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  1. Bushes were find when they were replaced. But with everything else getting changed too it would of been a false economy to leave them.
  2. Suffering axle tramp in your E39? Changed everything and still suffering? Have a watch of this fitment video detailing why you need powerflex polyurephane subframe bush inserts installing on your M5 (or other flavour E39). Grab a brew, spend 16 minutes watching and then ask yourself if you suffer axle tramp too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnB8C7jp51c
  3. Have a look at my video from changing your radiator - I detail about cleaning the fins of the radiator and condensor and explain why they fail.
  4. It is supposed to be auto tensioning, but they have a habbit of seizing - Had this issue on both 530d's that I've owned. It's the main pin which seizes in the alloy bracket and the spring tensioner on the rear cannot overcome it. It's a right pain to get sorted too short of buying an unseized unit. You might get away with spraying plenty of plusgas on it and allowing it to soak in then levering the pully arm up and down to break the seized material (due to dissimilar metals corroding). Item 2 in the below link: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DL72-EUR-01-2002-E39-BMW-530d&diagId=11_3576
  5. As posted by Firestorm - Mainly the reliability of having a fully welded radiator instead of the pressed on and clipped end caps of the standard Behr unit.
  6. Can't go wrong for the price - The quality of it looked good, so far it hasn't melted all over my conifers like someone said it would
  7. It is the Direnza one. Thankfully this one wasn't like a banana and fitted with zero major issues (apart from the couple of small adjustments to the rubber mounting blocks and the plastic oil cooler shroud as per the video). So far, reliability has been good with zero issues
  8. Cooling is about the same, maybe slightly better. No issues with it so far anyway
  9. Nah, It was a spur of the moment thing after a long day - We didn't get to Bilborough Top until 1930
  10. We had a "mega mini meet" the other night at Bilborough Top services on the A64 - Just me and Mike (who's not on this forum) were there
  11. Now I've had chance to put some miles on the car since the alloy radiator was fitted, I've done a little update video for you all to enjoy.
  12. Let's have our own mini-meet - You're only 20 minutes over the hill
  13. Cheers Rich - I knew it was something simple, but couldn't remember.
  14. Richard, you previously said how to add the welcome text to the IKE for when you unlock the car, I remember it being something really easy to do with about 30 seconds time to do it, but cannot remember how I did it. Been asked to add the same on a friends car Could you please remind me what the line of code is that needs to be sent to the Intravee and how it's done again. Cheers
  15. Bang opposite to the information to gave my mate Mike who took his M5 there for the vanos doing - When mentioned that there was an ESS charger ready to go on, Mr Vanos was insistant that he had ARP bolts fitted..........