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  1. I quite like this..... looks like its an entire system including manifolds though by the description......pricey.
  2. Oh ok, sorry to hear that....good luck with the other stuff....
  3. Did yoy make any progress on this?
  4. Hi, can an you please give me price for some clips which hold the horizontal black exterior door trim in place on E28 4 doors? I need enough clips for the 2 rear doors..... thanks
  5. Sorry this is the E28 thread why would it be for an E39!!!........ DOH!!!!
  6. If you are talking E39 M5 then yes - E60 545i works a treat. Did it on 2 of mine.
  7. picked one up yesterday evening. Thanks
  8. I'm looking for an E28 Electric Drivers Door Mirror in at least very good condition. Must be the black unpainted type. Can anyone help? Thanks
  9. Thanks guys
  10. Hi All Will a set Size: 8J x 17 H2 e46 (offset 46) of 17 inch alloys (I believe as fitted to E36) fit an E28? Thanks!
  11. How do you view that? Cheap or expensive?
  12. Yep also saw the other example you link to. What's it worth? Looks like it wants some recommissioning to me?
  13. No you're right I haven't. But I also try to keep a very open mind in all things....
  14. Hi Dennis, the seller doesn't have original Alpinas, only bog standard metric 528 wheels. Anyone near Great Yarmouth on here I wonder? I can't get there this weekend. Really needs to be got on a ramp I reckon