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  1. Oh Dear! Not sure I like that idea. That's heat applied t board, risk of ESD damage, resoldering and all that can go wrong with that etc.
  2. HI, Yes I'm interested. Just need notice to have the time. I think Simon travels up to the north West so as I'm coming from Dublin I might coordinate to meet him around Chester area. He mailed me back a whikle ago and I had a few questions but don't think I got a reply. Hes quoting "The BMW F10 530d engine we can take from 258bhp up to 325bhp and the torque from 560nm up to 660nm giving a very impressive performance gain and all within safe design tolerance of the engine and drive train components " which is impressive but seems a big jump. Quoted £299. I wanted to know if his remap is via the OBD port or ECU out /replace etc. Hoping its via OBD port......? Does it increase responsiveness in various modes equally e.g. eco pro, comfort, sport etc. Also curipus if he does some other coding on the F10? Cheers John
  3. Interesting. What car have you and is it LCI? I believe there's 2 different front calipers designs, one (earlier?) that is tapered that accommodates the 20" M5 wheel.
  4. It's indeed 7l. It needed a big more to bring it to max.
  5. Big shout, do you have 20in avant garde wheels, (OEM m5?) on yours?
  6. Agree with this. I had this done with my old E39530d , subtle mod rather than the down turned OEM. Easy for an exhaust shop and they will have several deigns to choose from.
  7. It 'took' a bit under 7l- bloody iPad predictive text.....
  8. Just did mine today. It good a bit under 7 litres which accounts for any bit left over that mightn't have drained. I put 6.5 litres in and progressively top up from there checking dipstick ( allowing level to settle). I'll check tomorrow and then when warm and see if it needs a few more mls. By the way bought my LL04 castrol from Opie oiled, delivered to my door at a significant saving over even the keenest motor factors.
  9. Wondering if anyone on here owns this E39 M5 or if anyone has viewed it or has an informed opinion on it? Ta.
  10. 535iAR and Matthew- thanks guys. Helpful info - cheers and thanks!
  11. Hi, i do most maintenance myself like replacing brake pads, but need a diagnostic tool to reset the fault light on the dash afterwards. Need the tool to be able to wind back the rear caliper pistons also for the F10 & F15 with the electronic handbrake. Any recommendations? Cheers, thanks
  12. Just noticed an E36 convertible as my avatar photo... How the hell this that happen. Whatever about E36s , I don't like convertibles. Must change it.....
  13. Was looking forward to seeing the photos, sounds like a really special example
  14. Cheers for the updates and the detail - that's useful! Did you do anything on brakes or suspension....?
  15. I've been in touch with Simon and I'd be in north Wales/Chester area.......coming over from Dublin. Maybe we can hook up or he can work out a route to do a few cars ( I recall he did this a few years back, I had a 2003 E39 530d MSport for 8 years, brilliant car. )