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  1. Calypso-E34

    Replacing shadow line trim with chrome

    Awesome! That doesn’t look too hard. I’ll go and look for a set of this stuff somewhere I think!
  2. This is the opposite of what most people do I know, but I quite fancy replacing the shadowline trim on my 1994 E34 520i SE with the chrome stuff - I think it might suit the character of the car better. Anyone know how easy or difficult this would be? Is it a pain to remove and fit? i realise this should probably be in the E34 section, but I figured this could apply to any BMW.
  3. Calypso-E34

    Calypso's project E34 520i - which is actually blue!

    Well, that's the old 520i passed it's MOT, despite all the work I did on it! One year and 23 days worth! Couple of minors / advisories. Firstly, minors on the rear outer CV boots 'severely deteriorated'. Now - I had a look at these, and as far as I can see they aren't perished - just dirty! Other than that, the fuel cap seal is perished, so I'll replace that.
  4. Calypso-E34

    OAL-BB 50 - 50 years of BMW Alpina book

    Got it now, thanks chaps.
  5. Calypso-E34

    What are you currently drinking...?

    We had some friends to stay at the weekend, and my pal brought something for me to try. Ive never been much of a whisky drinker, and I have never tried Bourbon, so this was new to me. Had it on the side, with one of my more regular tipples. I must say, I enjoyed this, and to my surprise, by 3.00am, the bottle was finished between two of us. We didn’t fall over, there was no massive hangover, so thumbs up!
  6. Calypso-E34

    Philippine's crackdown on corruption, crushes an M5

    Pure stupidity.
  7. Calypso-E34

    E34 520i

    That pretty much covers what I was going to say. Turbines actually look OK on an E34, but in silver - Apologies for the poor quality of this picture - I had to pull it off my Facebook page :
  8. Calypso-E34

    Very clean E39 530i SE

    To be honest, with a few small adjustments, I think an SE can look great. Sport suspension, decent wheels and a twin pipe back box and you’re there. The ‘Alpina’ look. Like my old E39:
  9. Calypso-E34

    Very clean E39 530i SE

    Nice car, but won't be as reliable as an E34. Bloody needy things in old age E39s - especially post facelift ones with the wireless throttle.......
  10. Calypso-E34

    OAL-BB 50 - 50 years of BMW Alpina book

    Does anyone have a copy of this book that they would like to sell for reasonable money?
  11. Calypso-E34

    DAB retro fit

    If you want to buy the Fistune setup, you could get it from the people I went to. They have a nationwide fitting service, supply everything you need, and they do a good job. Give them a call or email them. You'll pay a bit more but it will be done right first time. CLICK HERE
  12. Calypso-E34

    DAB retro fit

    I’d be getting this professionally fitted. I know there will be some who will have no issues fitting it, but I wasn’t one of them. The guy came to the office, fitted it, and was off again 45 minutes later, job done, no mess. You up have an expensive car. Get it done right.
  13. Calypso-E34

    Calypso's project E34 520i - which is actually blue!

    Dan - you’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head. This car’s raison d’être is, for me, to provide relaxation above speed. I’ve had faster cars. This one is a great big lounger!! i was offered £2000 for it today in cash. I declined without hesitation. I have driven it over the last couple of days over my F10 ( which is nice) - and felt privileged to do so. Ask me why. I don’t know!
  14. Calypso-E34

    Calypso's project E34 520i - which is actually blue!

    Couple more......
  15. Calypso-E34

    i wanted a classic ( ish ) car .. i got a ....

    In that case, don't watch the last of the Edd China Wheeler Dealers series then Mike - especially the one about the Maserati Bi-turbo. Someone out in California converts classic Microbuses and vans to electric power! You'll need to go and lie down!