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  1. I'm using the redline stuff but IMO even that gets hot at prolonged track use, it did in Pauls 330i at the ring. As said Halfords own stuff will be fine
  2. As above, I'm sure a lot have heard of or seen the 12V MDF front door baffles for the e39. Now there are some other front door baffles sold by the likes of radioworld etc which are a lot smaller overall. What are peoples thoughts on them against each other? I am finally going to be making my templates which are mimics of the 12V ones but as these others have come up for that price I'm wondering if overall its even worth pissing about with buying MDF etc.
  3. used in the clio V6.
  4. 5th 6th and 7th pic the plug is hanging there, that should be in the actual parrot module
  5. silly question time. You have plugged the parrot unit in itself haven't you, only there isn't one shown in the pics above? Plugs into the long black plug you've just got dangling. Also "could" be an ignition source issue as it would appear at lest on face value someone has put a bullet connector on the yellow wire which would normally need to be connected to a 12V ignition source on the car
  6. MAF tests using LPH indicators on the OBC are crude at best. Personally i would only be using this as a delta for something wrong if the car was woefully under that rating, like 90-100 LPH. By all means swap out pre cat O2's as preventative maintenance but personally i wouldn't be overly worried at this point, particularly if you're doing the test "just because". Is this something you're carrying out in light of that reason or have you been hitting 140LPH and/or the car seems not right lately?
  7. I've completely missed this post sorry, i'm not on here a lot lately as i've been busy in the house. I have the meth kit here with new tune but am waiting for warmer weather to install it. Salty roads and shit weather mean i haven't really been in a rush to install it. I also ordered a filter kit for the meth so i could swap easily from the push fit connections provided to some lovely PTFE braided teflon hose and AN fittings anodised in black. I also have the Gulf market 540i oil filter housing to install along with some lines i need to modify to move the filter over to the other side of the engine bay to give me more room. Again thats a job as it gets a bit warmer.
  8. Vanos design was also slightly altered with respect to thicker cup spring plates used from september 2001 in an attempt to quieten the units down. There were also 2 changes to the accumulator system for the above to keeppressure overnight in the vanos system again to quieten ratlle on startup. I THINK the latest accumulator was fitted around 2001 but i'm not 100% on that. FWIW i wouldn't bother with pre or post facelift concerns. Buy on condition as an absolute rule. You will get 95% of the look of a facelift car as Richard says by swapping out front and rear lights for facelift items. Rear lights can be used with ballasts for plug and play or there are many people on here who can code the new CELIS clusters into a pre facelift car. You will have to drill a small hole behind the light either side to fit them as said above
  9. following. LED main beams look good. Your angel eyes look very bright, what bulbs are you using?
  10. Lovely. Did he fit them too or just supply them?
  11. I'm pretty sure this my mates car. If indeed it is and you want more info then let me know. As far as im aware it was parked in a barn so to speak as the previous owner "hid" it away as he was going through a divorce and didn't want the wife finding out about it.
  12. Using the same tyres at present on a 330i supercharged track toy with excellent results. Let us know how the weightier e39 gets on with them as i have a set of MPara reps here wondering what track tyres to put on them
  13. definately going to be a caliper issue
  14. For what your m5? G48 from halfords for £25 if so. Identical to dealer and far cheaper
  15. Cracking post, BUT, did you not feel you gave the e39 an artificial victory in the audio department given its your aftermarket install that does differ a lot from a standard e39? IMO any audio specced on the e39 as standard, even DSP is absolutely woeful and cant hold a candle to most other standard cars of their respective era let alone a new M6. That aside the old girl hasn't done bad as it looks as if its due a pasting on the first few scores. For a car circa 14 years its senior in terms of design, not bad at all.