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  1. I am amazed by this. In any trust I have ever worked in (over 15 different organisations) or any others I'm aware of no one has ever been given a car. There are transport vehicles to take equipment etc to other sites but no cars for personal use at all. We scratch around for money to buy essential equipment, often unsuccessfully, there is certainly no surplus cash that needs to be spent.
  2. Unfortunately not. The funding gap is per year. If we are underfunded by 6 billion this year, 7 billion next year and 8 billion the year after then even with saving 6.9 billion with efficiency savings we'll be down to the tune of 14 billion.
  3. Most current thinking is that there will be a funding gap of around £8billion a year by 2020. If you managed to save 2.3billion in year one what are you going to save in year 2? I dont think you're trying to dig holes in the NHS, the governments line is that it's all down to management problems and inefficiency and that's the message they put out through media channels. It's not surprising that people think that's the case. The numbers simply don't add up though and the situation on the ground tells the real story.
  4. No simply spending money doesn't mean the service will be better. The current day to day problems are due to being unable to discharge patients, because they are either too unwell or because there is no social care available to look after them out of hospital. Social care provision = resources (staff, facilities) which costs money (not available) Patients that are too ill need beds and staff to care for them = more money. In the longer term things like buildings maintenance has been neglected for years. My own hospital needs a new plant room (amongst many other things) to correctly filter, cool and circulate clean air into its operating theatres, quotes are around £9m to do the work. Obviously no money available as we are overspent to the tune of several million already. As as I said, there are inefficiencies that need to be addressed but the main problem is chronic underfunding.
  5. The point of the article is about how much we spend compared to comparable nations rather than who did what. I'm not a labour supporter and I'm not trying to say a vote for anyone other than the conservatives will make the NHS better.
  6. If you don't spend any money on maintaining your house you can pay off your debts instead. The trouble is that your house starts falling down if you don't look after it. I'm worried that the conservatives are sacrificing our infrastructure and public services in order to service our debt. I know we need to live within our means but we need to keep the country running properly as well.
  7. There is a degree of mis-management but that's not the real picture. This is worth a read; https://www.kingsfund.org.uk/blog/2016/01/how-does-nhs-spending-compare-health-spending-internationally
  8. Got a used one in good nick. Started the car today, hit the A/C switch and it worked perfectly! Last year the compressor was screeching when engaged. I'll see what it does for the moment, if it starts screeching again I'll change it.
  9. I spoke to one nurse, who I have known for 20 years who is letting his registration lapse next year as he can't carry on as things are. At times it's embarrassing to be part of. Unless we we have a serious discussion about how we are going to fund healthcare in this country the NHS will not be able to exist in its current form. Private healthcare is fundamentally about profit not quality healthcare, it is no substitute for the NHS. I dont think people really understand what it is to be saved from the stress and worry about how to pay (if even possible) for your own healthcare. The NHS will go all out for you and your family when you need it regardless of the circumstances. It is a precious thing.
  10. I've finally managed to get a replacement compressor for my 3.6 M5, I want to fit a new receiver drier at the same time. A genuine OEM part is £172 yet a pattern part (febi) is £33. As far as I can tell it's just a canister with a filter and some dessicant inside. Can the OEM part make much difference? Opinions welcome. Thanks.
  11. Well that I don't know. All I know is that I can't vote for the current lot. I'll have to think long and hard about who I do vote for.
  12. The problems the NHS faces have been a long time in the making across several governments but the current government has the job of running it now. Since this his government has come into power the NHS is worse by every measure. A&E waiting times have gone up, as have times for elective surgery. Social care is in total disarray, the doctors have been alienated to the point of industrial action, nurses and other allied health professions have seen pay cuts of 14% in real terms. Targets and and the management of them are for political purposes rather than delivering good healthcare. They are directed from the department of health. Allocation of resources comes from the treasury. Who is in charge does matter. Of course the NHS will not be completely transformed by a different government but if you look at the record of the current custodians it's clearly not safe in their hands.
  13. It is the worst it's ever been in the 25 years I've been working for the NHS. We cannot even operate on cancer patients now due to lack of beds. Despite having up to 30 patients on trolleys in A&E needing admission we no longer call a major incident. This is, I suspect due to pressure from the DOH not to do so. Their line is that it's just one or two trusts that are experiencing problems. It is not. Everyone I speak to across the country is saying the same thing. There is waste within the NHS, no doubt about it but that doesn't mean it's not hugely underfunded. If you look at what similar countries spend per capita on healthcare you can see we are miles behind. The conservatives will will not spend any more money on healthcare. They deny there is a problem. I can tell you first hand that there is. I can not vote for them because of this whatever else their policies are.
  14. Hi, could you give me a quote for one of these? 8 390 469 Thanks.
  15. Get the M5. I've been driving mine for the last 3 1/2 years and still love it. I had a 640 for a week while my wife's car was being repaired and although a nice car it's not in the same league as the M5. I'm sure the G30 540 will be lovely but will probably be the same as the 640. Just be aware, fuel consumption in the M5 is about 17-18 mpg. Tyres last 15k miles or so and cost a grand. Brakes don't last that long either (30k miles) and cost around £2,500 for discs & pads.