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  1. FOURTH year in a row that my Volvo V70 has cost me buttons at MOT time. Comfy as an old couch, all the equipment I need, no hassle. I was due a change, but I think I'll hang on another year....
  2. That won't take you long once you get one!
  3. My understanding is that Bob has gone freelance, but will still write for the magazine - the latest issue of BMW Car has him writing an article. With so much competition now, and the rising cost of employing people, I'd say the days of staff writers and single title editors are coming to an end.
  4. Buy a twin turbo Volvo V70 Dennis!
  5. Both Kelsey I suppose...
  6. Latest issue of BMW Car magazine dropped on the mat yesterday. It has a brand new look too. Or has it? I thought the design looked familiar, so I grabbed the final issue of another great car mag from 2013. See any similarities?
  7. £65k! Now I can sort of understand the hard top making good money - it's a classic performance M car. But a convertible is always a compromise. To me, a convertible M3 is pointless. Look for an immaculate 325i Sport if you want a drop top. Almost as fast ultimately, and that nice i6 up front. And a third of the price for the very best.
  8. One of the reasons decent cars end up scrapped - stupid prices to fix or replace everyday items. BMW seems to be a serial offender in this regard. Lots of poor design, or good design but built using inferior parts. Headlights, swirl flaps, light control modules, throttle systems, iDrive units, air conditioning, wheels that crack to name but a few. Want to replace it yourself? That'll need coded to the car sir. Done with it all. Into my 4th year of trouble free BMW-less motoring.
  9. Those are perfect. Just saying.
  10. I was just thinking the same thing - what a life! Had a very full and fruitful 89 years. Makes me ask myself what the hell I do all year! The Spy who Loved Me was my first Bond movie too, also at the cinema in '77, and for a while after that I didn't even realise that anyone else had ever played the role (I grew up in Ireland - we had one TV channel!). I remember being totally confused when we eventually got Casino Royale on TV (the David Niven one).
  11. I think I might have a couple put away somewhere. They might be exterior ones though.
  12. I just watched this now. I get a lot of it, and I actually despise Blair, but many of the people involved in this are of the far left persuasion - there wasn't any balance to it at all really, other than from David Davis.
  13. I'd like to go and see the place, soak up the atmosphere, check out the cars and watch some of the cars going around. I wouldn't ever kid myself that I had the skills to make the best of actually driving around the track, especially surrounded by more experienced drivers, and yes - the dickheads too! No - I'd prefer to be driven around it - once - and then go and enjoy some of that food and drink the Germans are so good at producing. But - that's just me.
  14. No way! I was a big fan back in the day - Roxy Music too!!
  15. Cheers lads - much appreciated! Terry - you aren't related to Gary Tibbs are you? [emoji3]