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  1. BSS

    Liam's E39 530i Sport work and retrofits

    Just read through most of this and VERY impressed! As a fellow retro fit addict i doth my cap to you!
  2. Where are you located?
  3. I'm after a bonnet, boot lid and OSF wing with ZERO rust or damage. Colour not so important but sapphire black with no paint damage would be very helpful! Also after the OEM child booster rear bench ideally in black leather but any colour cloth/leather i will be interested.
  4. BSS

    E28 525e

    His choice not mine. Chances are it may get an 885 head, M20B25 inlet etc as well.
  5. BSS

    E28 525e

    A mate of mine just bought this for £4400. I'll be converting it to manual at some point.
  6. BSS

    An E28 of some description.

    I should have said in my original post that ive seen whats on all the usual sites and am constantly looking. This wanted ad is in case someone know of or has one they might let go but has not advertised.
  7. BSS

    An E28 of some description.

    A bit vague on what i want but no rot boxes, ABS and manual are desirable but not deal breakers. Try me.
  8. BSS

    e28 528

    The link E28 Bert posted is for the correct ex John Lomas car and is also ex Derin. Link to Derins page with it, http://bmwclassics.co.uk/e28_528i_se_silver/index.html Ive just been to view this an unfortunately both sills have been damaged from an idiot jacking the car on them and have rusted quite bad so really need replacing to make nice. I walked after spotting that. Shame as the rest looked nice.
  9. BSS

    E28 parts

    I have a list of stuff i need, B pillar interior trim . Either a single offside one in brown or a pair in black. A set of original floor mats ideally in beige but black or brown would do. A bonnet with no rust or damage. A working cluster with working single red light Si board. Long shot i know, an E24 one will do as well. The plastic trim that holds the switches for hazard light and heated rear screen. A chrome electric aerial.
  10. BSS

    E39/E38 DSC parts

    Still required
  11. BSS

    E39/E38 DSC parts

    I need a DSC pre charge pump and DSC control unit for a post 9/98 built E38/E39 in good working order.
  12. Any DSC/ABS faults? I'm after a DSC pre charge pump and DSC control unit.
  13. And DSC/ABS faults? I need a pre charge pump and the DSC control unit.
  14. BSS

    Oh my days....!

    On the CSL yes.
  15. BSS

    Very unusual E28 528i

    I know who bought it and it is a 528e. Ive been told it may have some Hartge work done to the engine.