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  1. DECEMEBER 2018 Getting closer and closer now! The engine bay mid prep. All of the remaining panels not being replaced now in bare metal to get rid of the multiple layers of previous paint. Etch primed. High build primed. The arduous task of blocking down the primer to get a perfect surface for the base and lacquer. Painting is imminent!
  2. NOVEMBER 2018 Much progress has been made with IIB so its time for a big update. As work progressed at the bodyshop it was decided that there was no point messing about so i got the car recovered back to my workshop so i could remove all the remaining parts such as the engine and gear box, all brake and fuel pipes, fuel tank, complete body loom and every last clip, fitting and grommet from the engine bay and underside. Underside with all but the axles removed. In pretty good shape with a lot of the original beige underseal visible. The underside came up well after careful cleaning to reveal more of the beige underseal and the black paint in the wheel arches as per original factory finish. After removing the bulkhead sound insulation i was a little startled initially as it looked covered in surface rust at first glance but the majority of it was just some of the reverse side of the insulation that had stuck to the metal bulkhead, this just scraped off easily to reveal a solid bulkhead. The inside of the bulkhead in excellent shape. Back at the bodyshop with both axles removed. A thorough inspection of inside the wheel arches and underside for any crusty bits or loose underseal meant grinding it back to metal to repair any corrosion however minor. After repairs were completed and corrosion cleaned, areas were etch primed then 3M spray sealed. Various brackets removed, repaired and cleaned before going back on. Some of the areas repaired and the bulkhead cleaned up of that insulation residue. Underside completely painted in beige colour matched to the original factory sealer, wheel arches blown in matt black as per factory. All underside and wheel arch repairs completed and how the shell looks now, work has started on bare metaling the top side of the shell as...... This is why the panels need to be taken back to bare metal, several layers of old paint would just mean trouble for the new paint with sinkage, cracking etc. As the engine is now out i got it on a stand to start work on it. Stripped to a bare block and head for all the ancillaries and throttle bodies to be improved cosmetically. Still spotlessly clean internally and seeing as it was rebuilt by BBR approximately 60k miles ago and makes good power im undecided wether to completely strip it but the minimum it will get are a set of rod bearings and ARP rod bolts as well as replacing the Schrick 264 cams for the 284/272 ones i have for it.
  3. OCTOBER 2018 The Sunroof tray is one of the E30 bodies well known rust traps due to it being a collection point of moisture and virtually zero protection with only a light dusting of paint on the tray and bare E-coat on the inside of the outer roof skin. Upon close inspection there were signs of of surface corrosion starting in the M3 so this needed to be addressed now as left to fester it would spread to the outer skin and perforate it meaning a new skin or a tricky repair. As new sunroof trays are NLA a whole used roof with virtually no corrosion was purchased and after the outer skin was cut away i was left with the donor tray pictured above. This was then blasted back to bare metal then etch primed although i forgot to get a pic of it. With my old sunroof try cut away you can see the extent of the surface corrosion in the pics above. Inside of the skin was ground back to bare metal and a rust neutraliser used. Inside of the roof skin primed and painted in Lachs silver. Sunroof tray primed and painted in Lachs silver. Bonded and welded into place as per factory but now fully painted inside and out so with some cavity wax applied when the body resto is complete will mean this area will be much more protected than when it was originally made. Next step will be to remove the engine, gearbox, axles etc to tackle the underside.
  4. SEPTEMBER 2018 Bodyshop update time as its been a while. Right rear sill looking a bit scabby Cut open to reveal some sneaky rust Cleaned up and repaired. Further along the same sill, previous damage from being jacked up poorly needed repairing. The rear tow eye area had a few small scabs so we though it best to cut a section of the the rear panel off to have a look inside, glad we did! Tow eye cut off and cleaned up before being welded back on Front panel cut off, poor thing looking sorry for itself! New front panel welded on and trial fit of new wings, bonnet and bumper Its now looking like the engine, gearbox and everything else is going to come out. From what was going to be some minor rust repair, a repaint has now turned in to a full blown resto. Didn't think it would go this far but i should know more than anyone how these things can snow ball with E30's. In for a penny and all that!
  5. AUGUST 2018 Some of the rust that started in the usual place of the front floors. Sections cut from a rust free car provided repair sections as these cannot be bought new. Much the same on the other side. Previous damaged for being poorly jacked up.
  6. I remember those days very well! I bought my 325i Sport for £2500 in 2006 when it only had 32k miles. £2500 would just about buy you the body kit and wheels now! The M3 wasnt a cheap car by any means when i bought it in the tail end of 2015 but it was a good price for what it was. You may recognise the Recaro SR's Duncan as i bought them from you.
  7. JULY 2018 And so it begins.... Started to strip it down for a full bare metal repaint and tend to any corrosion along the way. Many brand new parts have been ordered for it from BMW including Both front wings Bonnet Both bumpers Sunroof panel Sport evo rear spoiler Front and rear screens Windscreen had a massive crack in it from what felt like a rock hitting it chasing some one through pflanzgarten, when i was taking it apart i whacked it and just shattered. More to follow over the next few weeks, did want it done in time for Gaydon but thats not going to happen.
