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  1. the 518i and the m52...

    any of you who are on the e30zone may have seen my thread already but as this is a 5 series forum i thought i'd post it here as well here it is, a lovely little 518i. not mint or concours but presentable and rot free (as far as i can check without a full strip down!) but what's this? and an M50 manifold and e34 sump? surely not? winkeye After giving my rally car a bit of a refresh earlier in the year i'd vowed to stop spending so much time in the garage and more time competing with it. this was a great plan and i've had a fun 3 months doing some rallies; then this opportunity to buy a 328i came up at a price i couldn't refuse - so back to the garage it is! i've bought this e36 from a chap who had started to strip it with the intention of putting it in his E30 rally car. he'd got as far as removing the inlet manifold and an alarm before he'd decided to go for a vauxhall XE engine to put him in the 2-litre class. therefore i haven't heard this run, which i admit is taking a risk and is not something i'd usually do. i do trust the chap though and if he says it's good i believe him. he also had a E34 M50 sump, pickup and dipstick and M50B25 inlet manifold, which he included in the sale. i've never done any work on M5x engines or E36's so there's a fairly steep learning curve; but what can go wrong! anyway, enough of the excuses, more pics: EWS: i've looked at the threads in the swaps section so i think i've located all the bits i need. ECU controller send/recieve module ring antenna key engine liberated from the bay! The raped E36 has gone for scrap now so i have a bit of room to do some work on the engine before i bring the E28 in for surgery. i tried the 318is gearbox on the engine and predictibly it fouled on the clutch, so an M20 flywheel is required if someone out there has one. i removed the e36 sump and oil pick up from the engine and fitted the e34 pickup. i then hit a bit of a snag, the sump i have from (what i assume) the e34 has a windage tray riveted to it, and the m52 has one bolted on, so i removed the one from the engine assuming that the e34 sump with the built in tray would fit fine. not so. it is fouling against the block on the 3 protrusions at the top of the picture. this is the e36 windage tray that has a bracket for the oil pickup on the underside. i see two solutions: A. trim the protrusions on the e34 tray to make it fit. B. drill the rivets out and remove the tray from the e34 sump and use the e36 one with the bracket for the pickup removed. (this would seem the simpler but as the e34 tray sits on 'towers' cast into the sump it is possible the sump could foul on something even after the tray has been removed.) i went with B. drilled out the rivets and then ground them down to remove the windage tray from the sump. this is now bolted up to the engine. found some heavy plate and seamless bar to use for the mounts. it's gonna take a more serious welder than mine to penetrate this stuff! i fitted the m52 fuel rail and injectors to the m50 manifold and made up some small ali brackets to bolt it to. i also started sorting out the pipework on the manifold using the very good guide in the sticky here: http://www.e30zone.n...=181824&start=0 i found some 5mm steel plate for what will become my home brewed engine mounts these will bolt to the block and then i'll eventually weld the bar to them. also, to head off any potential servo clearance problems, i went and got myself a clio servo (on the right) if anyone has to remove one from a clio themselves, they come off the bulkhead fine but you cant get it out past the engine without undoing the drivers side engine mount and prying the engine forward! and finally, i cleard some space in the garage and got the e28 in now the real fun can begin! m10 coming out tomorrow! m10 out. empty bay. m52 in.
  2. the 518i and the m52...

    well this has been a while! unfortunately the thread has lost a lot of the pics due to photobuckets shenanigans. i still have the car, it runs and drives but has still yet to be put on the road. it got shuffled down to the bottom of the projects pile by various houses/ e30's/ bikes etc but its still there tucked up in the garage. i did drive it once when i had to leave the previous garage in my mates yard, it went like a stabbed rat up the road unitl the bodged PAS pipe blew, but it was enough to get it to my new garage. i'll hopefully be making some progress towards putting an MOT on it within the next few months. if anyone has a 6 cyl coding plug for the instrument cluster im in need of one.
  3. the 518i and the m52...

    i've had a couple of half-days working on the exhaust; i've managed to get as far as the first silencer for which i've used a cherry bomb (that takes me back to my yoof! ) as they're cheap, easy to work with and pretty robust. towards the front i've used a jetex 'Y' joint and made it a sleeved fit with the modified down pipes from the Donor car. the rest of it is made from old bits of exhaust that my friends and i have collected. it's mostly 2.25" - 2.4" dia pipe. i know it's not a fancy stainless system that costs twice as much as all my cars put together, but i'm taking my time and doing the best i can without spending any money
  4. New Suspension

    it looks good! exactly how i want mine to sit. bilsteins are superb, had them on the rally car for a few years now and cant fault them. So billies and H&R it is!
  5. the 518i and the m52...

    well, i stand corrected. the question is, which one is in papercutout's car?
  6. the 518i and the m52...

    ok, these are gearboxes i've used in my rally car. on the left: a ZF from a e36 318ti compact . on the right: a Getrag from a E30 318is, which is the one i have used in my e28.
  7. the 518i and the m52...

    yeah, i thought ZF boxes had a smooth case and getrag's had the webbing on the outside of the case?
  8. the 518i and the m52...

    ah really? i'd never seen one on anything that early (but i hadn't researched it either tbf). Papercutout: any chance of a picture of your 'box and all the mounts please? i'd like to make this thread a good reference for anyone attempting the conversion in future.
  9. the 518i and the m52...

