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  1. So, I bought this, and went down to Mansfield to collect it. Drove the 430 odd miles home without incident, only stopping for fuel and food. It's a cracking car - bodily, there's no rust, and is better than you'd expect given it's age. There are a few things to do - one of the headlamps is broken, although Andy gave me one for it - can't wait to do that one! Being fussy, the wheels would benefit from a refurb. The windscreen is delaminating, so I will need a new one at some point, which is a shame as it's good otherwise. Someone had covered it up with some sort of black paint - I didn't notice it at first. Hard to see actually. I'll do it after the winter. I'll need to get the whole car body properly deep cleaned, some blemishes buffed out and a good wax / sealant applied. I might pay to get that gone, as I don't have a garage and weather is running out! Interior is pretty good too, with no rips or tears in the seats. Vinyl is lifting a bit from the door cards, so I'll be on the lookout for suitable replacements. Sony stereo was only working on the front speakers, and the cd changer worked on the rears - with volume either highest or lowest - no in between! I discovered that someone had the audio inputs from the autochanger going into the line out sockets! With that sorted, it is now working perfectly. The heater panel doesn't illuminate, which from experience is cheap to fix, but a bit of a pain to do. Might see if I can get a good working one somewhere. Mechanically, I can't see anything it needs other than a couple of bonnet struts and some proper wiper blades. So - so far so good!
  2. How are the door cards looking Tim?
  3. I could do with a spare key for my pre EWS E34. Is it only BMW who can provide this, or is there anywhere else I can get it done?
  4. The little panel lights up OK Duncan, but there's no display :
  5. I'm looking for a set of black door cards with the grey velour - or if not a set, the drivers side front and rear ones. If not, does anyone have a set of black facelift ones with the wood trim, plus the centre console, glovebox and dash bits with the wood trim? Also after a set of good bonnet struts, facelift interior lights with map reading lights, and a sunroof switch with working illumination. As mentioned in the Technical section, I would also like to source a working pre facelift 520i AUTOMATIC instrument cluster :
  6. I have just bought a very nice 1994 pre facelift E34 520i Auto. It's a cracking old thing, and I enjoyed the drive today. Like any old car, it needs a few bits and pieces. One thing I want to sort is the instrument cluster. The wee window that shows what gear you are in has lost its LCD, so I can't see what position the gear lever is in at night. Can I just replace the cluster with another one, or do I need to switch over a coding plug? If so, where is it? I want to keep the mileage correct. Other than that, the heater panel doesn't light up. I know there is just one bulb in there, and I think I remember how to change it - if anyone knows a short cut for this one, I'd love to hear it. Also - the ashtray isn't illuminated. Is this lit from the heater panel, or is there another bulb somewhere?
  7. I got back at 6.01! It was a pretty good journey up to be honest, and the car was faultless! Yesterday on the other hand was like.....
  8. Anyone else want a go before I say?
  9. Journey back is better so far! Gretna services in 3 hours
  10. Dunno - it took just under £40 tho
  11. Of course, my little daughter loves it!
  12. Took this for a one day hire to go collect a new addition to the driveway. Every conceivable extra - leather, electric heated memory seats both sides, Apple Car Play, auto box - the works. Surprisingly, it's absolutely gutless - Merc could learn from BMW here - and its ugly - but that's impressive economy.
  13. Yes! He said something about them being Canadian wheels. They are made by a company called Centra. No idea beyond that, but I thing they look OK on a custom look 80s car. They were of their time.
  14. Sweet - One less thing!!
  15. Was there not a pre-facelift wood trim model? To be honest, if this was never a feature of a pre facelift car, I wouldn't do it.