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  1. Mobile wheel refurb

    The guy that came to me cleaned the wheels thoroughly, deflated the tyre and broke the bead, tidied up any bad edges. Masked up, sprayed and then lacquered. He had an infra red thing to bake them. Then reinflated the tyre and fitted the wheel back on the car. We we had the E46 for 4 years, and they still looked great. I cant complain!
  2. Wheels to fit my E34

    Have a look here for different BMW wheels for each model, including sizes and offsets : CLICKY
  3. 7-seat MPV views and opinions

    Your Wife has a point. BMW warranty is pretty good, and covers everything pretty much, but you'll need it. Other marques seem to manage fine without visiting a dealer every couple of months or so...
  4. Mobile wheel refurb

    I had wheels done at home a couple of times, and have done the powder coating thing quite a few more. To be honest, I preferred the painted finish every time. It's closer to the original manufacturer's finish. The three sets I had done like that were staggered Alpina 17s, a set of Style 137s for Mrs Calypso's E46, and a set of Style 5s. Paint finish was durable, and I had no problems with any of them. I don't think anyone around here does this anymore. The powder coating is OK, but I just don't think the finish is as good. I had some issues with peeling too - although they rectified that.
  5. New Wheeler Dealers

    Hmm.... I’m surprised at one or two of the decisions Ant made with that Healey. He’d never have done that in For the Love of Cars.... Still - it may not be original, but it looks fun!
  6. Some bits and pieces I'm selling on eBay at the moment. A few BMW related items in there amongst it all. CLICK HERE!
  7. Back into a 5 series! 523i just purchased

    That E39 of yours is very nice. You don't see many nice amber indicator cars these days, and that one is a nice colour too. I still look wistfully at pictures of pre facelift E39s in Glacier green, on style 33 wheels, with dark green cloth interior. I know I shouldn't like them, but I do........
  8. Back into a 5 series! 523i just purchased

    Never mind X3s and E39s - what's the craic with that little Alfa Giulia GT Sprint back there???
  9. Random Saab question re 900 classic tool tray

    Have a look at this Duncan : https://www.jimellissaabparts.com/showAssembly.aspx?ukey_assembly=409892&ukey_make=1032&ukey_model=14676&ukey_category=19611
  10. Fake Castrol oil in Russia?

    Seems like a lot of trouble to go to though - get the oil, take out the good stuff by slicing open the side, re-fill with crap oil, re-seal and sell on. There are more productive ways to earn a coin I'd say!
  11. My Wife is adopted, and has no information about her birth family - or any family. Her adoptive parents are both gone now. I have bought her one of these AncestryDNA kits as a present for Valentine's day, so she can find out a bit about herself, and who knows - she might trace a distant relative, if any have also taken the test. Have any of you tried this, and if so, have you found it interesting?
  12. I’m not a whisky connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination. I like a nice Rusty Nail to be honest. BUT for my 50th, my best pal in life got me a quaich, and we drank a lovely drop of Balvenie Doublewoood from it. A great night.
  13. AncestryDNA - has anyone tried it?

    I never buy flowers for Valentines - I refuse to follow the commercial machine’s rules. I buy her flowers at other times, when they are not expected, or when I think she needs a wee lift. Last time was just Friday past in fact!
  14. High Mileage F10 or E60?

    I'd say the answer to that question would depend a lot on the service history. Not the stamped book, but sheafs of invoices. At 86k miles and 10 years old, your E60 is going to start getting tired, and might start to need some big ticket items replacing. Fine if this has been done, but if not.......... At 130k miles, you may well find some of the big ticket items have already been dealt with. It depends too on how many miles you'll be covering. The F10 should be worth more when you've finished with it if your annual miles aren't that high. Personal preference is the other thing. For me, the F10 is a much nicer car, even in SE guise - and the interior is definitely nicer - and better.
  15. New Wheeler Dealers

    My favourites were : Saab 900 turbo (with the incorrectly wired front indicator / side lamp) Bentley Mulsanne (they should have done the interior) Jensen Interceptor Triumpg Staaaag Jaguar Mk2 Jaguar XJC BMW 635 Golf Mk1 GTi, BMW E30 325i Touring Range Rover (the classic one) Mercedes 190e 2.3 16 Mercedes 230E Austin Mini Mk1 Triumph TR6 Peugeot 205 Porsche 928 There are SO many more too. I wish I could get them all in a box set for reasonable money.
  16. New Wheeler Dealers

    Actually yes - me too!
  17. New Wheeler Dealers

    Well, that's the first of the new series that didn't really tickle my fancy. They did a good job on the little Ranchero no doubt, but I couldn't get excited about it.
  18. This may be an itch I will have to scratch. Every time I see one, or these cars come up in conversation, there is much chin scratching and daydreaming. Mid 90s to late 2000s cars are cheap as chips now, and while I would prefer an older one such as an original 900 or 9000, these newer ones may fit my budget a bit better. I don't actually mind some of the GM ones to be honest. That said, I couldn't keep both the E34 and a Saab on the go, so that's another dilemma. Then again. I could flog the F10 while it's still in warranty, and buy a last of the line 9-5 - the 2010 on one. Then I could keep the E34. I'd better try and forget all this before I start on the beer tonight.......
  19. I really quite fancy another Saab......

    I think what Mike was saying was that the box in the Volvo worked in the same way as the one in the E60, not that they had the same box. If the V70 had the same box as the E60, I think I would have kept it for longer!
  20. I really quite fancy another Saab......

    Odd. Mine didn’t work like that. I expected it to, but it didn’t. Moving the lever to the left simply engaged manual mode.
  21. BMWs in Modern Classics mag

    A bit of a write up on our favourite marque this month - so e other crackers here too.
  22. I really quite fancy another Saab......

    I had an S80 for a couple of years a while ago - but it was the 163 bhp diesel. It was nice enough - big, comfy, reliable and well equipped. I also had the more powerful V70 D5 with the 215bhp 5 pot. In both cases I had the 6 speed gearteonic automatic box, and to be honest, that was the car’s Achilles heel. Too slow, and the ratios weren’t that well chosen, and no sport mode. That said, I liked them, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Ive never driven the V8, so cant comment on that, but see if you can live with the box. On a a personal note, I couldn’t deal with that all cream interior. It needs some contrast like the pic below.
  23. New Wheeler Dealers

    Other than the old Datsun 240 / 260Zs, these two are the only modern classic Jap I really like :
  24. New Wheeler Dealers

    They didn't spend very much time on that - didn't show it being bled or anything like that. Didn't show how they replaced some of the instrument cluster either. Still - I suppose they can't show everything. It's all about priorities though - was it really necessary to show us how a leather seat was brought back to life again?
  25. New Wheeler Dealers

    I’ve never really been a huge fan of 90s Jap cars I have to say, but I wouldn’t mind a shot of that 3000 GT. Tell you what though - those chrome wheels are tragic. I suspect that when Mike says that the market demands them, that it’s the American market to which he refers!! still - I guess in enthusiast circles, it’s often best to err on the side of originality!