. 3 months in and she is having trouble with the handbrake so took it into her local Kwik-Fit who released their monkeys on it and diagnosed seized rear calipers. She told them to go ahead and sort it. She went back yesterday to pick it up and was presented with a bill for.....£1400!!! She tried to dispute it but they refused to return the car until she settled the bill. I don't know a lot about the Mazda 6, but I just looked up Mazda 6 calipers on the web and they come in at around £90 a pop for pattern parts, so KF are charging her around £1200 to change them, hence the title of the post.
  2. Hi all, I'm offering this on behalf of my sister, don't know much about it apart from the fact it's a solid car and in not too bad nick considering the miles, I've few pictures which I can email since photobucket now charge, but would recommend a visit if you're interested (and fancy a day at the seaside ): 2003 318i Touring Mot to May '18 Good tyres Good interior 172k and currently SORN'd Dark blue with grey leather interior Now the bad bits (and hence spares or repair) It has an intermittent fault which means it starts and runs when it feels like it. She's had it in the workshop numerous times and it has new plugs, coil packs and cam and crank sensors and spent almost £500 trying to get it sorted but to no avail which has left two local mechanics baffled! It also has some graffiti on the driver's side in the form of a picture of Valentino Rossi's bike, she's a big fan of the Doctor apparently. It should come off with some T-cut or maybe the judicious use of thinners. This is a chance for someone with a bit of mechanical nous to make a couple of quid by getting it back on the road and help her out by getting it off the drive. The car is located in Southport, Merseyside and will need collecting on a trailer (unless you're a roadside guru and can get it running properly there and then!) She's open to offers (I think she'll take virtually anything) as the next stage is a scrapyard and I think it's too good for that. PM me for contact details.
  3. Deffo look for service history, check declared mileage against old MOTs, if none available go to Usual things like shut lines, rust in petrol flap, rear panel below the boot lid, arches and sills,if it's a touring check for tailgate operation and rear wash/wipe, take it for a test drive and see how it pulls and changes gear, listening for any odd clonks or noises. As said above, hoses, have the swirl flaps been removed, look at it starting from cold for excessive exhaust fumes and remember, use your head, not your heart, the newest of these cars are now 13 years old so wear and tear are to be expected but not compulsory!
  4. Yes, although the Sport has firmer suspension (or so I'm lead to believe) personally I couldn't tell the difference having owned both sport and non-sport tourings. As you say, you'll need bumpers and interior trim (sports have lots of M badges) but the biggest job is the black headlining!
  5. That's not that high, I regularly clock up and average of 25-30k every year as my sales job takes me all over the UK and yes, i used my E39 for business and a pal has his own man-in-a-van business using an E39 touring and has done 78k since January.
  6. 61 views and no takers? Come on guys, I'd grab it myself but i live 240 miles away!
  7. Today I learned the true meaning of philanthropy, the urge to give to those less fortunate than ourselves. I was approached by a man whose clothes were dirty and ragged, he had a dirty beard and an old woollen cap. He asked for help. I was about to walk by when something made me stop. I decided on the spot to help him, I gave him everything, money, my mobile, my watch, my jacket, even my shoes........ I tell you folks, it felt soooo good, especially watching him gather up my stuff, tuck his gun back in his waistband and disappear back down the alley!
  8. My E39 530d Sport Touring had 189k on the clock when I sold it and it still pulled like a train and went through the gears like silk. As said before condition and history over mileage.
  9. DB6 Shelby Mustang GT500 (the '68 not the latest) With Dan on the E61 M5, gotta give Dave, the Great Dane somewhere to stretch out on long journeys!
  10. Unfortunately yes, the biggest diesel was 2.0, the standard engines are: 1.8 petrol turbo, 147bhp but can be tuned to 165-170, avoid as they are very bad for head gasket failure, don't be put off by people who say avoid Rover/MG, the head gaskets go, it's ONLY teh 1.8 that suffers and it's due to neglect, owners not checking the coolant regularly! 2.0 CDT Diesel, 110bhp and as Dan says totally underpowered 2.0 CDT Diesel 131bhp, best of the lot IMHO, good solid engine and not expensive 2.0 V6 petrol, 147bhp, nice and torquey but very thirsty 2.5 V6 petrol, 174bhp, again very thirsty. They also did an MGZT (only in saloon form, not tourer) with an American V8, 4.7 litre if I recall, but typically American, for it's size it was dissapointingly underpowered! For comfort and classy interior check out the Rover Connoisseur, take a look on E-bay, there are lots for sale.
  11. +1 for the Rover 75 or MGZTT, the Rover is a nice place to be, especially the Connoisseur, and with a 2.0 BMW diesel they go on forever, tuneable too if you have the mind! The ZTT is OK, ride is a bit harsh and they are not quite so well equipped, but as Dan says, cheap as chips and still well supported.
  12. If it doesn't have to be a BMW then there are lots of options, Audi A4 Avant, Merc, something (gulp) French or even Ford or Vauxhall, if you really prefer BMW then there is only the E39 touring or the E36/46 touring for that budget. If she thinks the E39 is too big and it MUST be BMW then the 3-Series is your only option, but the good news is there are lots of them out there!
