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  1. It was my understanding that he couldn't stop in time because he didn't have a front brake fitted. If he had been riding a poorly maintained bike with worn, badly adjusted brakes he may well have not been able to stop either, his bike would however been 'legal' and then it's just an accident. That is my point. I'm not aware of any periodic test that a bicycle has to pass in order to be considered legal, just that it has to have brakes/reflectors/bell etc fitted.
  2. Not withstanding the fact that the guy comes across as a total wanker, the sentence does seem to be a little harsh considering the circumstances. If this poor woman had been hit by a legal yet poorly maintained bicycle it would have been treated as the tragic accident it was. I've seen several similar accidents when people have stepped out in front of cyclists without looking, fortunately no one was seriously hurt.
  3. The same reason Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, etc is. You can't ban a belief, nor should you try.
  4. Forgive me Mark but wasn't this a second hand car? They've fixed the broken spring and dented trim? Scratches and the paint are surely for you to check before purchase? I'm not sure what you want from them or am I missing something.
  5. Bear in mind that it is only a tiny percentage of cars that have had big end failures. £3k is a lot to spend 'just in case'. If you have bits of chain tensioner in your sump or the slightest knock then I'd go ahead but a relatively low mileage car with no issues? I'm not sure I'd be going down that route. Have you addressed all the other E39 problem areas? Suspension bushes/springs/dampers, rust etc? £3k goes a fair way towards sorting out those problems.
  6. Those Dutch fella's have got style as well....
  7. customer.service@bmw.co.uk
  8. I'm probably going to take one for a test drive as well. I would be surprised if it's any faster on the road than the F10 which as you say is already ridiculously fast. I don't see it being a huge improvement over the F10 in any other area either and it would be a lot more money to make the change. They are supposed to sound good though.
  9. RIP Keith. Had lots of chats with Keith over the years and met him once at one of the M5board meets. Had some great stories and was always keen to help. He will be missed here.
  10. Hi Tom, I've got an Oxford 180-1 mig welder and I love it. Very easy to use and set up.
  11. You could try Gary at Autobahn Services in Rickmansworth. Not the cheapest but knows his stuff and provides good customer service. http://www.autobahnservices.co.uk/
  12. I can't stand either of them to be honest. I think I dislike McGregor a bit more than Mayweather though so it was nice to see him getting a beating. It was like watching a cat play with a mouse.
  13. Well that will be great when one platoon wants to overtake another one at 1mph faster, we will have two lanes blocked for miles. Getting off the motorway is already difficult at times due to lines of HGV's in the left lane, finding a gap between platoons will be a nightmare. I can't see how this is going to help congestion.
  14. He does seem to be fairly remorseless about it doesn't he? If I'd been involved in a fatal accident I'd feel terrible about it whatever the circumstances. Maybe a little porridge will help him think about things.
  15. Cat D two years ago when it was worth 35-40k, must have been a bit more than light front damage.