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  1. They have quite the inventory on their main website! http://www.gmscars.co.uk/ BMW L7 750IXL and an ALPINA B12 5.7 eKAT
  2. That's what I thought too! They are not however on closer inspection they are all clearly different cars Prices are keen, not quite 4 Star classics keen mind you.
  3. Why is she going? Looks like a fine example
  4. Eat better and move more as its already been said time over - I walk a lot these days (mostly around a golf course) and the unwanted weight is coming off and my fitness is improving all the time.
  5. Cordless Power Tools recommendations please!

    For DIY like above anything from the above is fine or better For professional Makita and HILTI are the way forward but if your budget doesn't stretch that far the high-end DeWalt and Bosch are also good
  6. Which 3 cars - lottery win

    Range Rover for a daily Ferrari 250 Spyder V12 Lamborghini - Aventador Roadster or Merci Roadster or Diablo Roadster
  7. Which 3 cars - lottery win

    They should want one. It is quite simply a master piece of a car - excuse my poor pictures I was a little excited to see it
  8. Which 3 cars - lottery win

    Oddly i know the guy with the low drag GT, he's a client of mine and his garage is very similar to your list, just a bit larger!! Great choice - TBH I would be hard pressed to beat it but there is no practical car their
  9. Imported m5

    My E39 was classed as an Import - Makes no difference whats so ever to the value of cars now. Back in those days you could save a lot buying from mainland and personally bringing the car over
  10. Funny Jokes - Good Old Paddy

    Bloke at a horse race whispers to Paddy next to him, "Do you want the winner of the next race?" Paddy replies "No tanks, oi've only got a small yard." A coach load of paddies on a mystery tour decided to run a sweepstake to guess where they were going..... The driver won £52. Paddy finds a sandwich with two wires stickin out of it. He phones the police and says "Bejasus, I've just found a sandwich dat looks like a bomb." The operator asks, "is it tickin? Paddy says "No, OI tink it's beef" Joe says to Paddy: "Close your curtains the next time you're making love to your wife. The whole street was watching and laughing at you yesterday." Paddy says: "Well the joke's on them because I wasn't even at home yesterday" The Irish have solved their own fuel problems. They imported 50 million tonnes of sand from the Arabs and they're going to drill for their own oil... Paddy says to Mick - I'm ready for a holiday, only this year I'm going to do it a bit different. 3 years ago, I went to Spain and Mary got pregnant. 2 years ago I went to Italy and Mary got pregnant. Last year, I went to Majorca and Mary got pregnant." Mick asks - So what are you going to do this year?." Paddy replies, - I'll take her with me!" Paddy says to Mick, "Christmas is on a Friday this year" Mick says "Let's hope it's not the 13th." Paddy's in the bathroom and Murphy shouts to him. "Did you find the shampoo?" Paddy says, "Oi did, but it's for dry hair and I've just wet mine."
  11. Car Ramps

    The plastic ones are fine. You wont have even a tonne on the ramps when the front wheels are up on them
  12. Project Lexus LS460

    Love the RR - Does everything i want it for perfectly. its not by any shape a drivers car, but for what i do 90% of the time is exceptional
  13. Project Lexus LS460

    The wheels I have that I had on my CL looked quite similar
  14. New from Kent - E60 M5

    Welcome David Glad you have joined the board I will have a think as to that error now Kevs changed the SMG unit
  15. Oh fek, here I go again!

    really sorry to hear the rubbish news Your run over the last few years hasn't been kind. Especially for a man who was with his last firm for 7 years. Have you considered asking the old 7-year firm if they are interested in working with you again or has that ship sailed