    same here, but thinking about it now, did the e28s have ZF manuals or were all BMWs of that period Getrag equiped? my donor car (E36) had a ZF so i now guess he meant it was the ZF from the M5X donor. i couldnt get the engine anywhere near with the standard M52 E36 mounting arms, i didnt have any E34 ones to try. as far as i can remember it was clashing on the steering box and it wanted to put the engine back through the bulkhead to get the holes to line up. that pic with the angle doesnt exactly float my boat. i like a good bodge but thats a bit far for me. if the angle was welded to the subframe and gusseted a bit it'd look a lot closer to being right; as it is, all the force is going through one bolt in the angle/subframe
  10. the 518i and the m52...

    it's a tricky one. it looks like you need the engine at the stock angle to give clearance for the servo. in theory with an m20 box the stock angle for the engine will mean the box is canted over. Papercutout doesnt seem to have this issue though so maybe he's better placed to help? are you intending to make mount arms from the angle iron? if so go big as it's a better to go overkill than risk a failure in my view; although im sure 3mm thick stuff would be fine with boxing/gusseting in the right places.
  11. the 518i and the m52...

    this is how mine sits at the moment, hasnt really changed much in the last 6 months!
  12. the 518i and the m52...

    wow it looks like M5X E28's will be old hat by the time i get mine finished hi Daz, your car looks like it's coming along nicely. using the m20 mounts you engine is sitting a little more upright than mine, i'd be interested to see a pic of the sump angle. you could possibly use a clio or 1.3 MK2 golf servo to get roung the clearance issue you have, there's a couple of pics earlier in the thread of my clio one. as for moving your engine forward a bit, as long as your prop has a sliding centre joint it should be ok. just loosen it beore hand, move the engine, then tighten the centre nut back up. don't go too mad though, leave plenty of spline inside the joint. people may talk about moving the engine forward being bad for weight distribution etc. but in a chassis design thats pushing 40 years old i doubt you'll notice if you need any help just shout, i'm no expert but i'll try my best.
  13. the 518i and the m52...

    fantastic! thank you very much
  14. the 518i and the m52...

    yeah, i'm doing exactly the same. the problem being i binned the original exhaust over 12 months ago so i have no idea where it was routed! plus being a 518i it doesnt even have a hanger bracket on the rear beam, only the one down by the fuel tank. i'm really not looking forward to this job; crawl under car, measure, mark, get out, cut, get in, try, get out, cut, get in, try, get out, throw away, get new piece, get in.....you get the idea
  15. the 518i and the m52...

    i've now finished the front end rebuild on the Reliant Scimitar that has kept me busy over the winter, so it's back to the E28 at last! With the propshaft all bolted into place i could put the heat shielding back on and start making the exhaust. i spent hours looking through my garages trying to find the heat shielding only to come to the conclusion that it never had any! this was after i had spent some time confused as to why i could find nowhere to attach what turned out to be an E30 heat shield one of my friends who works in the motor trade has collected lots of exhaust bends and pipes in 2 1/4 inch and 2 3/8 inch flavours and i also have some left over from making an exhaust for my rally car, so as soon as i get my hands on a suitable sized silencer i can start building the system. i intend to make it a single pipe system as this is a lot easier to make; it's gonna be enough of a ball-ache doing it with the car on axle stands without adding the complexity of a twin pipe system! i could do with shots of the undersides of any E28s showing the exhaust routing for inspiration, so please post any you have! thanks.
  16. New e28(!) radiator?

    i had a rad from this seller in my E34 518i and did over 20k miles with no problems. they're pattern parts so they're only cheap, but the quality is really very good for the money. i've bought another for my M52'd E28 project. http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/coolpartsuk
  17. m535 brakes

    is the pedal returning normally? if the new calipers are good i'd look at the MC next.
  18. the 518i and the m52...

    it now has a propshaft that fits! had the original prop shortened and balanced by Firow in Holmes chapel; they have done a very nice job of it. with it in position i can now see how good a job i did lining the engine a box up straigh in the car; i'm reasonably pleased with my guesswork but it could be better so i'll try and tweek it a little by slackening the mounts and using some big pry bars! i've also picked up a new daily to replace my E34 518i. it's a nice little 525i touring with leather and a manual box it needs a little tidy up here and there but it'll do me, plus i can get my mountain bike in the back! my old 518i is for sale if anyone is after a daily, lots of t&t and only asking 500
  19. Fuel Economy

    in over 10 years of driving i dont think ive ever bothered to calculate what mpg im getting, i think it would just depress me!
  20. does anybody have a spare cluster lying around? if so can you take a pic of the coding plug for me please? i'm after a coding plug for a 6-pot as my 4-pot one doesn't go well with the M52! i think i have an e30 6-pot cluster somewhere, but could do with a pic of the e28 to see if they're the same.
  21. instrument cluster coding plug

    i still need one please
  22. instrument cluster coding plug

    i'd thought about that, but the one from the e30 is the type that goes in the back of the cluster not the front, so as far as i know, it isnt compatible.
  23. instrument cluster coding plug

    this is the coding plug from the e28 cluster (the e30 one i have is the differant type) does anyone have one from a 6 cylinder car they'd like to sell me please?
  24. Really nice 528i for sale.

    £5K? has it got £4K of cocaine in the glovebox?
  25. M50 into E28 problems

    you can check the resistance of the crank/cam position sensors to see if they're ok. the ohm figure to look for should be in the bentley manual.