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  1. This was my interior. Best interior of any car I've had :
  2. I agree with Dan - I took off all the good bits - stereo, nice wheels, carpet mats - the lot - and sold them all no problem. What I couldn't get back was all the preventative work I'd done - brakes, cooling system overhaul, aircon service etc.
  3. That's the thing though. You rarely get back anything like what you put in. I know this very well. I had a very nice E39 just over three years ago. Couldn't get it sold for decent money at all.
  4. f10 525d was a 3 litre up to mid 2011 I think. It was replaced with a twin turbo four, which made a bit more power, and similar torque.
  5. I've just done a deal on one of these cars, and did a bit of research on this beforehand. Real world MPG will be about 38 / 39 - a bit shy of BMWs claim of 46 - 60!!
  6. Cracking looking car, and nice audio setup - I had something very similar in my E39. Well specced E39s don't seem to age much in terms of their design. I'm picking up a 2011 F10 on Saturday, and there's a fair amount of E39 DNA in there.
  7. I guess I'll find out what I have soon enough!
  8. Sounds easy enough! I just want to make sure nobody cuts the wrong wire and screws the electrics! Complicated machinery alert....
  9. I'd prefer to stick with the runflats to be honest - just as that is what the car is designed to use - but I might change my mind on that! I'd have to carry a spare too
  10. That is a very useful piece of information - I didn't know this. I thought they all had the sensors. I would have thought you'd need a sensor with runflats.
  11. I'm my current car, I have a wire coming out of the dash which I plug into my TomTom Go 150 to charge it - keeps things nice and neat. It piggy backs a blade fuse and plugs into a spare fuse socket. It comes on with the ignition. Is it possible to do this in an F10, and if so, has anyone here done it? Halfords put it in the Volvo for me. Also, is it just a wire, or is there a kit involved? Thanks in advance!
  12. I'm about to take delivery of an early 2011 F10 BMW 525d ( the one with the 6 Cyl. 3 litre engine). Clearly, I will have one or two challenges once the colder weather arrives, so I want to organise some winter wheels and tyres while they are still relatively inexpensive. I used to know what wheels would fit what cars when I was running E34 and E39 cars, but I have no experience at all of the F10. The 225 55 17 tyres on this car are pretty much brand new, and I don't really want to get into fitting anything bigger than the standard 17s, so I'll keep these for the warmer months. So - what wheels will have the correct offset, and bolt straight on? Will E60 / 61 wheels do the trick? Are 17s the smallest size I will get away with? I'm guessing I'll have to fit the air pressure sensors to whatever I get, so I'll need to build in the cost of those too.
  13. It is! Collecting on Saturday morning [emoji16]
  14. Yes. They really can.
  15. Im getting all sorts of shite from the family for even considering not going ahead with this....![emoji15]