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  1. So - driver's side window packed up. Switch ok, fuse ok so motor / regulator needs changing. I got one for it online. Can anyone tell me if changing it is straightforward? It's a 2009 3 door.
  2. This.
  3. HaHaHa!! I get this 100% Steve! My eldest has moved in with her boyfriend now (who I do actually like!), so the baton has been passed. Excellent. Daughter number 2 will be paying for this insurance herself. On a positive note, the C1 went through the MOT today with no advisories.
  4. I'm in the same boat at the moment - Have you found a solution Scott?
  5. We bought a little 2009 Citroen C1 just under a year ago so the girls could learn to drive. Cheapest to insure I could find (group 1), and everything else is cheap too - 60 mpg, £20 road tax - lovely. I got it insured through Swift, and there's my Wife, me, daughter number 1 (25) and daughter number 2 (22) on the policy. The policy is up for renewal at the end of May. The eldest daughter lost interest and gave up, which given her stresshead personality, may be just as well. She stalled a few times at traffic lights, and then just turned it off, got out, and left me there. At the lights. Daughter number 2 has done very well, and will likely pass her test, which she is taking in a couple of weeks. So - to my question. Daughter Number 2 will be taking over use of the car. I will have to declare her as the main driver, although the car is registered in my name. Is the insurance going to go through the roof? Will leaving me and her Mum on the policy help? Any first hand experience of this out there? Finally, will she be able to use the 1 year NCD we have earned?
  6. This shape S / V 70 was a great car. I had the one in the pic above, then a V70 Classic, with all the bells and whistles. Still got this one, which I got after the E39 three years ago now, and it's been great in all respects, except for any sort of wow factor :
  7. I never knew you used to be a drug dealer Dennis? [emoji23][emoji23]
  8. It is indeed. A little off topic, but great!!
  9. Dad had two of them that style Scott - the other one was a Consul in silver. Lovely old buses.
  10. The Mk 3 Cavalier in the pic above was a 2.0i CD. Ii had a surprising turn of speed, and was well equipped - heated velour seats, electric everything, Blaupunkt stereo - and air con!
  11. And a few of my own - some good, some not! I wish I'd taken pics of all the cars I've had.
  12. Here's a few more of our family cars from the archive!
  13. After a brief fling with a carb Saab 900 with a manual choke, my Mother had a bright red 2.0iS. She loved it - for all of two weeks. It was nicked from outside a hotel in Dublin and never seen again. She's had mostly BMWs since then.
  14. I think the type of finance you would get would be a personal loan rather than traditional HP. Arnold Clark use those loans all the time. Gets them around the finance company checking the book price of the car too - the money is loaned to you and isn't secured on the car. Can be useful if you want to sell the car and buy another one privately later on.
  15. I had a 1989 G plate 2.9 Ghia 4x4 estate for a while. I guess it was pretty much the same as an XR 4x4 to drive. Great car - one of my favourites when I look back. Pulled like a train, and much more sporting to drive than the Granada 2.9 Auto I had a while before that.