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  1. Multiculturalism is nothing new. Historically we have always been a mish mash of cultures. Nothing has been forced upon us, it is how it is and always has been.
  2. Petrol mica
  3. I'll second a 1series. Great cars that are fun to drive. They did a 135 but maybe just in the coupe? I've got a 1M which admittedly isn't quite the same thing but in terms of size it's fine unless you need to take a large family on long trips or carry tons of stuff for work etc.
  4. If someone is determined to steal your car then they'll steal it. All you can do is make it difficult for them. The best defence of all is to have it out of sight. If they don't know it's there they're not going to try to steal it.
  5. Dementia is not a new disease.
  6. Burgled the house while we were walking the dog and took the keys.
  7. Of course it was expected that people would need social care when the NHS was set up. It's nothing new. There is nothing positive about this policy. If you own your own home then you will have to pay, moving the threshold to £100k will make absolutely no difference to the vast majority. What's more they've now included people who need social care whithin their own home. This is shit on a stick, nothing more.
  8. So the conservative message is your on your own Jack. Great.
  9. There used to be a lifetime ownership deal by Tracker if you paid about £350 but I think they've changed it to 3 years now. When our 1M was stolen the tracker was invaluable. I saw the bastards at the top of the road and had the tracker activated a couple of minutes later. The police were able to track the car in real time and had located the car within 5 minutes of it being parked up by a traveller site. Got it back undamaged so very pleased we had the tracker fitted.
  10. I think Brexit is a smokescreen TBH. It's going to happen and it will be what it will be. Donestic policy is what's really important to me. I want a decent education for my son, a good healthcare system, free at the point of need and decent infrastructure. I accept these need to be paid for and I am prepared to pay a little extra in taxes if it makes these things happen.
  11. I hate to say it but I very much doubt anyone is going to look at cctv footage because what they see it as is an 'old' BMW got stolen. Not seen as a good use of police time I'm afraid. I really hope you get it back in good condition as it is a really nice rare car. Gutted for you.
  12. I was led to believe they are different, even within the same model. There is a thread on the E34 section of the m5board that talks about either Seiko or Behr compressors being fitted by the factory and them not being interchangeable. Good luck with it.
  13. I had my screen replaced by Autobahn services in Rickmansworth (junction 17 M25) He bought a guy in who he uses all the time for older BMW's. 5 years on and I'm still very happy with it. I think it was around £300.
  14. Thanks. As long as they fit I'll be happy.
  15. From ECP? Mine is '94 so I think that's pre facelift anyway.