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  1. New M5

    You will love it. I’m still regularly amazed by mine after 4 years and 30k miles.
  2. New owner 3.6 M5

    To do a proper restoration type rebuild would have been almost as expensive and didn’t have BMW’s two year warranty. It was a complete block and head, re used throttle bodies, injectors etc. Everything attached to the engine was either overhauled or replaced. I’ve done around 12k miles on the new engine, runs perfectly. I can’t wait to get it out in the spring.
  3. New owner 3.6 M5

    Spun a big end at 140k miles. It’s first owner was Frank Sytner and I’m fairly sure he didn’t run it in. Fitted one of the two remaining engines BMW had on the shelf.
  4. Introduction, new E34 M5 3.8 owner...soon!

    There is no doubt that the 3.8 has more torque and feels faster than the 3.6. Neither car could be considered fast by modern standards though and once on a charge there is very little in it. Both share the fantastic S38 and both feel special. Buy on condition above all else, a ropey car that hasn’t been well cared for will be both expensive and frustrating to own. Parts are getting hard to find now and expertise is also limited. If at all possible buy a known car from an enthusiast. I have driven several 3.8’s, have owned my 3.6 for 12 years along with an E28 M5, an E39 M5, a 1M coupe and an F10 M5. You will not be disappointed with a healthy 3.6 although if prices ever really pick up (we’ve all been waiting years) a 3.8 will always be more valuable if that’s an issue for you. The later 6 speed is relatively rare now, I’ve got a mate who has had both 3.8’s at the same time and he much preferred his 5 speed. The bigger brakes on the 6 speed are nice to have but I prefer the throwing stars and the narrow grille of the 5 speed, the 6 speed box is effectively unrepairable so that’s another thing to bear in mind. Good of luck with your search, they are fantastic cars.
  5. Seeing this M5, thoughts?

    Agreed, they are not that quick, certainly not from the line anyway. Thing is, the 3.8 ain’t that quick either. If you can keep the revs up in either car you can cover ground very quickly but you have to work at it and need an empty road really. The sound is glorious though and having to get everything right to make them really shift is why they are so much fun to drive.
  6. Seeing this M5, thoughts?

    Looks like a decent car on the face of it. 3.8’s have got more midrange but need to be running perfectly to make the extra top end 25bhp. Once a 3.6 is revving there is very little in it on the road. As neither car could be described as torquey I would be buying on condition if I were you. As mentioned look for the usual E34 issues with rust etc and be aware that even small problems can get very expensive if you need M specific parts.
  7. Introduction, new E34 M5 3.8 owner...soon!

    Definitely sounds like the same car.
  8. Introduction, new E34 M5 3.8 owner...soon!

    Only 6 Fjord Grau RHD cars I believe. I think yours may have belonged to Steve Mac from a the M5board. He’s an old friend, I own what was his E39 M5. He is s true enthusiast who maintains his cars regardless of cost. If it is his car you’ve bought then it’s a good one.
  9. Introduction, new E34 M5 3.8 owner...soon!

    Fjord Grau? I’m sure I know the car. If so it’s been very well cared for over the years. Here and the E34 section of the M5board will have all the answers you need. Congratulations on buying in a great car.
  10. Period mods don’t detract too much from values although I agree that totally standard original cars will be worth the most money. As with all things it all it all depends on what becomes desirable, it wasn’t that long ago that you could buy a decent E28 M5 for £8k and look at them now. E34’s have yet to really appreciate despite their limited numbers and being downright brilliant. I’m not holding my breath for E39 prices to go through the roof either. I’ll just enjoy mine for what it is.
  11. When you say a bare shell respray do you mean have the car stripped to a bare shell and then blasted/dipped back to bare metal? If so then £5-7k won’t be anywhere near enough even if you strip and rebuild the car yourself.
  12. Size matters! F10 v E39

    The F10/11's are big but you soon get used to them. Older multi storey car parks can be a little tight though. Mine has got surround view which makes parking a doddle.
  13. V8 curiosity

    I love a V8. I’ve got an E39 540t, an E39 M5 and an F10 M5. All great engines although I agree with Dan that the 540 isn’t really a performance V8, great for wafting around but not really a charger.
  14. V8 curiosity

    420bhp with an open diff must have been interesting with the traction off. Can you order these with an LSD? I think the new auto’s are very good now, I’m not sure there is much of a place for DCT’s anymore. Personally I think the move away from a manual ‘box with a clutch pedal is a great shame. The DCT in my F10 is brilliant but I still love driving a proper manual.
  15. Dreaded but Necessary Insurance

    Just had my renewals through from 1st Central. £950 for the F10 M5 & £1100 for the 1M. Both over double from last year. Did a search around, got the F10 down to £430 and the 1M down to £350, both with LV.