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  1. Cheers gents
  2. In the latest of my series of videos with my dullest tones possible, we fit a short shift gear lever kit using all BMW parts. Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1e9e0j33hPo&t=19s
  3. If they are copper, then just resoften them by heating to cherry red with a blow lamp and letting them cool naturally. Unless they are damaged, then you need the following part numbers: 07119963072 and 07119963129
  4. Did you get any joy from them?
  5. Engine oil getting too hot? Power steering fluid boiling over? You need to fit some cooling! Grab yourself a coffee and spend the next 20 minutes learning how to fit yourself an engine oil cooler to your E39 M5 and also how to upgrade the power steering cooling system too (whilst increasing it's fluid capacity!)
  6. Wanting to fit an induction kit to your E39 M5? How about doing an Intake Air Temperature Sensor relocation too to elimate that common problem of heat soak causing ignition retardation after periods of heavy traffic and idling? Look no further - 10 minutes in this video tells you all you need to know!
  7. Not much - Fitted a brand new BMW radiator, upgraded to an oil cooler system, fitted a PAS cooler too. Not much
  8. I bought mine from UK Performance in Manchester. It'd probably be alright for the 6cyl people as their radiators are only 32mm cores and the direnza one is 42mm.
  9. What you might think is a waste of time is an extra discusion point and one of those "Well I've done this........." moments - Just a shame they're not easily seen once fitted
  10. It's obvious once you have removed the pollen filter housing. No need to remove the dashboard, only the trim piece above the pedals then you have access to what you need - 10 minutes at most.
  11. Watch this one which I sent to the eBay seller and they agreed a refund.
  12. Adjustable camber and toe arms - nice! Where'd you get those from?
  13. The fans aren't any louder than the aux fan running at 80% duration. Feed in the cabin was done through a grommet near the brake servo. Advantagd of electric fsns is no risk risk of the viscous fan shitting itself and destroying the front of the engine. An alleged release of used horsepower (not even noticeable tbh) from not having to drive a mechanical fan constantly and lastly, why not - everyone likes a good upgrade.
  14. Because, in short, it was shit and offered 25% less cooling when the maths was done.
  15. Funny you should mention that. See my latest video - the rad has been sent back.