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  1. Any more pics of the Bronze one and do you have an engine/box available?
  2. What's being worked on today?

    Would it be worth trying to extract some extra ponies/torques from a 645i and how many do you think could be found?
  3. Goblin Works Garage, thoughts?

    It's not bad but they didn't really fulfill the brief for the Escort. He said they were going to do something completely different to all the others, so fitting a Zetec into an Mk2 and painting it yellow/grey was a bit disappointing tbh.
  4. Back in an e39 !!

    I spotted that one last week as it was a manual with sports seats, so ticked a few of my boxes on the wanted list. You beat me to it!
  5. Good bye?

    Me! They're not all tin boxes you know It's no BMW but it's a lot of fun!
  6. Now I’ve seen it all !

    Aha ha ha ha. That is unreal. Bet it won't do much over a ton now either!
  7. That looks a stunning 944 Conan. You don't see many Kalahari. I had an '83 2.5, '85 2.5 Lux and an '89 Turbo SE all of which were great handling cars but the turbo was my favourite. It had around 315 horses and massive lag so you needed to be awake to drive it properly!
  8. Cleaning pale leather

    It's generally frowned upon but I gave my very dirty cream leather a light wipe over with some bleach diluted in warm water with excellent results. I tried everything to clean them before that with no success so decided to give it a go making sure the microfibre was well wrung out so as not to soak the leather in bleach. Cleaned it with clean water afterwards, conditioned it and it has been fine since.
  9. M54 or M52TU?

    Yes but I can't afford to poke an F10!
  10. M54 or M52TU?

    I like the E39's looks but I'm not a fan of the E60. (No offence to E60 owners!)
  11. M54 or M52TU?

    You're right of course Andrew. The main criteria are Sport, manual and petrol and not V8........ probably although I do have a numberplate that ends in 5401 that would look good on a 540
  12. M54 or M52TU?

    I noticed the 525 had the same hp as the 528 and wondered if thee was much difference. Not had a car with less than 200 ponies for a long time so a 530 is my preferred option. I think I need to test a few and see if they stack up.
  13. M54 or M52TU?

    Looks like I may be waiting a while to get what I want. Is the 525 worth a punt or are they a bit sluggish?
  14. M54 or M52TU?

    Reliability in general, especially the autobox. This one looked half decent for the money but it's sold: 528 sport
  15. M54 or M52TU?

    Not for me thanks Scott. I'm not a fan of diesel unfortunately as there do seem to be a few more manual 530d's around than petrols. More concerned with reliability than mpg