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  1. Try Adrian Flux. They quoted £103 for my Supra Turbo and I'm paying £180 for my Fiat Coupe Turbo with mods. (both limited to 4k miles a year)
  2. RIP Keith (Urquattro)

    RIP Keith
  3. Bodywork advice

    I agree with Sir Anthony Jazz. Get the screens out and see what you're dealing with before making a decision. It had a full respray about 6 years before you bought it and was done properly, but sat unused and outside for 3 years after that with the previous owner to me, so it may well be heavy surface rust. I have some good rear wing/corner sections for above the rear lights if you need them.
  4. Trying to source body panels

    Don't shoot the messenger!
  5. Trying to source body panels

    Logged in to Retrorides today and saw this: E12 parts Might be useful to others as well
  6. E24 635 manual

    A rare colour, but not a popular one I suspect. It definitely needs a close look at the rear corners and drivers sill areas too.
  7. Any discount codes for euro car parts/gfs

    Try VBOX111 Got me 11% off 2 days ago.
  8. 1997 Boxster flies it's MOT

    Silver on red is a great combo. Fingers crossed mine passes as easily as yours after xmas!
  9. E32 735i Heater not working, any ideas?

    No worries. I'm sure Timms will have the part kicking about somewhere.
  10. E32 735i Heater not working, any ideas?

    I just replaced the display/control unit on mine with a used one from a breakers. Did the trick.
  11. Perhaps another hobby car for me?

    Have a look for a nice E32 around December time. I got my 735 for £750 the week before xmas!
  12. Hello YET another new one (from Staffs UK)

    Welcome Jupiter. Was your e28 a 528i with an alpina spoiler? I used to see one going through Rugeley a few years ago.
  13. Chimps! they are out there

    I'm not a fan of massive stretch but a little can look ok on some cars. The camber thing though just look plain daft. That celica is just ridiculous. He's put massive rims on the back and only used about half of the available width! Why waste all that girth? The camber is the main issue though as I reckon he's managed to reduce the contact patch by about 50%
  14. Chimps! they are out there

    The wheel sticking out of the arch is not an issue as long as there is no more than a quarter of an inch of tread showing.
  15. e34 key transformation

    I have a genuine BMW flip key from an E34/32 that needs the spring replacing. It uses the infra red system so not sure if it would work with your car or not?