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  1. Calypso-E34

    To enclose or not to enclose?

    If you don’t handle them really carefully, bits like door handles, spoilers, door mirrors etc can easily become detached. Then it’s lights, tweezers, magnifier and glue time!
  2. Calypso-E34

    To enclose or not to enclose?

    Dust builds up on these displays quickly, and parts fall off easily, so I thought I’d put these models under cover. But I’m not sure now - what do we think?
  3. Calypso-E34

    My first (and probably last) 1:18 models

    They do a Kadett Mk2!! White too!
  4. Calypso-E34

    My first (and probably last) 1:18 models

    Nice model. It’s on my possibilities list. So is the Alpina B7. Decisions!
  5. Unless I move house, I can’t justify owning more than a handful of these, so these are the ones I picked. All Otto. Much better detail than most 1:43 stuff - really nice. Keeping them dust and fingerprint free will be a challenge though! I’m not 100% sure about the M5 yet. I might sell / swap that on and replace with something else.
  6. Calypso-E34

    Older BMW Prices going nuts!

    More powerful maybe - Better? No! The one you have with a 2.5 M50 would be perfect!
  7. Calypso-E34

    Abandoned cars

    Sorry for that wee hi-jack David!
  8. Calypso-E34

    Abandoned cars

    All of them are responsible in some way, none of them have the resources to do the jobs properly. Same as cops don't come out to minor road accidents, burglaries etc - too busy dealing with wolf whistles and name calling. NHS won't take you at A & E unless you've spent half your life trying to call NHS 24. Schools can't teach the kids properly because of staff shortages and tight budgets. Councils don't fix the roads because they have no money. The list goes on. FURTHERMORE I have a broader question. All of these things were done properly - or at lease a lot better - 20 plus years ago. So - we have about 25 million more people in the UK, mostly paying tax. We could afford a decent standard years ago, but not now - so my question is this - WHERE'S ALL THE MONEY?? Why is it that despite us all being told that the economy has come on in leaps and bounds over the last couple of decades, that we as a nation seem to have no bloody money for anything? Where is the cash going?
  9. Calypso-E34

    Older BMW Prices going nuts!

    Are they actually selling though? I think some people put their cars on sale with inflated prices, hoping someone will come along and buy them. If nobody does, they hang on to their car and enjoy it. I have lots of things I wouldn't offer for sale, but there's a price for everything in the end! There are still some decent E34s out there for not much cash - THIS one for example. Nice 525i, 108k, full MOT, under £1800.
  10. Calypso-E34

    Oxford Green e34 530i v8 auto

    Pretty basic spec - and those seats will need attention. Looks clean though.
  11. Calypso-E34

    BMW E32 750IL with 3k miles for auction

    No number plate to check the MOT history, the exterior looks awful - 3500 miles? Something not right there. Why would a BMW dealer back in the 90s (when the car was only a few years old) hand over something with as few miles? They could've given them something more appropriate! Unless of course it was damaged in some way, or maybe even a Cat C or D. Dealer 2 is claiming the thing was brand new when donated to the college - so why has it had replacement tyres? Uniroyals front and Avon rear. If the mileage IS genuine, and there's proof of that, then you'd want to bring the car up to the standard you might expect for such a car - and that won't be cheap.
  12. Calypso-E34

    Small bulb

    PayPal sent, thank you!
  13. Calypso-E34

    A few more 1:43 cars - BMWs and Saabs

    I found mine! I had forgotten about it’s funky locking door handles!
  14. Calypso-E34

    Not receiving Forum email notifications

    That worked for me too Sandip - outstanding, thank you!
  15. Calypso-E34

    Not receiving Forum email notifications

    Any joy on a solution to this at all chaps? Not life threatening obviously, but I've missed a few things.