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  1. We bought a little 2009 Citroen C1 just under a year ago so the girls could learn to drive. Cheapest to insure I could find (group 1), and everything else is cheap too - 60 mpg, £20 road tax - lovely. I got it insured through Swift, and there's my Wife, me, daughter number 1 (25) and daughter number 2 (22) on the policy. The policy is up for renewal at the end of May. The eldest daughter lost interest and gave up, which given her stresshead personality, may be just as well. She stalled a few times at traffic lights, and then just turned it off, got out, and left me there. At the lights. Daughter number 2 has done very well, and will likely pass her test, which she is taking in a couple of weeks. So - to my question. Daughter Number 2 will be taking over use of the car. I will have to declare her as the main driver, although the car is registered in my name. Is the insurance going to go through the roof? Will leaving me and her Mum on the policy help? Any first hand experience of this out there? Finally, will she be able to use the 1 year NCD we have earned?
  2. I'm in the same boat at the moment - Have you found a solution Scott?
  3. This shape S / V 70 was a great car. I had the one in the pic above, then a V70 Classic, with all the bells and whistles. Still got this one, which I got after the E39 three years ago now, and it's been great in all respects, except for any sort of wow factor :
  4. I never knew you used to be a drug dealer Dennis? [emoji23][emoji23]
  5. It is indeed. A little off topic, but great!!
  6. Dad had two of them that style Scott - the other one was a Consul in silver. Lovely old buses.
  7. The Mk 3 Cavalier in the pic above was a 2.0i CD. Ii had a surprising turn of speed, and was well equipped - heated velour seats, electric everything, Blaupunkt stereo - and air con!
  8. And a few of my own - some good, some not! I wish I'd taken pics of all the cars I've had.
  9. Here's a few more of our family cars from the archive!
  10. After a brief fling with a carb Saab 900 with a manual choke, my Mother had a bright red 2.0iS. She loved it - for all of two weeks. It was nicked from outside a hotel in Dublin and never seen again. She's had mostly BMWs since then.
  11. I think the type of finance you would get would be a personal loan rather than traditional HP. Arnold Clark use those loans all the time. Gets them around the finance company checking the book price of the car too - the money is loaned to you and isn't secured on the car. Can be useful if you want to sell the car and buy another one privately later on.
  12. I had a 1989 G plate 2.9 Ghia 4x4 estate for a while. I guess it was pretty much the same as an XR 4x4 to drive. Great car - one of my favourites when I look back. Pulled like a train, and much more sporting to drive than the Granada 2.9 Auto I had a while before that.
  13. My Dad had a GXL in a wine colour with a vinyl roof, then a metallic blue 2000E, also with a vinyl roof. Nice cars both of them.
  14. There is something wrong. They are jihadi scum, and should all be kicked out of Europe like the poo poo off your shoe. All of them.
  15. Saw that last night. Have to admit to getting quite excited about it - not my usual reaction to This Week!
  16. That's a good solution - best I've heard in fact. You would need a regular scheduled service though. I wonder how many of these returning jihadi scum have British passports? That, I suspect, is the problem. The way to combat that is to make sure someone shoots them on the way back.
  17. Says it like it is. So, funny enough, did Enoch Powell. He was right.
  18. Top cop on the tv just now, saying we must recognise that Muslim communities will feel anxious at this time. Jesus - really? This is what we should be concerned about? He's warning about consequences of hate crimes against Muslims. This is actually how our ever increasingly politically correct officials now think. No wonder we are soft targets. Get out there and protect us asshole.
  19. Start calling a spade a spade, and acknowledge what's right under our bloody noses. Time to stop worrying about being called racist or told we are discriminating, and go out there and kick some arse.
  20. Just watched Sunday's Top Gear. I now have a new reason why I need a Lotto win. That Aston.....
  21. We all know the protocol by now- 1. This has nothing to do with Islam. 2. The guy was a mentally ill 'lone wolf'. 3. Those who object to points 1 and 2 are racist bigots. 4. Change Facebook profile to flag of inflicted country. 5. Light some candles, hold a vigil and go on a peace march. 6. Wait for the next slaughter to happen. 7. Repeat.
  22. So it looks like Edd is off to pastures new, and is being replaced by Ant Anstead. My first thoughts are that if Edd is determined to go, Ant is a very good choice for a replacement. I can see him getting on well enough with Mike. Some will no doubt draw parallels with the three presenters leaving Top Gear, but I don't think this is the same thing. Good luck I say. It will be interesting to see what Edd has up his sleeve too!
  23. I'd like to see Top Gear revamped completely to include Mike, Edd, and Ant as presenters, along with a couple of driving guys. That would be fun.
  24. Bejeeesus. That's a shame. Fair play to Edd actually. Has the courage of his convictions. Americans. Why do they have to fnuk fnar everything up?
  25. That's a very good point. That series he did with Philip Glenister - For the Love of Cars - was great. I was hoping that was coming back soon. One of the few series I actually went out and bought to keep in DVD form. To be honest though, I believe Edd China could do just as good a job, given the resources.