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  1. Those are perfect. Just saying.
  2. I was just thinking the same thing - what a life! Had a very full and fruitful 89 years. Makes me ask myself what the hell I do all year! The Spy who Loved Me was my first Bond movie too, also at the cinema in '77, and for a while after that I didn't even realise that anyone else had ever played the role (I grew up in Ireland - we had one TV channel!). I remember being totally confused when we eventually got Casino Royale on TV (the David Niven one).
  3. I think I might have a couple put away somewhere. They might be exterior ones though.
  4. I just watched this now. I get a lot of it, and I actually despise Blair, but many of the people involved in this are of the far left persuasion - there wasn't any balance to it at all really, other than from David Davis.
  5. I'd like to go and see the place, soak up the atmosphere, check out the cars and watch some of the cars going around. I wouldn't ever kid myself that I had the skills to make the best of actually driving around the track, especially surrounded by more experienced drivers, and yes - the dickheads too! No - I'd prefer to be driven around it - once - and then go and enjoy some of that food and drink the Germans are so good at producing. But - that's just me.
  6. No way! I was a big fan back in the day - Roxy Music too!!
  7. Cheers lads - much appreciated! Terry - you aren't related to Gary Tibbs are you? [emoji3]
  8. The interview on the same radio station yesterday with Jeremy Hunt and his opposite number was just as bad. Party line. Answer a different question to the one asked. These interviews are of little value at least until manifestos are published.
  9. The NHS question baffles me, as I don't think we're getting the whole truth from anyone. I believe that staff are overstretched in a big way. I also believe that generally, HNS staff are decent, committed people, doing the best with what they have. Nobody becomes a Doctor, Nurse etc without some sense of vocation. Taking away bursaries from trainees is stupid. Hunt telling us there are 12000 more Nurses blah blah blah - yes - but how many more have retired or left the profession - or left the NHS for the private sector? The other thing is this - with all of the immigration we have seen over the last 10 years or so, there is a huge increase in demand for services. I don't think the NHS has kept pace with this under any government. Also - new treatments and cures are found every day, many of which the NHS adopts. We are all living longer. All of these things add pressure to the equation. Still, we all pay a hefty National Insurance bill through our wages, and we absolutely should expect a decent service for this. I don't know what the solution is, or which party has the best solution going forward.
  10. I enjoyed this series. Le Blanc is a good host, and the BBC should hang on to him. Harris is improving, still not sure about Reid. Top entertainment though. Everything has worked out for the best I think - Top Gear AND The Grand Tour. Two car shows instead of one. I'm going to be honest here - and I expect to get flamed - but I preferred this series of Top Gear to Grand Tour.
  11. So - driver's side window packed up. Switch ok, fuse ok so motor / regulator needs changing. I got one for it online. Can anyone tell me if changing it is straightforward? It's a 2009 3 door.
  12. This.
  13. HaHaHa!! I get this 100% Steve! My eldest has moved in with her boyfriend now (who I do actually like!), so the baton has been passed. Excellent. Daughter number 2 will be paying for this insurance herself. On a positive note, the C1 went through the MOT today with no advisories.
  14. I'm in the same boat at the moment - Have you found a solution Scott?
  15. We bought a little 2009 Citroen C1 just under a year ago so the girls could learn to drive. Cheapest to insure I could find (group 1), and everything else is cheap too - 60 mpg, £20 road tax - lovely. I got it insured through Swift, and there's my Wife, me, daughter number 1 (25) and daughter number 2 (22) on the policy. The policy is up for renewal at the end of May. The eldest daughter lost interest and gave up, which given her stresshead personality, may be just as well. She stalled a few times at traffic lights, and then just turned it off, got out, and left me there. At the lights. Daughter number 2 has done very well, and will likely pass her test, which she is taking in a couple of weeks. So - to my question. Daughter Number 2 will be taking over use of the car. I will have to declare her as the main driver, although the car is registered in my name. Is the insurance going to go through the roof? Will leaving me and her Mum on the policy help? Any first hand experience of this out there? Finally, will she be able to use the 1 year NCD we have earned?