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  1. MaDeX


    Hampshire area had slight snow, can I just say i've had the most fun time driving to work!
  2. MaDeX

    I'm new and this is my baby.

    Thank you, its a semi decent condition - saving for paintwork, mop + polish. Only started this project a few months ago..... i'm so poor
  3. MaDeX

    I'm new and this is my baby.

    Me too; I split my time between Tadley and Basingstoke (Riverdene). Ah right, So whats your current car?
  4. MaDeX

    I'm new and this is my baby.

    Outskirts of Basingstoke, i'm looking to goto meet's and get some technical advice / tips.
  5. MaDeX

    Slight hesitation upon putting foot down

    Actually thats a great idea, my fuel line was very perished, would that mean something?
  6. Guys, this is a little thing thats been getting at me... recent overhaul of my 525i sport. New coils, plugs, redex, air filter, fuel filter. blah blah I'm slighty putting my foot down when sometimes I feel the car slowing and fasting while my foot is kept in the same position (around half way or sometimes fully booted) I notice the MPG meter go up and down around 1 cm travel... Any ideas, im considering changing the MAP sensor (one by the air filter - £150 )
  7. MaDeX

    I'm new and this is my baby.

    http://img355.imageshack.us/img355/442/n70987145613541449062sf6.jpg Wheel Thats it for now
  8. MaDeX

    I'm new and this is my baby.

    The joys of MS paint my friend
  9. Hello guys, be gentile - i'll be requiring some of your expert advice and talents