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  1. So I been caught speeding :(

    Unfortunately you won't be offered a Speed Awareness Course, they normally only kick in if you are 10mph or less above the statutory speed limit on motorways and 10% or less above the limit on other roads. As said on here, contact www.pepipoo.com Nick Freeman is another option, but TBH it's an expensive step just to avoid points and a fine, if you were likely to lose your licence under totting up then yes, Freeman is your man but otherwise follow the advice on Pepipoo, don't return the NIP until the last minute. I managed to string my conviction out for over a year, I still got a fine and points, but the points are set at the date of the offence so actually only stayed in force for two years instead of three and it was the same fine I would have got had i 'fessed up at the start
  2. Electrical ghosts!

    New harnesses at a cost of £160 a side!
  3. Electrical ghosts!

    'Usual E61 locations"? Are we talking front scuttle here Andrew? It's not really rained for weeks but worth a check now I think about it.
  4. Electrical ghosts!

    Ah, definitely not that, just had them both replaced because the lights, screen heater and tailgate wiper all failed at once!
  5. Electrical ghosts!

    OK, it really pains me because I love it, but lack of work and finances on teh run uop to Christmas means I'm shortly having to sell the E61, but I think it knows as it's suddenly started some really weird behaviour! 1) I walked past it in the dark on Monday night, noticed the centre console lit up like a Christmas tree, gear indicator, I drive switch etc. The car was locked and the key was indoors, I hadn't touched the car and when I went past it again 2 minutes later everything was off. 2) Yesterday morning I had to find the locking wheel nut key. I opened the passenger door and heard a strange noise coming from the glove box. I opened it and found the empty CD cassette cycling through the cd holders. I didn't even know I had a CD changer so the fact it was doing this with the ignition off and the key in my pocket came as a complete shock! 3) Last night I got back from getting two new tyres fitted, switched off, took the key fob out of the steering column, a female voice started saying "Say a command, for example, call number" it then went on to repeat "Say a command, say a command" even after I had closed all the doors and activated the central locking, it finally said "Good bye" and went quiet 4) The latest trick, the rear tailgate window pops open and the parcel shelf flips up whenever I first go to move away after starting the car, I get out, pull the parcel shelf back down and slam the window shut and all is OK for the rest of my journey. So, is my car haunted, has it become sentient and knows it's going up for sale, have mice taken up residence in the ECU? Buggered if I know, but I need to get it sorted!
  6. E61 trim parts, where can i get them?

    Thanks Duncan
  7. As per the title. I have a 2009 E61 with Oyster interior. The load bed has been used as a skip by the previous owner and I'm trying to get it back to approaching decent. I'm needing a cover handle and some screw covers for the rear scuttle, but can't find anything on line which shows these. My local BMW dealer is Eastern Motor co. who will only talk to you if you need a new car so any recommendations welcome.
  8. Small accident at the NEC last week......

    Now that I could live with, far better than the Draylon that seems to plaster most of the 944s I've come across!
  9. What will you do in ThanksGiving Day?

    As I told a very good American friend not long back, Thanksgiving Day in the UK is right up there with Washington's birthday, the only thanks we give is that the Colonies are no longer a drain on our resources! Needless to say that was very tongue in cheek, but ask the average Brit and they have no idea of the history of Thanksgiving Day and most don't even realise that it is the start of a four-day holiday and is the forerunner to Black Friday (another insidious colonial trait that has inveigled it's way across the pond!)
  10. Small accident at the NEC last week......

    Nice, well worth the ear bashing from your Mum! I've always had a soft spot for the 944s, love the arches and the general no-nonsense stance, the only thing that put me off was the velour interior, like sitting in a 1970's Habitat commercial! Did they ever do a leather interior? If so I'd love to find one.
  11. 17 year old driver insurance oddity !!!

    No, but it helps! Seriously though, you have to wonder at the gall and brass neck of some of these people, "I'm calling to inform you that you may be liable for compensation for your recent accident" "Er, I haven't had an accident in over 5 years" ....click.
  12. DVLA SORN Question

    Granted, but how many people do you know who seeing their former pride and joy disappear round the corner immediately drop everything and rush to the post box to send off the V5 to the DVLA notifying change of owner? All I was saying was it doesn't have to be the minute you pick up the car, you have a few days grace. Also the DVLA moves at glacial speed at the best of times and unlike elephants they frequently do forget, like the time they removed my motorcycle entitlement from my licence when I moved house, then denied I had ever passed my test despite my being able to tell them the date and location!
  13. DVLA SORN Question

    TBH providing it's being kept off the road there is no urgency to SORN it, the only issue arises when you try to use it without paying the RFL and get caught by a police or roadside camera. If you're not using it the DVLA are not really that bothered.
  14. Airport woes

    Paddy and Mick are standing in the queue at the airport check-in. "Ah fek" sighs Paddy "I wish I'd brought the TV" "Bored?" asks Mick "Nah" says Paddy "The fekkin tickets are sitting on top of it!"
  15. X5 3.0 Sport, what do we think?

    Thanks folks, but I've ditched the idea, took a friend's one out for a run and as Dan says, they feel very small for the size and the 3.0 petrol seemed vastly under-powered! My brother-in-law and my neighbour both have Audi Q5s and I was expecting the X5 to measure up to them, but it seems closer to the Q3 IMHO.