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  1. BSS

    E39 540i/6 Sport touring

    Building an E39 M5 touring doesnt phase me in the slightest, i fact i'd love to do it but running a business and being up to my eyeballs in an E30 M3 restoration means theres no chance of it happening any time soon. That and half the E39 community would be up in arms for molesting a 540i/6 lol! Heres a link to the E46 M3 touring i built last year in my old workshop. http://forums.m3cutters.co.uk/showthread.php?t=187616
  2. BSS

    E39 540i/6 Sport touring

    You know this was one of the first things that crossed my mind as its something I've fancied doing for some years now and seeing as the one off made by BMW for the then head of ///M Gerhard Richter was titan silver, this 540i made it a very suitable candidate but the realisation of how rare it is made me think other wise. I was a hard decision to restrain myself from doing said conversion after selling my E46 M3 330i touring earlier this year!
  3. BSS

    E39 540i/6 Sport touring

    Thanks Kevin. Its starting to suffer from some of the other age related E39 issues such as rusty rear jacking points and rusty brake pipes which will be tackled once my M3 is finished at the bodyshop and i can swap them over. Have you still got your E39 B10 or did some one take it on and repair the engine?
  4. BSS

    E39 540i/6 Sport touring

    Its unusual for me to keep a car long enough to bother with a build thread other than an E34 M5 i once had and the E30's i currently own but i think that i will keep this 540i (my 7th E39) for a while so here we go! By pure chance or luck depending on how you look at it, the previous owner turned up at my workshop one day to ask me to look at something on the car and mentioned they may want to sell. I assumed it was an auto so when it turned out to be a manual my ears pricked up as i knew that facelift 540i Sport tourings are not that common and manual ones quite rare. Ive tried contacting BMW customer services to find out how many were sold new here but have drawn a blank.. maybe i just got someone who couldn't be bothered. According to howmanyleft.co.uk they peaked at 12 with only 6 remaining. How accurate that is i dont know as that site can be hit miss. So here it is, 2001 titan silver with black, very common colour combo and one i keep ending up with (2x prev E46's and 2x prev E39's) but at least its not grey inside. VIN WBADR52040BH99030 Type Code DR52 E Series E39 (2) Series 5 Type TOUR Model 540I TOURING (EUR) Steering RL Doors 5 Engine M62/TU Displacement 4.40 Power 210 Drive HECK Transmission MECH Colour TITANSILBER METALLIC (354) Upholstery STANDARDLEDER/SCHWARZ (N6SW) Prod. Date 2001-08-29 L812ANational version Great Britain P337AM Sports package S210ADynamic stability control S220ASelf-levelling suspension S227ASport suspension+lowered+ride-height S249AMultifunction f steering wheel S302AAlarm system S386ARoof railing S403AGlass roof, electrical S428AWarning triangle and first aid kit S431AInterior mirror with automatic-dip S434AInterior surface aluminium S441ASmoker package S459ASeat adjuster, electric, with memory S473AArmrest front S481ASports seat S500AHeadlight wipe/wash/Intensive cleaning S508APark Distance Control (PDC) S520AFog lights S522AXenon Light S534AAutomatic air conditioning S555AOn-board computer V with remote control S602AOn-board monitor with TV S609ANavigation system Professional S632APreparation BMW Handy (Motorola) S672ACD changer for 6 CDs S694AProvisions for BMW 6 CD changer S710AM sports steering wheel, multifunction S715AM Aerodynamics package S760AHigh gloss shadow line S775AHeadlining anthracite S785AWhite direction indicator lights S788ABMW LA wheel, Individual S850ADummy-SALAPA S853ALanguage version English S863ARetailer Directory Europe S877ADelete cross-pattern operation S880AOn-board vehicle literature English Not a bad spec out of the box, it was a BMW staff car originally so someone got to choose an interesting company car. 2 owners after that which have been local to where i live, the last having spend money on some of the usual E39 issues, new timing chains, new clutch and flywheel, various suspension arms and cooling system parts have kept it in reasonable heath. First thing to do was replace the tyres are they were finished on the original style 66's so an ebay purchase of a set of staggered style 37's with michelin pilot tyres helped with the looks and sorted the need for tyres. The original sachs made M sport suspension was past its best so some Bilstein B8 front and Bilstein B6 rear shocks with some eibach pro kit front springs along with some new genuine BMW top mounts have transformed the ride and handling. I know some people replace the SLS rear suspension with a coil spring and shock set up but i wanted to retain the SLS for load carrying. Plenty more in the pipe line such as some retrofits and some eibach roll bars are on order.
  5. I'm after a pair of rear door cards for an E39 touring that have the cut outs at the top suitable for door blinds or even just the black upper vinyl stuck on cover with the cut out. Black door cards would be ideal. Will consider complete sets or even complete interiors with seats. Would also like a black leather child booster rear seat.
  6. BSS

    Touring rear brake lines

    Genuine BMW fuel pipes come pre bent but brake pipes do not but they do come in the correct length and flared with the correct unions. They can be bent very easily and neatly with the correct tool and the way to stop the corroding is spray them in cavity wax. Most of the copper brake pipe work ive seen has been a mess with with incorrect routing and wobbly runs of pipe.
  7. BSS

    Liam's E39 530i Sport work and retrofits

    Just read through most of this and VERY impressed! As a fellow retro fit addict i doth my cap to you!
  8. Where are you located?
  9. I'm after a bonnet, boot lid and OSF wing with ZERO rust or damage. Colour not so important but sapphire black with no paint damage would be very helpful! Also after the OEM child booster rear bench ideally in black leather but any colour cloth/leather i will be interested.
  10. BSS

    E28 525e

    His choice not mine. Chances are it may get an 885 head, M20B25 inlet etc as well.
  11. BSS

    E28 525e

    A mate of mine just bought this for £4400. I'll be converting it to manual at some point.
  12. BSS

    An E28 of some description.

    I should have said in my original post that ive seen whats on all the usual sites and am constantly looking. This wanted ad is in case someone know of or has one they might let go but has not advertised.
  13. BSS

    An E28 of some description.

    A bit vague on what i want but no rot boxes, ABS and manual are desirable but not deal breakers. Try me.
  14. BSS

    e28 528

    The link E28 Bert posted is for the correct ex John Lomas car and is also ex Derin. Link to Derins page with it, http://bmwclassics.co.uk/e28_528i_se_silver/index.html Ive just been to view this an unfortunately both sills have been damaged from an idiot jacking the car on them and have rusted quite bad so really need replacing to make nice. I walked after spotting that. Shame as the rest looked nice.