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  1. red35

    545i DIY Oil Service.

    Cool. I thought it might be some strange process where you need the full weight of the oil to drain the filter housing down or something like that!
  2. red35

    545i DIY Oil Service.

    Any reason why you removed the filter before dropping the oil? I'll be doing a change on mine shortly.
  3. Thanks Ustbutler. Its nearer Walsall I think but that's less than 30 minutes from me. I didn't Phil but I will certainly look them up now
  4. Looking to get a gearbox service done on my 645 and wondered if anyone had used BM Autoservice near Wolverhampton or any decent garage that know their way around BMW's?
  5. red35

    E63 window switches not illuminating

    I haven't tried that yet as everything else works great. I don't want to upset the rest of the car!
  6. Hi fellow 6ers. I have a problem with my '04 645 drivers window/mirror switches not illuminating and also with the gear position indicator not illuminating. The passenger side lights up fine and all the switches work fine too. I replaced the shift indicator but it still doesn't light up. Could this be a coding thing or a module problem?
  7. red35

    Looking for a weekend convertible?

    The 7G 350 would be better. Extra poke for virtually the same mpg.
  8. Wow. He showed his face too. Now everyone knows he did that to his own car!
  9. red35

    Safari park in Holland VS French people

    Wow. Brain dead or what!
  10. red35

    New E39 owner to the forum

    No need to leave dude. Everyone has their own opinion Out of interest what tyres are you running?
  11. No worries Paddy. I wonder if the owner was a ram raider in a former life?
  12. red35

    One of eleven...

    Very nice! I bought a 645ci 2 weeks ago and I too have just found out that the windows go up and the stereo works! Not that I ever do that as the V8 is music on its own.
  13. I tend to find that if I drop a baby wipe on it for about 60 seconds it will wipe straight off. Depends if the sun is out too as this makes it too hard to wipe off and needs a longer soak.
  14. Corrected that for you Paddy
  15. My black 6er gets dashed most days when it's clean, so I now keep a pack of baby wipes by the front door to wipe it off in the morning.