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  1. Andyalpina

    New to this Forum, but seasoned BMWer

    Welcome along Richard, nice to see you are still BMW Mad like me and bad to see you are turboless like me.
  2. Andyalpina

    My new E34 530i Touring

    No the previous owner did not have any other E34's but is a big BMW nut.
  3. Andyalpina

    My new E34 530i Touring

    Thanks. Hehe, have the clear indicators sorted. have a pair coming from the previous owner.
  4. Due to a huge weakness for all things BMW and an even bigger weakness for E34 5's and a huge weakness for tourings, I managed to buy this fantastic E34 530i touring. It has 98k miles, full history, auto, air con and some nice modifications from original spec. The colour is Maldives Blue. It drives fantastic being slightly lowered, strut brace and the larger lower profile tyres while retaining a huge comfort factor. Its a credit to its last owner, another BMW nut and and extremely nice guy. Plus the V8 rumble aint too bad either.
  5. Andyalpina

    Looking for RHD E12 OR E28

    Are you looking for a regular model or something a bit special? Is there a budget in mind?
  6. Andyalpina

    Back on the scene...

    Wow, the car looks fantastic. Great to see you have put the effort into getting it looking good again.
  7. Andyalpina

    My new weapon of choice!

    Wow gorgeous car, I am very jealous. Would love one like that.
  8. Andyalpina

    Aluminium bodied M535i

    This is how it looks at the moment.
  9. Andyalpina

    Aluminium bodied M535i

    Hi Tony, Value is very hard to put on one I guess. It was a relatively cheap car to buy but by the time it will be in A1 condition, it will be a rather expensive car. Parts are extremely difficult, or non existent to find. The arch extensions are non existent so the one thats missing has to be replicated. The graphics too. They are all RHD which is a bonus.
  10. Andyalpina

    Aluminium bodied M535i

    Tony, here it is prior to the start of the restoration.
  11. Andyalpina

    Aluminium bodied M535i

    My cousin has a 1976 530 MLE that is currently undergoing a full restoration. Will be very rare especially when restored.
  12. Andyalpina

    How 'bout a pic thread of all you Alpina owners cars?

    Ok then here you go. Here are a couple of pics of the Children.
  13. Andyalpina

    Boxer's fracture

    I damaged a knuckle on my left and a couple of weeks ago while sparring, I do Taekwondo. I threw a lead left hook punch and even with gloves on bounced my hand off my oponents head. While he was still slightly stunned, I followed with a spinning kick to his head, he was really stunned then. The damn knickle is still sore.
  14. Andyalpina

    Spruced up Touring

    I really like it, very nice. Fancy one like that some day.
  15. Andyalpina

    Aluminium bodied M535i

    Can't say I have heard of that before. BMW South Africa built a lightweight 530 MLE in 1976. They built 200 or so of these and thats the only lightweight e12 I have heard of. There could be others.