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  1. Nice car. Good price too.
  2. BMW cars seem to just get bigger and bigger. I'm still getting used to the size of the F10. It's huge when compared with the E39. Oddly, it feels bigger driving it than it looks on the outside.
  3. Cheers Carl!
  4. We got a nice day up here today, so I thought I'd make the most of it and clean up the new addition to the family. The car will get a proper detail and some paint correction, but I'm going to leave that until the spring. So today, it got a wash, deep clean, clay ( I hate that job) and a couple of coats of Gold Class. The only things I did inside was replace the sticker, add a Forum sticker, replace the sunroof switch ( it now illuminates) and put some new mats in. Comes up quite well I think!
  5. I kept the Cooper Reading one for posterity, but I had to change them. I just got them made up with the BMW UK Bracknell details, in the pre 2001 style. The car's a good one Andy, just as you said - solid as a rock, and the paint is better with fewer imperfections than the 1995 one I had before. Well worth the trip south! New bonnet struts arrived this afternoon too [emoji16]
  6. Funny - I got a couple recently from Sandip via the forum shop - but this one is actually one of the original ones I got from Donut. I found it in a drawer.
  7. Ok not a BMW, but worth posting I think...
  8. I thought it might be worth having a thread here for us all to post pictures of our favourite Germans that we see out and about. I guess I'll soon find out if anyone agrees! I'll start with this modest offering. It caught my eye because I haven't seen an E90 on 32s before - I think it looks good!
  9. I've been looking on Ebay at bits and pieces as you do, and I come across this seller frequently. Has anyone used them before? Any idea why their prices are so mental?
  10. The original torch came with the car I just bought, however being 23 years old now, it is, unsurprisingly, pretty dead. Has anyone had a go at refurbishing one of these? If so, is it easy enough to do? I recently replaced the rechargeable batteries in a 20 year old Philishave razor, and it wasn't a hard job - I'm thinking this should be straightforward enough, as long as I can identify and get hold of the correct battery and bulb?
  11. LED??? Wash your mouth out with soap young man!! 80s / 90s limp yellow ftw!! New batteries ordered!
  12. I did give that a go, but no, they don't. Old tech now.
  13. Luckily, I was only browsing eBay to see if there's anything I hadn't thought of for the E34! I think Tim is back on Monday - secsays he's offline for a few days - I've sent him a list!!
  14. You can do it that way alright - but getting the cables off and on is fiddly. Might be better to take the entire cage out for ease of access. My hands are not exactly dainty!!
  15. So, I bought this, and went down to Mansfield to collect it. Drove the 430 odd miles home without incident, only stopping for fuel and food. It's a cracking car - bodily, there's no rust, and is better than you'd expect given it's age. There are a few things to do - one of the headlamps is broken, although Andy gave me one for it - can't wait to do that one! Being fussy, the wheels would benefit from a refurb. The windscreen is delaminating, so I will need a new one at some point, which is a shame as it's good otherwise. Someone had covered it up with some sort of black paint - I didn't notice it at first. Hard to see actually. I'll do it after the winter. I'll need to get the whole car body properly deep cleaned, some blemishes buffed out and a good wax / sealant applied. I might pay to get that gone, as I don't have a garage and weather is running out! Interior is pretty good too, with no rips or tears in the seats. Vinyl is lifting a bit from the door cards, so I'll be on the lookout for suitable replacements. Sony stereo was only working on the front speakers, and the cd changer worked on the rears - with volume either highest or lowest - no in between! I discovered that someone had the audio inputs from the autochanger going into the line out sockets! With that sorted, it is now working perfectly. The heater panel doesn't illuminate, which from experience is cheap to fix, but a bit of a pain to do. Might see if I can get a good working one somewhere. Mechanically, I can't see anything it needs other than a couple of bonnet struts and some proper wiper blades. So - so far so good!
  16. SO..... Thanks to someone on German eBay and Jon at Cotswold BMW, I will soon have a nice illuminated cassette box in my centre console! Also with help from Jon, I will be able to sort out the illumination in my heater control panel. I will need to work up the courage to get stuck into removing that - replacing the bulbs is no problem - getting the panel out and refitting is another matter, so it'll probably go on the back burner - along with changing out the headlamp........
  17. Hey chaps - are you offline?
  18. Hi chaps I have looked into the LCD thing. It's called a gear position indicator apparently, and the part number is 62148375004. Can you still get this, and if so, what would the price be? Cheers Mark
  19. Yep - cops should be cracking down hard on these fannies. Hard as in cracking heads. They deserve no better.
  20. I'm looking for some bits and pieces, and Tim Pollock is likely to be the man for the job - but I don't think he's getting my messages via the forum for some reason. Can someone PM me his email address please?
  21. Thanks for your help lads!
  22. Cheers Scott, I'll give that a go.
  23. If this was a 525i, you could retro fit the OBC Duncan - cut out the back of the mount, splice a couple of wires, and as long as the wiring is there for the outside temperature probe is there, you're laughing. If not, you need to fit a little in line resistor so the temperature doesn't look ridiculous. With the base instrument cluster though, there is no facility to display anything, the stalk is the fixed type, plus no wiring - and you can't change the cluster as the wiring setup is completely different. Nah - it adds character!! I'll just not drive it in the rain!! Funny - it doesn't seem to be rubbing now for whatever reason.
  24. Hi chaps I have looked into the LCD thing. It's called a gear position indicator apparently, and the part number is 62148375004. Can you still get this, and if so, what would the price be? Cheers Mark
  25. I'm after a few things, one of which is a new spare key - is that something you can order? I don't mind if it's a torch key or just a plain one, I just need a spare. Other bits are: 1375457 - Glove box torch ( I'm chancing my arm here!!) x 1 1391777 - Bulb for heater panel x 2 1382547 - Bulb and holder - Cigar lighter If the ash tray should be illuminated, I need a bulb for that too, but I can't see that on any of the diagrams. I also have a problem with the part of the dash which shows the gear selector position - the part glowing orange at the bottom right of the picture below. The LCD has gone, so it isn't showing anything, although the back lighting still works :