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  1. Great post ! Looking forward to your thread !
  2. These are the reasons why you feel that your ECU is faulty ?? I highly doubt its your ECU that's faulty. Engine oil level / temp sensor is at the bottom of your oil pan. Water temp sensor is on your Thermostat. Its a dual sensor, one signal for the instrument cluster temp gauge and one signal to the ECU for the fuelling data set. But it also used to give an oil temp indication to the instrument cluster gauge, if the engine oil level sensor is faulty. If I remember correctly. When this sensor connector is dirty or loose you see strange water temp and oil temp readings (if the oil level sensor is faulty at the same time). Remove the connector and check out the connection quality. Also its very easy and cheap to replace this important sensor. The engine oil level sensor is also known for failing at some point, and will eternally suggest you have low engine oil when you switch off the engine. What fault codes is your car showing ?
  3. Excellent work Vern ! An E39 M5 receiving some well deserved love !
  4. Doesn't need to be running really. No harm if running though. Get a screenshot of yours and we can see where you are at. I reckon yours should be showing pretty much all ok. Really looking to see if the DME is adding extra fuel, or fuelling less and also if its similar on both banks. If there is significant fuel trimming occurring then even if you have brand new mafs and pre cat o2 sensors you won't be getting max fuelling (LPH) at WOT. Good to have engine running in any case especially when you do the adaptation reset and you will feel the car stumble for 2/3 seconds and then back to normal.
  5. Should be looking at this page on INPA : Resetting Adaptations are quite straightforward. I used to be able to do it with my eyes closed but haven't used inpa since 2013 so can't walk you through it anymore. Just have a little look around. I believe from the main menu it was F7 or F8 and says Adaptations if I remember correctly.
  6. If you have the ability to read and reset your fuel trim adaptations, please do so as these numbers (fuel trims) can help investigate any possible issues, or do it after fitting the pre cat o2 sensors and check for leaks around the bungs that hold these. Several factors can influence that reading. (Post maf intake air leaks, post combustion leaks (like around pre cat o2 sensor bungs), pre cat o2 sensors themselves etc etc) But as Jamie rightly says, most likely nothing to worry about.
  7. Fair point, but surely you would prefer your own asset to be appreciating strongly (whether or not other houses are too). Gives you an option to exit the market and place your new wealth in a cheaper market....
  8. If I were to buy another E39 M5, I'd go in assuming about £10K work (maybe less) and therefore not find a pristine example, but rather a straight car with no accident damage and something that has had some love during most of its life : The minimum work you should be considering to get the car to a very good standard and lifetime keeper : Sort out any rust. (Don't pay silly money to sort this out) Rod Bearings Timing Chain and guides Rocker Cover Gaskets Fuel Pump and relay. All engine sensors All engine vacuum lines Resolder and service both Vanos Solenoids Rebuild Vanos units with ready available seals and springs. Thermostat Water pump Viscous Coupling on fan All Suspension arms, steering arms and bushes (and Propshaft Donut, Propshaft Centre bearing, rear CV joint. rear diff mount bushes and rear sub frame mounts) Obviously you can do all of the above over time, but I would advise the Rod Bearings and Timing Guides as top priority. If they fail your bank account will take a hiding. (pretty much a replacement S62 will be needed) These cars are looking more and more simple to fix / maintain compared to the current range of ///M Cars. Buy one and enjoy it for the rest of your life. Not too many better fast saloon cars ever made or will be made I reckon.
  9. ...and your house would appreciate in value 2.5-3 times as quickly too
  10. Awesome effort ! Many Thanks !!
  11. This thread was a really great read ! Bought an E34 M5 myself about 10 months ago.....and great to see how yours has turned out. Well done !
  12. Nice one ! Your car looks in amazing condition !
  13. Hella 6PR 007 868-031, HELLA Sensor, engine oil level
  14. I don't know too much about it really, but did come across the advert previous to the advert you have linked to when I was searching for my an E34 M5 for myself, so around March of this year. From memory it was an apparent barn find and advertised as needed work but essentially up and running. I think it was on eBay for about £8,000 or so. Depending on the amount of rust it could be an interesting purchase I suppose.
  15. It was pure over kill on my side, but I noticed, as my car was a real oil drinker (1L per 400 miles or so) and with uprated manifolds too, my o2 sensors used get pretty carbon(ed) up very quickly indeed so I just kept swapping them out. 10 minute job for me. Also they may well function even after 50,000 miles, but their ability to do their very important role as a vital sensor for the DME must degrade over mileage.....rather than working perfectly until the point of death.