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  1. JOhnKE39530d

    Never expected to see this.....!

    Its just ran in at 100k . Lovely Car. On the lookout for a facelift Black E39M5 if you know of any....
  2. JOhnKE39530d

    Aircons playing up!!!

    There was a warranty replacement on F10 compressors - it was a "quiet recall" i.e. only if customers reported and issue or at service time. Mine gave up 2 years ago and it was replaced FOC by Dealer.
  3. JOhnKE39530d

    E39 19'' Staggered Parallel Wheels

    Yep ! my thoughts exactly !:-)
  4. JOhnKE39530d

    E39 19'' Staggered Parallel Wheels

    Nice find !. So rare - Denis was 100% on the ball to snap them up.
  5. JOhnKE39530d

    E39 M5 market

    Im in the market for an E39 M5 ( Black) . The mileage would be high for me , maybe for others too so I'd cut straight to emphasize the service history. In addition to the above I personally dont think cars look well photo'd on grass. I'd take it to a nice location with a nice tidy background. Gives the right impression. Good luck !
  6. JOhnKE39530d

    E39 530i Black on Black

    Curious about the wrong ( non facelift) steering wheel?
  7. I started reading this with excitement that my F10 530d is tunable via OBD - but whats the caveat about original files being available on he database....... is it or isnt it tunable via the OBD..... F10 530d LCI. What does it depend on .....? Thanks . I'll check out the website.
  8. JOhnKE39530d

    F11 vibration when braking above 30/40mph

    Hi, I'm in a similar position. Had a bid vibration similar to yours before Xmas. All suspension fine. ( 55k miles 530d) changed discs, problem solved. Now I can feel a slight ilt vibration under braking again. Ive been checking around an seems like the wheel bearings on the F10 are a bolted in design and are susceptible to damage. haven't had the time to look further into it though
  9. JOhnKE39530d

    Need new rear tyres totally confused now

    I disagree, RFT and NON RFT have different physical construction and as we all know cause a car to handle and behave differently so personally I would recommend NOT mixing on the same axle and maybe for a short periond having RFT/Non RFT on front /rear but again not ideal. IMHO.
  10. JOhnKE39530d

    Need new rear tyres totally confused now

  11. JOhnKE39530d

    Need new rear tyres totally confused now

    I am in the exact same situation with my 530d. Ideally would like to ditch RFTs but fronts are pretty good still. My shopping around has led me to consider Non RFT Bstone RE050A £660+ VAT 195rear 135front PZero slightly more pricey Falken FK510 - opinions? Yokohama V105 - opinions? The other option is put a set of cheap RFTs on the back and wear them down until the fronts also need replacement and replace all 4 with decent non RFTs On Kuhmos, I put them on X5s and they do a great job!!
  12. JOhnKE39530d

    Falken FK510 tyre

    Has anyone knowledge or experience of the Falken FK510 non RFT performance tyre?
  13. Hi , Thanks for sharing - very enjoyable and informative. I watched most of these especoially the 535d and the 640d.....Ihave an LCI F10 530d MSport.... nice car but I've been considering the F10 535d and the 640d coupe for a while as my next car. The 640d GC is just too long for me. I look at the 640d coupe now and again.... sometimes it looks fab, sometimes a bit long and wonder is it dating a bit now...... but its got style and the same engine as the 535d. You liked the 640d GC - any particular view son the 640d coupe ( apart from the practicality side of things)? Maybe the F10 is the compromise best of both ......Thanks for your thoughts
  14. JOhnKE39530d

    Swopped 2017 RFT's for Goodyear Eagle F1 A3's

    Thanks.. Yes you are right, I dont think any of them actually protect the rim....however I like to look of the rim protector rather than a straight sidewall.....