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  1. 535iAR and Matthew- thanks guys. Helpful info - cheers and thanks!
  2. Hi, i do most maintenance myself like replacing brake pads, but need a diagnostic tool to reset the fault light on the dash afterwards. Need the tool to be able to wind back the rear caliper pistons also for the F10 & F15 with the electronic handbrake. Any recommendations? Cheers, thanks
  3. Just noticed an E36 convertible as my avatar photo... How the hell this that happen. Whatever about E36s , I don't like convertibles. Must change it.....
  4. Was looking forward to seeing the photos, sounds like a really special example
  5. Cheers for the updates and the detail - that's useful! Did you do anything on brakes or suspension....?
  6. I've been in touch with Simon and I'd be in north Wales/Chester area.......coming over from Dublin. Maybe we can hook up or he can work out a route to do a few cars ( I recall he did this a few years back, I had a 2003 E39 530d MSport for 8 years, brilliant car. )
  7. Hi, it's coming up to new brakes time on my 530d LCI. Thinking of upgrading to 535d discs. Does anyone know the diameter of 535d discs vs 530d LCI discs? I'd need the new calipers carriers if disc is larger....anything else. .? Also has anyone tried different brake pads and any results? thinking of EMaps remap so upping braking power slightly if I have to invest in discs anyway.... thanks
  8. Well, I mentioned chassis upgrades I wasn't thinking comfort, more handling. Someone on here replaced wheels with OEM M5 and non RFT reducing unsprung weight with good results. Maybe a stiffer set of shocks when needed and what brake pads work well. And a remap .... Seems like not May folks have modded F10s. Regards the F07, I don't know anything about them really, and it'll stay that way because I just don't like the look of them ... Kind of nondescript design that's 'in between' In my opinion, but each to their own. Thanks for the constructive comments above.
  9. No Thanks!!
  10. Thanks guys. Ideally a 535d would be the one and I might end up there (or same engine in a 640d) but I'm still interested to hear from anyone who has done reputable remap and sensible chassis upgrades on a F10 530d Anyone done this ?
  11. Thanks Lennox. Interested and a bit surprised at your last comment re F10 530vs 535. Anyway that's kind of my point. The 530d is bloody good and with the right few tweaks it could be even better. like you I've ditched every RFT and will be doing same... Kind of interested in the lighter M5 20s brakes and suspension are ok but a tad better would be welcome, sharper, stiffer, enginer great eat and economy is silly good for the PCs NS size of the thing but if I could get a little more from it - great. I've read good things about DMS and emaps, so looking for those who have actually done it on this car. thanks
  12. Hi All, I have my F10530d LCI and while its a great car, I'm the stage where it just needs a mid life sharpen up (like myself ) Can't afford a 535d so what are the recommend mods to liven it up and sharpen it up a bit? Has anyone done a DMS remap on one of these and what are the results. ? Or Simon EMap? Someone else on here has put genuine M5 wheels and non RFTs and reduce the unstrung weight - will that work on the 530d ( brake calipers clearance?), anything to reduce roll a bit, best brake pads, etc thanks
  13. The 313bhp is the same engine in the 640d right? I'm thinking when the time comes to change of going with the F10535d or maybe a 640d. Interested if anyone had made that move and 1) impressions of 535d Vs 530d 2) 535d vs 640d. ( to me the GC seems a bit big, has 4 doors, coupe nice but cramped innthe back) Thanks
  14. Lovely car! The M5 wheels is interesting- do they fit straight on without any issues? The F10 530MSport 19s have a flat face, non concave and I think the M5 wheels have a concave dish....are the offsets etc different. ? It obviously drives great from what you rubbing etc. I might look into this mod
  15. Did you have an oil change or something else done? are you checking when oil is warm or cold. Better to check when warmed up. Turn off engine on level surface and check after 1 minute with dipstick. ive seen this on my 530d after an oil change and very slight marginal overfill. Solved by opening the sump bolt and letting out a very small amount. Half cup full. Tricky procedure , careful oil isn't hot, need glove and basin etc. If it's happening out of the blue and sounds like your car is almost new, I'd bring back to dealer. Could be sensor also