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  1. E34 amber front indicators

    Thanks, found a decent set now.
  2. F10 M5 rear discs & pads

    Hi. Chassis no is: DX96936 thanks.
  3. F10 M5 rear discs & pads

    Hi, could you give me a quote for the above please. Thanks.
  4. Bowel Cancer Awareness Month - please read

    Sorry to hear you are unwell Dave. Thank you for posting this as most of us want to sweep all this stuff under the carpet and hope for the best. Sadly I see people every week who require surgery for bowel cancer. Many in their 60’s and 70’s but a few much younger. If you have any of the symptoms listed above, please get yourself checked out. Treatment for bowel cancer in its early stages is very effective indeed. Don’t be embarrassed, your GP will have heard/seen it all before and their focus will only be on getting you the investigations/treatment you need to get better. All the the best to you Dave.
  5. E34 amber front indicators

    Thanks. I might have found a pair but I’m not sure about their condition yet.
  6. E34 amber front indicators

    As above, must be damage free and genuine BMW/Hella? items. Thanks.
  7. Carbon Black E39 M5 in Ealing.

    Have seen this parked up a few times. Looks to be a good example. Never parked too far away from an estoril E36 M3 and an original Honda NSX. Nice cars.
  8. M5 valet today. Results

    Looks lovely. So nice to see one in really good condition. They must really have been something back in ‘89.
  9. How Long Have You Owned Your E34?

    Had E34’s since 2003, had my M5 since 2006. I’ve done around 35k miles in the M5 now, the last 12k or so on a new engine.
  10. 2000 E39 M5 - auction sale £24k...

    Didn’t zarnd have a low mileage E39 that needed big ends at around 40k miles? Is it the same car?
  11. New M5

    You will love it. I’m still regularly amazed by mine after 4 years and 30k miles.
  12. New owner 3.6 M5

    To do a proper restoration type rebuild would have been almost as expensive and didn’t have BMW’s two year warranty. It was a complete block and head, re used throttle bodies, injectors etc. Everything attached to the engine was either overhauled or replaced. I’ve done around 12k miles on the new engine, runs perfectly. I can’t wait to get it out in the spring.
  13. New owner 3.6 M5

    Spun a big end at 140k miles. It’s first owner was Frank Sytner and I’m fairly sure he didn’t run it in. Fitted one of the two remaining engines BMW had on the shelf.
  14. Introduction, new E34 M5 3.8 owner...soon!

    There is no doubt that the 3.8 has more torque and feels faster than the 3.6. Neither car could be considered fast by modern standards though and once on a charge there is very little in it. Both share the fantastic S38 and both feel special. Buy on condition above all else, a ropey car that hasn’t been well cared for will be both expensive and frustrating to own. Parts are getting hard to find now and expertise is also limited. If at all possible buy a known car from an enthusiast. I have driven several 3.8’s, have owned my 3.6 for 12 years along with an E28 M5, an E39 M5, a 1M coupe and an F10 M5. You will not be disappointed with a healthy 3.6 although if prices ever really pick up (we’ve all been waiting years) a 3.8 will always be more valuable if that’s an issue for you. The later 6 speed is relatively rare now, I’ve got a mate who has had both 3.8’s at the same time and he much preferred his 5 speed. The bigger brakes on the 6 speed are nice to have but I prefer the throwing stars and the narrow grille of the 5 speed, the 6 speed box is effectively unrepairable so that’s another thing to bear in mind. Good of luck with your search, they are fantastic cars.
  15. Seeing this M5, thoughts?

    Agreed, they are not that quick, certainly not from the line anyway. Thing is, the 3.8 ain’t that quick either. If you can keep the revs up in either car you can cover ground very quickly but you have to work at it and need an empty road really. The sound is glorious though and having to get everything right to make them really shift is why they are so much fun to drive.