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  1. Dreaded but Necessary Insurance

    Just had my renewals through from 1st Central. £950 for the F10 M5 & £1100 for the 1M. Both over double from last year. Did a search around, got the F10 down to £430 and the 1M down to £350, both with LV.
  2. M5 or dreamer?

    I’ve also seen a similar wannabe, a white diesel with a wonky M5 badge. It was in Chesham.
  3. RIP Malcolm Young

    AC/DC rhythm guitar/songwriter has died after a long battle with dementia. A legend RIP.
  4. M54 or M52TU?

    My mates 530 does 26mpg and my 540 does 21mpg on average with mixed driving. They’re both auto’s. If you’re not doing loads of miles it’s not that big a deal imo. The 530’s steering is a bit nicer and you’ve got almost no chance of finding a 540 in manual though.
  5. DVLA SORN Question

    I’ve forgotten to SORN one of my cars before, I got a letter from DVLA after 3 or 4 months, SORN’d it straight away and heard nothing more from them.
  6. Dreaded but Necessary Insurance

    Would you not be able to argue what a similar car would cost as a replacement? When my E28 M5 got wrecked I forwarded examples of current adverts and got 4 star classics to say what they would have marketed the car for. There is no way you could get a decent E39 M5 for £2k.
  7. I can second/third recommendations for wheels in motion. Best tyre/alignment centre I’ve been to.
  8. Kawasaki Z750 - Modern Classic?

    They’re nice bikes. It probably won’t loose much money over the next few years as long as it’s kept in good condition so why not? I gave up riding bikes eventually as i was as I was riding less and less, personally I think you have to ride regularly in order to be in the right mindset. It’s not like driving a car and I felt a bit rusty a lot of the time.
  9. That's it for petrol....

    I don’t know about that, 20 years is quite reasonable for the majority of us to be driving EV’s. If they are cheaper people will want them, the vast majority of drivers consider their cars an expense they want to minimise. I’m not saying that we won’t see ICE vehicles on the road by then, there will always be car enthusiasts and owners of classics who will still want to drive their cars.
  10. That's it for petrol....

    EV’s are impressive in a drag race. I’m not sure how well they cope dynamically though. I’d be interested to see comparable lap times as well.
  11. BMW E34 M5 S38B36 Restoration

    I’m helping a mate replace the rear jacking points/sills on this B10 BiTurbo. He bought new panels for both sides from BMW, hopefully it will make life a lot easier. His aren’t too badly rotted, most of the rust is around the jacking points themselves, the panels behind are in fairly good shape. We will have to do a little fabrication but nothing too taxing fortunately. Good luck with it.
  12. America just likes guns and Americans don’t like being told what they can and can’t do. Using the second amendment as an excuse for gun ownership is ridiculous, for one it says the right to bear arms is within an organised militia so that you could overthrow a hostile government, secondly that government has tanks, Apache gunships etc! I don’t think an assault rifle would be much use against them.
  13. E39 M5 gearbox alternatives............

    Unfortunately not. The 6 speed boxes have very few parts available from what I understand. You could probably get parts made but they would be very expensive I imagine. Allgears repair a lot of getrag boxes so they would be the people to ask. http://www.all-gears.co.uk/
  14. E39 M5 gearbox alternatives............

    First 'box was changed ar 60k miles due to a worn synchro between 2nd and third, a few thousand miles into my ownership (85k miles) it started jumping out of reverse occasionally. As I had an extended BMW warranty they fitted a new gearbox. No complaints from me.
  15. E39 M5 gearbox alternatives............

    This is the one of the biggest potential problems with these cars. Mine is on it's third gearbox at 105k miles. The last one was fitted 10K miles ago under warranty so hopefully should last a good while, especially as I only do a couple of thousand miles a year in it now. I'm sure there could be an alternative, maybe a Tremec from America with a custom bell housing or something. Other than that it a remanufactured unit from the dealer.