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  1. Tony Fowkes autos in Park Royal. Great work and good guys to deal with.
  2. Not sure about that. I thought the 3.6 contrast colour was sterling silver. Sebring grey is a dark gun metal colour. The 3.8 cars were indeed granite silver. May be wrong though, worth checking to be sure.
  3. Sport airbags are available from aerosus. https://aerosus.co.uk/bmw/5-series/e39/bmw-5-series-e39-sport-left-rear-air-spring-assembly.html
  4. Well that is quite shocking. I'm not sure they are 'unchecked' as you put it though. I would imagine they are very much under the watchful eye of the security services.
  5. I don't want anyone here who wants to harm innocent people either. Karl's post alludes to large numbers of Syrian refugees being terrorists and I'm just asking for evidence of this as I think it's untrue and it fuels racist sentiments.
  6. I don't suppose you've got any evidence of this have you? I don't mean a picture of some young men crossing a border who are assumed to be fighters btw.
  7. This might be useful; http://mmm-five.net/Articles/files/E34M5_IntakeResOverhaul.pdf
  8. I'd do it but I'm on holiday I'm afraid. Hope you find someone.
  9. The correct plug is Bosch Y6DC. I think there is a champion equivalent that is the one that caused the problem in the two cars I know of. Both engines blew within a few hundred miles of changing plugs. Could be coincidence I suppose but I wouldn't risk it personally.
  10. Looks a nice car. What's the mileage? Jacking points are standard E34 repairs now, I doubt many cars have got away without rot there. Did the car run well before storage? Check all the vacuum lines under the plenum and the main hose from MAF to plenum for splits, you'll probably need a new rotor arm, cap & leads if they're original and check the cooling system carefully before you nail it. Also make sure you have the correct plugs fitted, I know of two cars that holed pistons after high speed runs with the wrong plugs in.
  11. It was a tired format towards the end of the Clarkson era and it's even worse now. I'm not sure there is a place on mainstream TV for a proper car show but that's what top gear needs to be IMO.
  12. Mines just come through from LV at £324 with exhaust, brake and suspension mods. 47yrs old, 9yrs NCB, wife as a named driver and 5 other cars in the household. That's down about £120 from last year.
  13. I also see similarities in arguments for an independent Scotland and that of those who want to leave the EU. Both feel they are being told what to do by a distant government that they didn't vote for and want independence from it even at the cost of their economy.
  14. I don't get them at all. Each to their own though.
  15. But that won't happen. People will charge their car at home. If you want to go on a long run then most people want to stop after about 300 miles for a piss/coffee so a half hour stop to recharge is no big deal.