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  1. 17 year old driver insurance oddity !!!

    No, but it helps! Seriously though, you have to wonder at the gall and brass neck of some of these people, "I'm calling to inform you that you may be liable for compensation for your recent accident" "Er, I haven't had an accident in over 5 years" ....click.
  2. DVLA SORN Question

    Granted, but how many people do you know who seeing their former pride and joy disappear round the corner immediately drop everything and rush to the post box to send off the V5 to the DVLA notifying change of owner? All I was saying was it doesn't have to be the minute you pick up the car, you have a few days grace. Also the DVLA moves at glacial speed at the best of times and unlike elephants they frequently do forget, like the time they removed my motorcycle entitlement from my licence when I moved house, then denied I had ever passed my test despite my being able to tell them the date and location!
  3. DVLA SORN Question

    TBH providing it's being kept off the road there is no urgency to SORN it, the only issue arises when you try to use it without paying the RFL and get caught by a police or roadside camera. If you're not using it the DVLA are not really that bothered.
  4. Airport woes

    Paddy and Mick are standing in the queue at the airport check-in. "Ah fek" sighs Paddy "I wish I'd brought the TV" "Bored?" asks Mick "Nah" says Paddy "The fekkin tickets are sitting on top of it!"
  5. X5 3.0 Sport, what do we think?

    Thanks folks, but I've ditched the idea, took a friend's one out for a run and as Dan says, they feel very small for the size and the 3.0 petrol seemed vastly under-powered! My brother-in-law and my neighbour both have Audi Q5s and I was expecting the X5 to measure up to them, but it seems closer to the Q3 IMHO.
  6. Job advice

    I hardly feel an unavoidable breakdown makes me an embarrassment or liability. Having the manners to phone and advise the recruiter as soon as I knew there was an issue indicates I was mindful of their time constraints, unlike the hiring manager I had the misfortune to encounter last week who kept me waiting in a hotel lobby for 40 minutes whilst he took a telephone call (I could see him through the window of the conference room) and then did not have the good grace to apologise!. As for 'got' I actually had a longer sentence in there which I cut short in the interest of brevity and obviously failed to re-read my post prior to submission, so I take that on board. I am normally quite thorough when it comes to reading before submitting. Finally, I was not venting my spleen, this was a genuine request for advice which I have since taken by e-mailing the HR Manager to see if there is any mileage in pursuing this. Her auto-reply informs me she is out of the office until Friday so i will have to wait and see.
  7. As per the title, been offered an X5 3.0 Sport, 2004 facelift, 119k with long MOT, good nick in general but possible issue with the transfer box, stuck in RWD. It's coming in at less than £2500 so it seems a good deal, thoughts please?
  8. Job advice

    OK folks, bit of an odd one so bear with me. I applied for a job at the end of June and had a Skype interview with the Sales Director. That went well and I got face to face interview for early August. I had to prepare a 15 minute presentation and would be expected to take a CET test. The recruiter who organised everything was on holiday the week of the interview and I was handed over to one of her colleagues who was supposed to review my presentation and get back to me wit a critique, he didn't and I think that has some bearing on what followed. The office was in Staffordshire and the meeting set for 12.00 so I set off from Edinburgh at 7am, but 2 hours into the drive I found myself at the side of the M6 with an engine management light on and the car in limp-home mode. I managed to make it to the services to wait for the AA, in the meantime I phoned the recruiter to warn them that I had problems and may not make the interview. He was very scathing and said it looked very suspicious my car breaking down on the way to an interview, but agreed to call the company. He came back to me to say they only had a small window for interviews and as such were prepared to wait if I could get a train down. I explained that the AA still hadn't arrived by this time, I was over 100 miles form home and I couldn't leave my car at the services without incurring draconian penalties so would probably not be able to make it on that day, he said my choice, but bear in mind they were making a decision on that day and if I missed the interview that was the end of it. I did wonder at the time just what he had told them and later found out he had only said I was running late and didn't explain the circumstances. Needless to say I didn't get the job. Wind forward to last Friday when I was contacted by another recruiter regarding a role I had applied for, as she described the role I realised it was the same company. I explained about having been shortlisted previously and the outcome, she then said they probably couldn't put me forward as I had already been introduced by another recruiter. Now, I don't know what happened after I didn't get the job, did they hire someone who proved useless or pulled out of the job come start date, or maybe they are expanding and this is a new role (the recruiter didn't know, she just has the job spec) but either way there is a job there that I would like and can't get put forward for. So, what to do? Go back to the previous recruiter although it looks like they didn't get rehired, contact the HR manager direct and see if they would be interested in seeing me, or just accept that sometimes shit happens and move on?
  9. What I did WITH my E39 today

    Is that an standard Alpine or a Tiger? The side vents and bonnet intake suggest the latter in which case a very rare beast indeed!
  10. Just saw this on Facebook and it makes scary but true reading! "If the Mandalay Bay hotel had caught fire and 59 people died and 500+ people were injured trying to escape, America would be having a discussion about how to make hotels safer. If 59 people at the concert had died and 500+ people went to the hospital due to food poisoning, America would be having a conversation about how to make food safer. If a gas tanker accident on I-15, the freeway that runs through Las Vegas, had killed 59 people and injured 500+, there would be demands to make our roads safer. It is not "political" to demand that lawmakers take steps to reduce deaths from gun violence, but it is "political" to demand better fire codes, stricter food inspections, and safer roads." The NRA argument now is 'Point proven, you need a gun to protect yourself from just this sort of action!' To quote a vastly overused Americanism.....go figure.
  11. Back in a 5 - Christmas came early!!

    That looks lovely and agree with Duncan, keep SWMBO well away from it!
  12. 2003 E46 (?) Touring - spares or repair

    Well it's gone, scrappy gave her £150 for it and loaded it on the trailer last night.
  13. 2003 E46 (?) Touring - spares or repair

    She's bored waiting for anyone to show interest and I think she's scrapping it this week, in which case I'll mark it sold.
  14. They must be 'avin a larf surely???

    Apologies, it's a 2014, not a '16 bought from a non-franchised dealer hence the short warranty and KF replaced the front calipers, discs and pads as well (allegedly). However, even allowing for the extra bits I reckon parts top out at £500 max, which means she was still charge £900 labour on a job which should have taken no more than 4-5 hours max. As for the advice from her accountant I can't comment, and her choice of Mazda? Well, as I said, she like the colour!
  15. My pal's missus is a self-employed engineering consultant and is making pretty good money so her accountant advised her to get a 'company' car to replace her knackered pug 306. She bought a 6-month old Mazda 6 2.2 diesel saloon (because she liked the colour!) which came with 60 days warranty from the local Mazda dealer. 3 months in and she is having trouble with the handbrake so took it into her local Kwik-Fit who released their monkeys on it and diagnosed seized rear calipers. She told them to go ahead and sort it. She went back yesterday to pick it up and was presented with a bill for.....£1400!!! She tried to dispute it but they refused to return the car until she settled the bill. I don't know a lot about the Mazda 6, but I just looked up Mazda 6 calipers on the web and they come in at around £90 a pop for pattern parts, so KF are charging her around £1200 to change them, hence the title of the post.