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  1. I dont think they can be cleaned out no, i did try on my old T5 but it was to no avail. The parts where not expensive to replace, but a bit of a ball ache as it was inlet manifold off - Might be a lot easier on the D5
  2. So it appears your car does indeed have a PCV system - Does it do this
  3. Yes thats the intake. One of the smaller pipes joining will be from a PCV filter, and would mist oil back into the intake if its getting clogged (if they have one, shall have a quick read up now). How many miles has it done?
  4. Do these have PCV systems like the older T5 Volvos? it was a common fault they clog and they dont vent correctly and fill the cabins with smoke
  5. Perhaps somewhere towards canterbury ? Would be somewhere in the middle then between us all?
  6. Now that sounds like a good idea! How about Sunday???
  7. I am good thanks Mike! I have recently moved house down to Ivychurch now - Its lovely Still got my CL for daily duties and bought a lovely R129 SL500 a week back for nice weather pottering We shall have to arrange another catch up day, get the cars out for a blast
  8. Cars still looking fresh! Lovely job on the steering wheel, I am considering getting my Merc wheel re-done at Royal Also good to see another M5 getting abused on track, they hold up well for their size and surprise a lot of people.
  9. Ohh that looks good!
  10. I feel that some of the current episodes could easily fill a 2 hour slot. They have had to cut out so much - The Merc SEC is a prime example
  11. Do you have access to a steam cleaner? They can be brilliant at really grimy seats This is a must watch for leather cleaning
  12. I am finding this thread refreshing, I am really struggling to "get" the new show. It feels like they are trying too hard to be funny, and its not working for me. I ended up on facebook during the 2nd show and the 3rd i finally watched yesterday was painful too
  13. Dennis has posted the exact guide I followed up. I found it a doddle
  14. Just seen this, I am sure I can find it from m5board Will have a look tomorrow for you