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  1. Thanks Guys, Buster, I wish I'd seen your system before I took the plunge. I was put off by reports on Chinese replacements but yours looks great. Anyway I finally sorted it and I can probably dispel some myths that I was told by the first stereo shop. If you have a sat nav car you need the double din Connects2 facia kit (CT24BM08). The frame screws directly into where the old sat nav frame is. You may not be able to fit the cage (I counldn'tas a touch too tall) so secured the system with some shims I made that are hidden. You do not need to cut the air box. With this facia you can fit a full size (is a bit tight so test fit the one you buy) double DIN system.
  2. Hi, Sat nav screen pixelated/ amp a channel down so decided to go new stereo route so I could have modern bluetooth DAB etc. I went to a large aftermarket car audio shop, with my 2002 530i msport E39 showed and explained I had the sat/nav/tv unit. They advised me to go single DIN as I didnt want to cut up the airbox and supplied me with everything I need. I fitted the loom and got the single DIN JVC stereo to work and its great except the facia doesn't fit the space (I did show/tell them it wasnt a car with the "flap") and it has no way of attaching to the dash. I'm awaiting the shops installer to get back to me..... Is there a better facia (I think this is from Connects2?) or is there a stereo/facia (maybe a double din) that fits correctly that doesnt require the airbox mod? Hopefully it also works with the loom I've fitted as that will be a monumental PITA to take out and replace..... Please help its driving me mad....
  3. So I decided to take the plunge and remove the sat/nav/tv/cassette/changer as channels were down on the amp and can't connect to ipod etc. Went to Car Audio Security in Hayes, with the car and explained it was a sat nav vehicle etc. They sold me a single din stereo (I didnt want to start cutting up the air box behind the dash) and a facia and said it would all fit fine. So yesterday I fitted the loom etc and the stereo works and its great to have bluetooth music/phone and DAB. However the facia leaves about a 10mm gap at the top and also has no clips or tabs to attach to the dash. The company are saying (now) that its the correct facia (well it cant be can it) and I need to make an infill?????? How bobbins would that look!!!! It would still be unconnected to the car anyhow. It seems non sat nav cars have a flap above. Whilst it would probavbly fit one of those cars, still no attachments or clips. Does anyone know of a facia that fits sat nav cars and that can be actually attached to the dash? Thanks 2002 E39 530i M sport
  4. wozzer

    Battery drain and sat nav gps amp....

    Just removed and unplugged the nav disc and radio and cd work but no display on the head unit!?!
  5. Okay so I know that with green 56 fuse removed there is no battery drain. Before I start removing nav disc etc can anyone identify all the boxes for me!? Also do I need to remove nav disc to unplug? Obviously the box at the bottom is the cd multiplayer, sat nav disc is at the top. Is the box on the bottom left the audio amp? What is the box under the cd nav? What is the box that is loose to the right of the nav disc? There is also a 1amp fuse on cables under the nav disc.
  6. Thanks chicaneuk. Not sure if anyone has truly got to the bottom of it all but worth a read. Shame as I have spent about £4k on the car in the last 18 months when its probably worth a little less than that so I'd be heartbroken if I now get rid of it because of electronic issues.
  7. Thanks Seesure. I know that the CD nav unit was still whirring for a few minutes anfter ignition turned off when I was checking things out a few weeks ago. I just wasnt sure how long that was meant to go on for. Be great if a way to unhook it and still have dashboard radio/display etc and see if its isolated to the CDnav.
  8. HI, So by removing fuse 56 it does appear that my battery drain problem involves the Radio, sat nav. Has anyone had this problem and have any tips for fixing it? And how do you know if its the head unit in the dash or the Sat Nav or even CD player? Concerned this is going to be very expensive.....
  9. wozzer

    Battery Drain Problem

    Thanks guys. Is the traffic master that knob under the heater controls that flashes up a clunky map of the uk? If so, it does. So Im guessing I can pull fuses for the sat nav and traffic master if I can find which ones? Also I did replace my hedgehog about 6 years ago so I know how to get to it although Im not having any heater blower run on problems.
  10. wozzer

    Battery Drain Problem

    Hi, So about a month ago I started getting a battery drain problem. Battery and alternator working fine. I was told to try the interior boot light and the hedgehog. I my camera on video in the boot, locked the car and the light goes out but the Nav disc machine has the red light on (flashes occasionally) and is chirping away. Is that normal? Does it stop after a certain amount of time or should have stopped immediately? Not removed the FSU hedgehog but wouldnt I get fan run on? Im not getting that. Any tips help on tracing this would be great. Driving me mad!!! Thanks in advance. W.
  11. Okay..second and really good AA guy came out... He's an ex auto electrician also..... He said you shouldn't be able to blow the ECU if jump done correctly and all the front jump points do is add convenience. Problem turned out to be that despite gauge saying had 1/4 tank, the car on a camber wasnt picking up fuel.
  12. The battery. Which Im now learning is a mistake. He's a car nut, races cars etc and he wired it up....... 4 BMW's and never knew this. Never needed to or jump one of them.
  13. Well after an hour it started and ran fine. Ten mins after that...... back to being like a tractor......
  14. Hi, My next door neighbour asked me to jump start his car. We connected the cables to the battery and started my car which ran fine. When he tried to start his mine died. Now it starts like its running on two cylinders, not getting fuel and stalling. Help!