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  1. red35

    Delta Integrale

    ^ This. And what point did an Integrale become a 5 door saloon?
  2. red35

    E65 730D - New battery needed

    I replaced the Bosch one in my 645 with a Lucas LP019 (95AH) one from Advanced battery supplies on Ebay. £84 delivered.
  3. red35

    Possible battery/electrical issue

    Mine charges at roughly that too. Did you get any codes relating to IBS?
  4. red35

    Audio keeps cutting out

    If it's just the sound issue you have then you might get away with replacing just the stereo unit. Any other problems with the display/satnav etc?
  5. red35

    Audio keeps cutting out

    Not got the paperwork to hand but it was in the region of £300. There is a guy on ebay that repairs them for £250 iirc but you will need to post it/drop it off to him.
  6. red35

    Audio keeps cutting out

    Sounds like it needs to come out and be repaired. Mine did this for the previous owner until it stopped working completely.
  7. red35

    Possible battery/electrical issue

    I've just replaced my IVM which has cured the non start problem and made the gearbox shifts smoother too. Unfortunately it now throws a load of codes every time I start the engine (P0348,P0393,P0445, P2092, P2094) EDIT. Codes now gone thanks to, changing the fuses for new on the IVM module.
  8. red35

    IVM price

    Hi, Could I have a price for part number: 12527510638 please. It's for a 2004 645Ci. Cheers, Daz.
  9. red35

    ISM module

    I'm looking into getting mine repaired as I have had 2 non starts in the last 3 months. If the engine turns about half a turn and then stops, or you just get a click then it's likely to be the ISM. Apparently it can cause other issues too.
  10. red35

    Possible battery/electrical issue

    Mine gets the voltage warning every now and then due to it mostly doing short trips. If I take it for a decent run once a week it's usually ok. 12.12V is a bit low for an E60. They don't like it that low and will start to give random errors. Another fault to look out for is the IVM (integrated supply module) which can cause all sorts of electrical gremlins, including rough idle and shifting issues. It's under the cabin filter housing on the passenger side.
  11. The cigar lighter and ashtray light up so I will need to investigate a bit more I think. Just noticed the passenger seat switches nor the drivers compartment light are working either.
  12. Awesome thanks Clavurion. Looks like I have a faulty lighting module then as the switches for the drivers seat, drivers window/mirror and gear position indicator don't light up. Everything else works fine though.
  13. Is that the module which controls interior switch illumination for windows/seats/gear selector etc?
  14. Anyone know which module controls the switch illumination as I still have some working and other not.
  15. I do indeed! Wish I'd still got it as it would have been even better by now. There was a set of electric rear seats and a pair of front electric Recaros waiting to go in it and a black leather Alpina steering wheel too. It sounded good too as it had a full Alpina exhaust fitted.