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  1. Great looking car!! Love it
  2. I will be there in a 200sx for the day
  3. How is your fleet looking these days? I am surprised that you haven't had a Range to be honest. That wont be me passing like a loon
  4. Use some Gripit's - job done They are designed just for this job
  5. Very good way to put it - effortless shove They dont have the best reputation. i tried twice to contact them about cars they had advertised, i had no calls or emails back despite chasing.
  6. Yep they are bonkers mapped. The cooled seats are by far the coldest i have ever used - far more effective than all the mercs i have had and my dads jag
  7. I did consider exactly that choice - any good new shape ones with sub 40k on the clock are more like 50-60k Mine has only just tipped 45k has full dealer history, new disks and pads all around and was more or less half that price, its definitely not half the car. Also a remap gets close to 400hp and 900nm and under 6 seconds to 60 too on the 4.4 Tdv8
  8. Thanks mate, the colour combo sold it to me. Mike has a peach of a car there! M3 sounds mighty, colour is stunning, we need another breakfast meet :}
  9. 2011 -2012 are the ones that have the 8 speed box, 4.4Tdv8 and updated electronics Vogue SE, westminster and autobiography are the higher specs. rear seat entertainment package is brilliant if spec'ed. perfect for kids on a run. For me there is only one 4x4 i world have ever considered :}
  10. Funny you say that about your dad, every single person i know who has one as their daily says the same, they wont be without one.
  11. Its is just that A very lovely place to be indeed Kev is rubbing his hands for all the repairs that will come his way
  12. Without question Daytona Violet coupled with Grey leather
  13. Nice addition to the car that!
  14. As always progress is fantastic on the is car Richard. A short break from the forum has given me a good few hours of reading the car threads
  15. Yeh i was a bit too. Been driving a few of my friends recently and had to have one - Fitted the Range Rover retractable side steps over the weekend too As a daily its just supreme. Did a 400 mile trip on Sunday (to collect some parts for a Mini i am building with my best friend, doing a Lynx AE R1 Conversion ) - the trip was a breeze and there was plenty of room for subframes, diffs, manifolds etc I do still have my SL500 for the summer days that i want a different approach also.