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  1. Well it would seem after replacing 4 calipers as 2 were locked on the results are different. The m5 clearly cannot handle like the m3 or indeed beat it standing start or rolling. E92 m3 has the edge
  2. Hammond crashes again

    Lady luck is by his side
  3. Foreign policy Blood for oil Everyone is to blame And as usual the common innocent man suffers Far more muslims have died to terror attacks than non muslims. Who created isis? Look at facts
  4. Could you please elaborate where it says in the quran to go blow yourself up or kill random people. Also on a side note violence is alot more common in the bible than in the quran. Please check your facts before you post random nonsense.
  5. E39 M5 facelift wanted

    Tread wisely. Its a very over inflated market with most m5s now needing works that can easily tear you a new one. There are sum good ones out there but most ppl have just jumped on the band wagon of they have this epic appreacating classic thats just worth more than gold. These are not 15k cars with 130k odd on them
  6. S50 M Powered E34 Touring

    Yes i have seen this car up many times Im sure ppl have been out to see it Def a reason why its not sold
  7. M5 on ebay grey

    Mot check was enough for me to say laters
  8. E46 m3 for 60k is just dumb The exotica that can be purchased for that tag is plenty
  9. Exactly. There is no saving them Just feel sad that the world is changing so fast. Seemed alot better in the 90's
  10. These ppl will not be attending mosques. I doubt very much they have much if not any islam in them. This breeding you speak of will be behind closed doors. Its just retardards that have nothing better to do, there life is going nowhere fast so are easy targets for the bastards that organise this.
  11. Whats ppl's take on this
  12. 2002 E39 540i Sport Touring for sale. 172k

    I was very interested till i read the gas bit.
  13. Supercharged e39 M5