  8. MAY 2018 Update time. The black leather BMW sport seat interior has been replaced with an anthracite cloth interior with the rare optional Recaro LS seats as ive had these seats in a few E30's over the years and some Fords from my youth and find the more comfortable and supportive than the BMW sport seat. That and the cloth grips you better than the leather. Pressed into regular use again after the LSD was fitted i began to notice a noise at low speeds which i pretty much new what it was going to be before i investigated as it was quite a distinctive rattle ive heard on other E30 M3's. What was more worrying was that i was booked for the DN19 track day a few weeks after i noticed said noise. So gearbox out, the detachable bell housing of the Getrag 265/5 making it a bit quicker/easier for it to be stripped and rebuilt with all new bearings and anything else it needed. BIG shout out to All-gears in Worksop who not only repaired it cheaper than i could have (BMW want £900+vat for the bearings, gaskets and seals alone!) but also got it turned around in time for the track day. First track day at the Ring after years of Touristenfarten and its the way forward. Had a great time but im beginning to find the limitations of its very much road biased suspension so i think it might be time to retire it from track work. We shall see.
  9. MARCH 2018 Spring is here! That means the M3 is now out of its winter slumber where it has resided with my other E30 which doesn't really get a look in these days.. 240 miles in it last year and a chunk of that was for my wedding. So what do we have here? A freshly rebuilt LSD including new clutch plates with the lock upgraded from 25% to 40%, the ratio changed from 3.25 to 3.46 (which the 320iS uses) finished off with a new Z3M back plate which has extra cooling fins and a stronger bush over the E30 back plate. Ive only driven it home from the workshop but early signs are good, tomorrow ill be off out on a better drive with clearer roads.
  10. For those of you that have read this thread from the beginning you may have seen me mention that I had an impending wedding. Well I got married in June which lead me to my honeymoon in august. What has this to do with my M3 I hear you say? Well The wife and I had two weeks off work and instead of lying on a beach for two weeks we decided to do something different. I've always wanted to do a European road trip taking in some of the Alps so I worked out a route with an overnight stay in a different city each night for a week with us leaving the car at an airport so we could fly out to Santorini for a weeks relaxation. So, onto the road trip! The exact route was planned loosely around a route used by one of the companies that do driving tours round Europe but tailored to fit in with what wanted to do so the route went like this, Calais via the tunnel - the Nurburgring - Munich - Burghausen - Innsbruck - Bolzano - Chur - Zurich - Stuttgart As we were driving through Germany it seemed rude not to stop off at the Ring for a couple of laps and more to the point to show the wife what the fuss was all about. My wife is not the greatest of passengers and it took some persuasion and reassurance to come for a lap so after which she said 'that was not as bad as I thought it would be' we did another and I'm glad we did as it was a much cleaner lap with less traffic and a better flow. This was followed by the obligatory meal at the Pistenklause and some drinks in Adenau. The following morning we headed south toward Munich via a large section of the romantic road taking a more scenic route instead of sticking to the autobahns. http://www.romanticroadgermany.com Still managed to stretch the M3's legs on the autobahn though! Parked up in a side street in Munich city centre. Even in its home town its surprising the amount of attention an E30 M3 can attract as several people waking past this sport would stop to have a look and take a pic! We met up that evening with family for traditional German food and beer. After leaving Innsbruck we headed toward Bolzano in Italy... the long way round! This was so we could travel via the Grossglockner high alpine road in Austria. https://www.grossglockner.at/gg/en/index The following morning on route to Switzerland we tackled the famous Stelvio pass. http://www.stelvio.net/english/ This was one of the highlights of the trip for me as it is simply breath taking. Along the route we took from Chur to Zurich which included the San Bernardio pass, we made a stop off at the Verzasca Dam which was used in the opening scene to the James Bond film Goldeneye. I tried to keep this post mostly car related but there was much more I could have wrote about and posted pics of. Needless to say, the M3 was in its element on some of the greatest driving roads in Europe! I took with me a selection of spares and tools including a pair of crank sensors, fuel pump, relays, hoses but I didn't need to open the tool bag once! Approximately 3700km's covered without a hitch and this fortifies my opinion that a well maintained E30 is one of the most reliable cars you can own! After we flew back a week later then drove home from Stuttgart it was back into use on the Monday for the daily commute to work. Its now tucked up in storage for the winter until I get some spare time to fit the rest of my go faster bits.
  11. NOVEMBER 2017 After Photobucket decided to try and ruin the internet I have been putting off reloading all my pics to another photo hosting site until now and this thread is the first one I've done so after spending hours sorting this and reloading pics I can now update whats gone on in the last 8 months. The Becker wasn't cutting it for me and a lucky eBay find was this period brand new old stock Pioneer KEX- M700. Coupled with this JL audio bluetooth receiver hidden away it gives the best of both worlds of having a nice looking head unit and being able to stream music from any bluetooth device. New under dash panel while I was in that area. As seen in my previous post one of the go faster goodies is a JB racing billet flywheel and above shows the weight saving. This mod has given a nice improvement in responsiveness to the engine and well worthwhile. The old clutch dated 11/86 so the original to this car! It wasn't slipping but it was getting a bit on the heavy side plus there was not much life left in it upon inspection. New Sachs clutch kit, new Genuine prop centre bearing and Guibo coupling all went on with the flywheel in time for a forthcoming road trip!