  13. Belated Happy Birthday Dan, glad you're feeling better!
  14. He should also have given you a NIP (notice of intended prosecution) when he stopped you and the CPS then have 6 months from the date on that to take you to court. If that hasn't happened within the 6 month time frame they cannot prosecute. However, as said earlier on here, over 100mph is normally a mandatory ban for a UK motorist so it seems very strange they haven't followed it up. I suggest you have a look here and see if they can offer any advice
  15. Well,it's happened for the 3rd time in as many years, I have been 'let go'! I left a sound job where I had been for 7 years as I was frustrated with the way the company treated it's customers, instead of being able to do my job i.e. account management and finding new customers I was spending more and more time fire-fighting and apologising for the cock-ups instigated by my French colleagues! So I moved on. The company I joined, a small software house, seemed to be a good fit, flat management structure, great product, nice people. But the MD had his own agenda and was milking the company with the result that 6 months in the Sales Director let 5 of the 8 sales people go and sub-contracted the sales effort to 'rent-a-rep'. The next company I joined were a UK-owned re-seller of American hardware and unbeknown to me when I joined they were in the throes of being taken over by their major US supplier. 18 months after joining I was called in to meet the new (American) head of sales who immediately told me they were restructuring and unless I was prepared to move closer to the office where I could be 'properly managed' he had no choice but to let me go, that was January and I struggled for 3 months to find a new job,. I finally got sorted thanks to a friends recommendation and joined my 3rd company in April (with a sigh of relief as my wife had taken early retirement in November due to ill health and I am now the main bread winner). It was my 61st birthday on Wednesday, last night my boss calls me and says the venture capitalists who have been funding the company have suddenly taken to micro-managing the way the company is run and decided to sack 3 of the four sales people in order to reduce costs! The head VC has apparently built up a successful business just using just agents and re-sellers and he wants the company to do the same. So, back to the job hunt with a week's pay in my pocket (I was still on probation) and damn few prospects due to my advanced years!
  16. Large and giant breed dogs are very susceptible to excessive protein, in Great Danes it manifests itself in a horrible thing called 'bloat' which can actually kill if not sorted immediately. The BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet is designed to utilise only proteins that the dog (or cat) would encounter naturally and avoids the side effects of processed food as found in the majority of commercial pet food. Well worth reading up on and wishing your boy a speedy recovery!
  17. Sale of Goods Act, simples: Goods must be 1) As described 2) Of satisfactory quality, 3) Fit for purpose Note however that the right to reject goods and get a full refund only lasts for a relatively short time after which a buyer is deemed to have 'accepted' goods. This doesn't mean that the buyer has no legal redress against the seller, just that he/she isn't entitled to a full refund. Instead a buyer is first and foremost entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced. If these remedies are inappropriate, then you're entitled to a suitable price reduction, or to return the goods and get a refund (reduced to take account of any wear and tear).
  18. I posted that in Fun Stuff about two weeks ago (and I corrected the spelling!)
  19. Had this problem on an old Capri 3.0, stuck a socket on a heavy-duty pry bar and braced it against the chassis rail, then a quick flick of the starter get it sorted! Mind you, make sure everyone stays well away from the engine bay as if it goes Pete Tong it could be VERY unpleasant!
  20. Who pays £2,850 for a set of second-hand after-markets with shit tyres?
  21. +1 for trying a broker. We couldn't get my wife insured on-line when she accidentally let her cover lapse and got 6 points and £200 fine for driving whilst uninsured. The local broker not only got her insured, but at just a few quid more than she had been paying Admiral when she was insured through them and with her points and fine declared.
  22. If you had purchased £1,000 of shares in Delta Airlines 2 years ago, you would have £49.00 today. If you had purchased £1,000 of shares in AIG insurance company 2 years ago, you would have £33.00 today. If you had purchased £1,000 of shares in Lehman Brothers 6 years ago, you would have nothing today. If you had purchased £1,000 of shares in Northern Rock 5 years ago, you would have nothing today But, if you had purchased £1,000 worth of beer one year ago at Tesco's, drunk all the beer, then taken the aluminum cans to the scrap metal dealer, you would have received £214.00. Based on the above, the best current investment plan is to drink heavily & recycle. A recent study found that the average Briton walks about 900 miles a year. Another study found that Britons drink, on average, 22 gallons of alcohol a year. That means that, on average, Britons get about 41 miles to the gallon! Makes you proud to be British!
  23. Nah, you're never too old for bikes! I'm 61 and still riding, my Dad was still on his Yamaha Diversion until cancer got him at the age of 69 and a lot of the biker groups I am in on Facebook boast members in their mid-70's.
  24. To be fair they are old stats, Lehman Bros went to the wall in 2008 and if you had invested £1k in Delta in Dec 2012 the shares would be worth £55k now! But why let the truth get in the way of a good story?
  25. I build cafe racers. I'm on my 7th, a Yamaha XJR1200. Prior to that I built a Honda CB750K1, a Triumph T140 Bonneville, another Yamaha, an XJR1300 that time, a Honda CB1000, a Triumph 6TA and a Suziki GT550. My Dad always had bikes and my first memories are of being taken to the local ice cream shop on the tank of his 1958 Triumph T110, I must have been about 4 at the time and bikes have stuck with me ever since.