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    2002 525d Manual SE TitanGrau.

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  1. SplitBusVanatic

    Do I have two injectors gone kaput ?

    Ok. Good stuff. I will try that. Thank you.
  2. SplitBusVanatic

    Do I have two injectors gone kaput ?

    2002 525d Manual. Goes into limp after hard acceleration. After changing down gears And back up again. Looks like injectors 5 and 6 are way out of accepted range. ??? This is during limp mode. Getting a rail pressure fault. (Inpa) Have replaced actual rail pressure and that little sensor/switch above the fuel filter.
  3. SplitBusVanatic

    525d Sport rolling project

    Nice one. Avus is such a lovely colour. Best of luck with it.
  4. SplitBusVanatic

    E39 530D Sport Manual

    In 1999 it was a fast big diesel at 184bhp and in manual. Not many around then. I know things have moved on since. But at the time it was a brute.
  5. SplitBusVanatic

    E39 530D Sport Manual

    Agreed about 525d. Not as Brutishly fast as the 530d but not bad. I’m driving a standard 525d manual last couple of years. 400 miles a week. Hard to beat the mpg of the slightly small cc version. Are you you stuck on buying a sport ? Or will you look at ‘se’ cars also ?
  6. SplitBusVanatic

    E39 530D Sport Manual

    Manual 530d’s are epic. I don’t like to mess with them. Plenty of power at 193bhp. Try looking on DoneDeal in Ireland. Loads of them come up very often. Not as rusty as some Uk cars. You’ll find loads were originally UK cars. Biggest carrot is the prices. Quite cheap. Due to €1594 annual road tax for a 3.0 litre car. All the best.
  7. SplitBusVanatic

    DDE light came on.

    This was this morning. (Day off) car however lost lost all power on the way home. Nearly home (5 miles away) After a 60 minute journey at 60mph. Thdbkfully it restarted after no excessive cranking. Have an important day tomorrow. I Cannot risk it unless I sort something out with it today.
  8. SplitBusVanatic

    DDE light came on.

    Thanks for the info. Do you have any links to those parts.? Or did you source them locally to you.
  9. SplitBusVanatic

    DDE light came on.

    I’m aware of loom at injector issues. Have corrected loads of these. Thanks for heads up though.
  10. SplitBusVanatic

    DDE light came on.

    So it’s still doing this but is fine when cold. I mean ice cold. For an hours driving in the morning. Not a bother on it. Then, On my way home. After the day sitting. It will begin to give trouble after about 40 mins driving home. (Afternoon). And only if I let the throttle drop and try to speed up. As if the load is overwhelming something and it’s say. “Whoa. Whoa. I’m shutting you down brother.” So I’m all set to get a second hand rail pressure sensor and stick it in when this morning. Up for work, As I snuck out of the house at 5am. I put ignition to position 2. I heard a gurgle from the pump under the passenger side. Car went as usual today. What would you do guys. Gamble on a pump. Is it safe to buy a spurious one. ? Thanks.
  11. SplitBusVanatic

    2 topics, e38 mirrors into e39 and headlamp covers

    Yes. E38 folding mirrors is a simple swap. You’ll need module from passenger door and switch pack from drivers door. Headlamp covers item number 132322252715 on eBay.
  12. SplitBusVanatic

    DDE light came on.

    Was serviced recently. I always change fuel filter every service.
  13. SplitBusVanatic

    DDE light came on.

    Thanks for your reply. I wasn’t awful worried about glow plugs. I was thinking it might be the pump under passenger side. I’ve replaced a few of these over the years. Car has well over half a tank of fuel so the 1/4 tank tell tale for in tank pump hasn’t happened yet.
  14. SplitBusVanatic

    DDE light came on.

    So it did it again. My commute is 55 odd miles in the morning and 55 miles back. After about 45 miles on the way home after work. The dde light came on three days in a row at almost the same part of the road Weird. A cycle of the ignition on and off turned it off. But the idle sounds slightly different while the light is on. My first thought was injectors or the common issue of the loom going to them. So I plugged her into INPA this morning and this is what I got. The injectors look 100%. However there are two faults. What do you guys think ?
  15. SplitBusVanatic

    DDE light came on.

    I cleared the faults and light has stayed off. Driving it again hasn’t brought up faults or light again. Any ideas ?