  12. MARCH 2017 While its been tucked away for the winter ive acquired a selection of go faster parts to give the 4 pot a kick up the arse.
  13. SEPTEMEBER 2016 Time for a another update of the last few months activity in some sort of order. This was fitted before some time back but forgot to post about it. Its basically a Becker traffic pro but a BMW branded retrofit item for later models which has an AUX in, matches the dash illumination perfectly and doesn't look as offensive as the early 00's Pioneer that was in there when i bought the car. A lucky find on eBay got this Italvolanti 360mm steering wheel as used on some of the Group A cars but Ive yet to fit it as before i bought it i had already sent the 370mm tech 2 wheel i had off to Jack at royalsteeringwheels.com. I ended up going with black alcantara with M tri colour stitching as no one who does steering wheels seems to do suede as per sport evo. As said in my last post i was going to to fit some evo brake ducts so it was a case of new ducts, tubes, lower engine cover and all 4 wheel arch liner sections. During the last Ring trip the exhaust note got some what louder and i had noticed a popping sound on overrun at high RPM when on track, this was confirmed as a flame out the tail pipe by people following me as as the rear silencer has some corrosion and a small hole where they always start to go, i guess on pop to many caused the end to blow out. The rear silencer was replaced with a second hand Eisenmann rear silencer as a temporary measure until a new OEM one is bought but no pic of this yet. Also another thing mentioned in the previous post, worn alternator bushes replaced. Some new rear discs and pads as well as a new pair of front discs and a reface of the paid RS29 front pads meant it was ready for..... Another trip to the Ring which was not without drama but no real car related issues other than an OSF calliper that started to stick but that was sorted by stripping and cleaning the piston. Once back it was time to make the car a little more road friendly so the pagid RS front pads were swapped out for some OE pads to get rid of the rattling and squealing as well as the savage brake dust! Another thing ive not been happy with for road use is the front ride height as despite shortening the internal bump stops on the front B8 bilsteins, over harsh bumps or unavoidable potholes it was still bottoming out with a horrid bang. Great on track, crap on road. For those of you who have read the thread from the start will know i ended up using a new set of eibach springs and as they don't do M3 specific ones, just 4 cylinder or two types of 6 cylinder spec springs for 2dr/4dr saloons i went with the 4 cylinder spec ones. The OE front ride height with 16" wheels is 568mm and i was down to 520mm so a drop of nearly 50mm. A pair of sport evo spec springs were worth a try as they are meant to be approx -15mm compared to the standard M3 springs so with these now fitted the ride height is 555mm so close enough. More importantly no more crashy ride! Interestingly the rear ride height on the eibach springs is pretty much bang on OE ride height at 533mm. Thats it for now.
  14. MAY 2016 A horizontal baffle plate was ordered from Frank at rsgarage.com.pt and fitted along with a fresh fill of castrol 10w60. The picture is not my actual sump as i forgot to take one but its exactly the same. This sloppy mess was replaced with all new bits from BMW including a Z3 1.9 shifter which has tightened things up. The well proven upgrade of 25mm master cylinder from an E32 750i was also fitted which has improved pedal feel. A sparco/Hartge style alloy strut brace has also been fitted as it will clear a DTM style carbon intake. The A/C system was not blowing cold, had not been converted to R134a and had no gas in the system. The condenser was looking worse for wear so a new one plus new receiver/drier, new dual pressure switch, R134a port adaptors and some new seals along with a shot of gas had the system blowing cold just in time for........... ....an epic weekend at the Ring! I have driven 3 different E30's there now, an S50B30 touring, my 325i sport and this which is by far the most enjoyable! The trip was not without its hiccups though, the A/C compressor decided to seize on the way there and cooked itself nicely and at some point on track the compressor bracket broke which is a common problem. The slightly worn alternator bushes saw a belt make a bid for freedom on track as well but a spare belt was fitted to keep going and i have new bushes ready to fit. I also got brake judder from the OSF so I'm pretty sure i warped that disc. I'm mulling over some brake options at the moment and some Evo cooling ducts will be going on. Despite replacing the gear shift parts with new and a Z3 1.9 shifter I'm still not happy with it so i may go down the DTM shifter route but that would also mean group N engine and gearbox mounts from either BMW or AKG.
  15. A couple of pics from the track day last Friday at Abingdon. http://www.motorsport-events.co.uk/abingdon.php The car behaved very well and was a joy to punt along, most notable were how good the tyres were! It has highlighted a couple of areas that need addressing one of which is the wear in the gear linkage giving a less than positive gear change and despite overfilling with oil to the first kink, the constant fear of oil starvation means a decent baffle is going in!