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  1. pauliexjr

    Anyone got a bit of love for old Fords?

    Hmmm, just come across a very rare beast indeed (if the guy who owns it is to be believed) I dropped the wife's car to a friend of my bro-in-law's garage for servicing and whilst there I noticed the arse-end of a white Capri sticking out from under a tarp in the corner of his workshop. On enquiring I was informed this was a 2.0 John Player Special model and sure enough it had the proper gold stripes and JPS insignia . I said I thought they only came in black but again was informed there was a limited edition in white. I can't find anything on line to confirm that. The tax disc suggests it was last on the road in 1981 and the guy he bought it from just stuck it in a garage when the tax expired and forgot about it. He wouldn't tell me how much he paid for it, but the owner reckons even in it's somewhat dilapidated state it's worth about £20K!
  2. pauliexjr

    Sicario 2

    Nope, with you all the way, violence has it's place in films, but not at the expense of the narrative and whilst I'm all in favour of a good shoot up it has to be part of the film, not the whole raison d'etre.
  3. pauliexjr

    Kick-ball injuries

    Just bought the official FIFA World-Cup football table!
  4. pauliexjr

    Anyone got a bit of love for old Fords?

    My local neighbour had a SIerra Cosworth Sapphire sitting on his front drive until two months ago when he chopped it in for an original Lotus 7, not a Caterham, Westfield or any other 7 wannabe, a genuine Lotus and it is stunning to both look at and hear! The Sapphire was a dog of a thing, 4 doors - wrong, Aubergine colour - wrong, 4WD - wrong, and it had more rust streaks than a Baltic trawler! He still got enough for it to underwrite the Lotus without having to dig too deeply for the balance
  5. pauliexjr

    F30 330d Question...

    Fit a dump valve, then you'll have a whistle to accompany your whoosh
  6. I find cellulose thinners works well on most adhesives, give it a bit of a soak then rub with a scouring pad (nylon, not metal) soaked in thinners.
  7. pauliexjr

    Anyone got a bit of love for old Fords?

    Being a bit older my love of Fords goes back to my first car, a Mk1 Cortina 1200, closely followed by a 1500, then a MkII 1600E. The list goes on through Escorts and Capris and an immaculate Cortina MkIV 2000GT 2-door (which came a cropper when I hit a single decker bus head on on a country lane!) My last Ford was a 2.0 Sierra although I have driven a few Mondeos (or mundanos as I think is more appropriate) but the best ever was a 1959 MkII Zodiac convertible in two-tone blue and grey which I owned briefly in 1976, by far and away the best boulevard cruiser you could wish for and the sound of the straight 6 on open pipes was a real head turner!
  8. pauliexjr

    Itv4 +1 the blues brothers

    The car chase through the walnut groves towards the end of Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry was good fun too!
  9. pauliexjr

    An Irish jioke

    Murphy calls in to see Paddy, who is sitting at home with a broken leg, Paddy says "Me feet are freezin' mate, can you nip upstairs an get me slippers?" "No bother" says Murphy and goes upstairs where he finds Paddy's two stunning 19 year old twin daughters sitting on the bed. "Yer Da's just sent me up tae shag the pair of yous" he tells the girls. "Away yersel' ye fuckin' liar" "I'll prove it to you" Murphy says. He shouts down the stairs "Paddy, the both of 'em?" "Of course the two of em" comes teh reply "What's the use of fookin one?"
  10. pauliexjr

    Any British Leyland fans here?

    Didn't realise that, I only knew it shared many characteristics with the later 1800 so I wrongly assumed it was FWD. Hideous bloody thing whatever it's drive train!
  11. pauliexjr

    Any British Leyland fans here?

    I had an SD1 Vitesse, a rather eye-watering green colour (Triton I think it was) Never could be classed as fast, more of a lazy mile muncher. nice car to drive though. My pal's dad had a Austin 3.0 Saloon, it was quickly dropped from the BL line up shortly after they were formed, it was a hideous land barge of a thing and apart from the Mini it was technically the forerunner of all of BL's later transverse abortions!
  12. Hi Dan, I agree wholeheartedly, but when the police themselves say they are powerless to do anything / not interested it kind of makes you question the system! If I had been pootling along in the outside lane and causing an obstruction to other road users I could understand the undertaking manouver, but this guy was just doing it out of badness (there was no other traffic in the outside lane and he could easily have passed us safely) and before anyone says he's not allowed in the outside lane, the M90 is only a glorified duel-carriageway, not a three-lane motorway. He was breaking the speed limit and driving in a manner likely to endanger life i.e. dangerously, but the police were not interested, so where do we go from there?
  13. Towing a caravan this past Sunday (OK, I know that's me thrown out of the Forum!) and doing 55-60 mph along the inside lane of the M90 I was actually undertaken on the hard shoulder by an artic doing around 70, who proceeded to give me a blast of his air horns for good measure. and scared the crap out of my wife. She called the police to report him with details of the company and the registration of the vehicle only to be told there was nothing they could or would do and suggested we contact the company directly! So, if we can't report dangerous driving to the police what is the point of encouraging private individuals to be vigilante?
  14. pauliexjr

    Spotted in Southend-on-Sea today

    Or it's been taken in as a 'scrappage scheme' trade in. During the last fiasco I used to pass a scrappage scheme holding yard and the classics being traded to be terminally broken was heartbreaking.