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  1. kobayashi

    2000 BMW 540 touring auto 106k for Sale ono £6500

    Looks nice and prices seem to be on the ge up for these. I might sell our ‘03 Mora 540 sport touring as it gets little use now. Good luck with the sale.
  2. kobayashi

    Insurance Quotes For M5

    I used to have to pay a fortune to insure my bikes when I was younger, just the way it is if you want something fast. Premiums drop a fair bit once you’re over 25. Now I’m almost 50 it only costs £200 for my M5 just outside London.
  3. kobayashi

    S62 Rebuild

    Why are you planning on a rebuild in the first place? Are you buying a car with a known problem or do you have a broken engine that you want to fix?
  4. kobayashi

    body shop required

    Tony Fowkes Autos in Park Royal. They’ve just done my friends B10 Bi-turbo shell and their work is top notch.
  5. kobayashi

    ULEZ Expansion Plans for 2021

    Unfortunately, silly has a habit of being the number 1 choice when it comes to stuff like this. This, unlike the congestion charge is going to be 24/7. £12.50 for rolling off your drive if your inside the zone.
  6. kobayashi

    F10 M5 Purchase or Not - What to look for

    Yes, I’ve owned it from new. The warranty is, or at least was transferable. If not I’m sure you can start one yourself, the car does need to have full BMW service history in order to qualify though. I did query whether it needed to be serviced by BMW in order to remain valid, they told me that it needed to be serviced to BMW’s schedule, not necessarily by BMW. I’m not sure how well that would hold up in the case of a major claim though. I’m sure there are plenty of cars for sale with the extended warranty.
  7. kobayashi

    F10 M5 Purchase or Not - What to look for

    September 2013 on are facelift cars. They have an updated steering wheel, a different front grille and slightly different rear lights. All F10 M5’s are DCT unless you are in the US who had a manual option. People have different ideas about options, I like the multifunction seats and the 20” wheels, surround view is useful and folding rear seats make the car much more practical. I don’t really see the point of soft close doors or a powered boot lid but each to their own. There were some reports of early cars (2010-2013) having steering vibrations and there are also a few instances of injector failure. I think most cars had battery replacements when serviced. Mine used to drink a bit of oil but now at 30k miles it doesn’t seem to use very much at all. I have the BMW warranty, it’s about £80 a month which covers everything, there is an excess of £250. I think you can get a cheaper driveline only warranty though. A serious driveline failure will write the car off so definitely worth having. It is the best car I have ever driven, you won’t be disappointed.
  8. Use carparts4less, exactly the same stuff as ECP but with the discount already applied. You can still get much better deals if you shop around. As usual they rely on people’s ignorance/laziness to maximise profits.
  9. kobayashi

    E39 BBK - who's done one and what are your thoughts?

    I fitted a Stoptech BBK to the front of my M5 a few years ago. No complaints at all with it. Replacement discs are expensive though.
  10. I run an E36 325 fairly regularly and use it all the time in the winter. I’ve had it for 4 or 5 years and in that time it’s needed an ABS sensor, rear springs, discs & pads all round, all of which have been done by me for very little money. It starts on the button every time and has been no problem at all. It’s a bit tatty and the bottom of the front wings are a bit rusty but I’d have no problem running it as my only car.
  11. kobayashi

    E34 amber front indicators

    Thanks, found a decent set now.
  12. kobayashi

    F10 M5 rear discs & pads

    Hi. Chassis no is: DX96936 thanks.
  13. kobayashi

    F10 M5 rear discs & pads

    Hi, could you give me a quote for the above please. Thanks.
  14. kobayashi

    Bowel Cancer Awareness Month - please read

    Sorry to hear you are unwell Dave. Thank you for posting this as most of us want to sweep all this stuff under the carpet and hope for the best. Sadly I see people every week who require surgery for bowel cancer. Many in their 60’s and 70’s but a few much younger. If you have any of the symptoms listed above, please get yourself checked out. Treatment for bowel cancer in its early stages is very effective indeed. Don’t be embarrassed, your GP will have heard/seen it all before and their focus will only be on getting you the investigations/treatment you need to get better. All the the best to you Dave.
  15. kobayashi

    E34 amber front indicators

    Thanks. I might have found a pair but I’m not sure about their condition yet.