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  1. If you do go for the one you linked to, then here is a how-to guide for fitting it whilst retaining all the OEM arch inserts and under the bumper trims - It's quite involved, but have a watch of the video and you'll see how it's not that difficult to do at home.
  2. Nothing wrong with Halfords own brand ATF. Use it in all my cars for PAS.
  3. Halfords are having some sort of self combustion sale on the sparkplugs that the S62 and S65 engines use - NGK BKR6EQUP. £8 for a pack of 4 down from £39.99 (Obviously they're usually cheaper with trade card, but no THIS cheap!) Just cleared out my local Halfords of all 4 packs
  4. Could you please offer a price and availability on the following part numbers? 51318159784 - Front screen trim 51318159785 - Rear scree upper trim 51318159786 - Rear screen lower trim Much cheers
  5. If you do go down the route of stumping up the cost yourself, then give Auto Windscreens a call - Had them do mine on the M5, Like-for-like replacement and it cost £302 cash price. That was for a green top solar banded screen with rain/light sensor, new trim rubber and they did the job in 2 parts (at my request - I wanted to remove the old screen, check for any corrosion and repair if required prior to new screen fitting).
  6. Pretty bright, I've installed LED festoon lights in them too. I'll grab somet pictures in a bit
  7. Very easy. No pictures though, they're just lights
  8. Just done a retrofit on my M5, used E46 vanity lights for it. Front footwells they are under the dashboard and provide adequate illumination and then the rear footwells they are in the doorcards below the ashtray area.
  9. Just renewed mine with Chris Knott, £360 fully comp with mods declared - Jumped up from last years premium by a few quid, but still the cheapest out there for the quotes I was given.
  10. Still up for grabs, before they end up in the bin.
  11. Theres no mud holding the rust in place on these though
  12. Cheers for the replies gents. The diesel thing at the moment is something that isn't overly worrying - Look at how many tradesfolk use diesel vans (probably 99% of them?), so I can't see a massive issue just yet with diesel. Agreed on the TDV8 engine being a decent one too - I've not seen or heard any horror stories about them, apart from they enjoy suppin' diesel like it's going out of fashion (But lets be fair, 2.6 ton vehicle and a big engine isn't going to return the best MPG at all. Anything over 25 average would be fine with me for the milage I do).
  13. Theres a bit more than 4 self tappers holding it on! jeezzz.......
  14. Cheers gents. This is the sort of information that's great. I had heard about oil pumps on the 2.7 lump being an issue and also about various jobs which require the body removing. Does the 3.6 V8 diesel have a belt or chain drive for the cams?
  15. In a few months I'll be binning off the Vivaro van once all the house renovations are complete - Which is a shame, as I've really enjoyed driving it and it's been tres useful. I'll be looking to replace it with a Rangerover Sport TDV6 or TDV8 of 2005/06/07 years. I'm looking for real world reviews and not the usual "It'd break down, off the road in the garage more than on the road" hype that goes with the brand - We all know that there are unreliable vehicles in all brands and marques, if you looked at the horror stories for the M5 then you'd never own one, especially since people always look to the forums for the problems and no-one ever says how good a car is etc. So with that in mind, anyone owned one? Things to look for when buying, anything that is a common issue across all the vehicle range - Rust areas etc etc Cheers