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  1. Rechargeable torch for E34 (the white one)

    Got one! there are a couple for sale on EBay just now which have been upgraded with new batteries and LED bulbs.
  2. I didn’t expect much of this to be honest, but bought it anyway. I’m actually very impressed with it! Fits like a glove, good grip - really very good! All for about £8!
  3. I have a Business RDS unit, pictured below. It was working perfectly, but when I got into the car yesterday and put it on, the screen is blank, with just a couple of spots. All the functions still work fine. no idea what happened. The battery got a bit low, and it’s been a bit cold, but nothing mental. Has it it just reached the end of its life, or can it be fixed? Shame, as it’s in really nice condition and still sounds great. Anyone?
  4. First bad weather test for the F10

    Yep. Our office is on a hill here, and we had some snow and Ice. I have the F10 on Winters, the Boss has a brand new Range Rover on low profile Summers. I got up the drive easily, and then gritted it so he could get the RR up. He wasn't happy - no Siree!
  5. Non-AC Heater Panel WITH PCB

    The PCB seems to be the rarest part - there are a few of the front panel units on eBay. One of them is being sold by Toby at BMMINIPARTS.com on his ebay site - might be worth asking him if he has the PCB?
  6. Non-AC Heater Panel WITH PCB

    I had no idea there was such a thing as an E39 without aircon - even the manual aircon ones are pretty rare here. I'd be looking further afield than the UK I think - Irish eBay might throw one up if you look for breakers there, or another country where price was top priority. Looks like it was only an option on really early cars too - up to 1998.
  7. Any watch Fans if so let’s see them

    Absolutely - Sekondas are fine! I swear by Seiko - never go wrong, don't need much maintenance, and look good. That Accurist in the pic above is now 26 years old. It is as accurate as the day I got it, and it has never had anything other than a change of battery. It led a hard life too, as it was my only watch for many years. Try THAT with a Rolex!!
  8. Any watch Fans if so let’s see them

    I like my watches, and have taken the time to learn a bit about how they work, get some tools etc - so I change my own batteries now, and can do some other basic maintenance. Decent branded batteries can be bought easily for a few quid. I stick to Renata, Maxell and Duracell mostly. My older Accurist dates from 1991. It's a chronograph, and has possibly the most complicated method for setting it I have ever seen. It has no less than 5 buttons on it. Daft really, for a chrono with a date.
  9. First time we've had some ice and snow on the roads this year, and true to form, Highland Council didn't bother to send the gritters out last night or this morning. Funny - you see them regularly when the temperature is nearly 10 feckin' degrees....... Anyhow, I put the Winter tyres on the F10 a few weeks ago, and that paid dividends this morning - no problems at all. Not until I got stuck behind a high end Merc E class on Summer tyres anyway. That slowed proceedings down somewhat! Seriously though - I was very pleased with the way the car performed. Got up a slippy driveway at work easily too. I've gritted that for going home though.
  10. Any watch Fans if so let’s see them

    Chisholm Hunter sold Accurist watches? I've had a few Accurist watches - I still have 2, although they are pretty much retired now - I keep them because they were presents from family. I've always found them pretty robust. 18 months is good for some watches. Some Boss Orange watches seem to need the batteries replaced annually - and they are £18 a pop!
  11. Problems with New 530e M-Sport

    So would I!! NO WAY would I be accepting this from a car at this level. Fix it or refund it. Get on to the BMW Facebook page, or Twitter if you really must - and kick up a big stink. Manufacturers hate that.
  12. Any watch Fans if so let’s see them

    I had one of those very briefly. Sold it within a week. I just can't be arsed with something I need to charge every day. Plus, I don't need that level of information / comms / annoyance on my wrist.
  13. V8 curiosity

    A lot of members here use the forum via Tapatalk. That’s been offline for a while, so we’re not at full strength at all at the moment.
  14. security problems with ebay pa soft disc

    Name and Shame!
  15. Some tw*t has nicked me car....

    Don't forget to tell your insurers that. It will increase your payout.