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  1. Vanos rattle is very susceptible at low rpms and IMO if its something thats eliminated by about 100rpm i'd say its likely no more than that and nothing to worry about
  2. As above. I would have a vanos test redone after fitting of the CPS as even cars that do not throw codes with old sensors do fall foul of the vanos test. As you say its a very precise test and lazy or old ones will mean the difference between a pass and a fail
  3. Nothing wrong with it at all mate, just thought to ask in case some who particularly want OE euro spec get them and end up with something they were not expecting is all, or if they turned out to be floaters then its a cracking price for people
  4. Are they floating discs? sounds like these will be single piece
  5. See if it passes the vanos test with a slightly raised idle, i.e operator giving some gas to elevate rpms to 1250 or so. If it does i wouldn't worry about it. Do you have the results at all? Although the test stops at the point of failure which is a bit of a pain, often it can point towards the likely cause. How old are your cam sensors?
  6. Hi Dennis, thanks again for the reply. I have the sub now firing via its ports into the cabin in the way you describe. I dont really want to swap out the infinitys to the front for 2 reasons really. 1 is they dont really have a very good bass response, i used them in my old e36 and had 2 sets with a 6.5" set up front but i wasn't massively blown away by them TBH. Secondly the tweeter is mounted into the OE rear pod and it would mean getting another set of used pods which i can't really be doing with for the gain i'll see if any which i don't think i will. As for amps, given i'm running those speakers and my subs are twin 10", an old Vibe AC10 twin box, do you have any recommendations for either a 5/6 channel that can run 2 subs or perhaps 2 seperate amps? Bear in mind i dont want to go mad but something smaller, lighter and more efficient for the right money would always be welcome as the car ever evolves Cheers dude!
  7. Are you sure its not the wire from your handbrake that's the issue?
  8. Cheers Dennis. I hear you with the amp mount, that's the reason behind the shelf as opposed to simply attaching them to the rear deck upside down. I'm running an older AC10 twin bandpass box with some infnity reference 5.25 components in the rear deck in original pods with the tweeter mounted also in the pod so in effect they act more like a coax just for rear fill, and the vibes upfront. Given I'm using 2 amps now, a rather large V12 4 channel bridged to 2 channel mono for the subs and a slightly smaller v12 for the 4 remaining speakers, what would you recommend as a more up to date solution should funds allow. Bear in mind I don't want to go silly, as the car is simply a toy now and I don't need to extract every last bit of boot space from in, nor is the amplification powering a top notch SQ build? Cheers
  9. Thanks for the lengthy reply Dennis. I've bought some modest vibe 6.5's and because of the low outlay I've bought the radioworld baffles. If for some reason they don't fit the bill I have the template for the 12V style baffles here. I wont be going mad with birch ply, MDF will be plenty for me should I go that route. They'll be powered by a decent old school Alpine V12 amp as per the OE ones are now. I've already deadened the boot but have gone for about 30% coverage as I believe theres a limit of diminishing returns at 25% coverage onwards and I'm not going to be after an unbelievable system . I've opened up the ski hatch and am going to be fixing the box so the ports fire into the car via this route. This has all come about through installing my meth kit truth be told, the existing audio lived under a false boot floor and I want to mount the tank and pump there now, so overhauling the audio seemed fairly logical at the same time. The amps will now reside on a shelf that sits about 80mm below the existing parcel shelf. If you've any other ideas feel free to shout them at me!!
  10. Youve got a set of turbines si why not trry and bang one on the back?
  11. Really? I stand corrected. Don't really know an awful lot about them (clearly!) but a mate of mine had a Clio V6 and it was he who told me it was a Nissan Engine same as the 350Z.
  12. Cheers. Is the consensus you would lose more midbass with the radioworld ones as they are smaller enclosures altogether or did you (or others) find a way to vent them into the door and seal any gaps on the outside with dynamat or similar?
  13. I'm using the redline stuff but IMO even that gets hot at prolonged track use, it did in Pauls 330i at the ring. As said Halfords own stuff will be fine
  14. As above, I'm sure a lot have heard of or seen the 12V MDF front door baffles for the e39. Now there are some other front door baffles sold by the likes of radioworld etc which are a lot smaller overall. What are peoples thoughts on them against each other? I am finally going to be making my templates which are mimics of the 12V ones but as these others have come up for that price I'm wondering if overall its even worth pissing about with buying MDF etc.
  15. used in the clio V6.