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  1. I have owned examples of the E34, the E39 and my current car, an F10 525d SE. The current car is a lot bigger than the others, but the biggest difference I notice is the ride quality. I need to use the A9 between Inverness and Aviemore reasonably regularly, and without any danger of exaggeration, I can tell you that the road is worn out. Finished. Full of pot holes, cracks and every other issue you can think of. Parts of it haven't seen any resurfacing since the 1980s. The E34 handled it well enough, as did the E39 when I had it on either the 16" turbines or the 17" Style 32s. BUT - the F10, even on 17" wheels (I have never been tempted to go bigger) feels like something is going to break when I hit these bad bits. It actually feels frightening. I realise most of this is down to the runflat tyres. I can only imagine what the Sport version, with its bigger wheels and stiffer suspension would be like. BMW don't provide a wheel well for even a space saver, so I'm stuck with these - otherwise I would get rid of them full stop. It would be difficult to do now anyway, as it would involve replacing eight tyres - winters and summers - and that's not going to be cheap. To be honest, I feel BMW (and others) have made some bad decisions with their more modern cars. Shame.
  2. BMW Car Mag - Why so BUSY?

    Back when Total BMW was first published, it was my favourite. For years I took both TBMW and BMWCM, as they were quite different, but great. I miss TBMW a lot. It did go downhill a bit as it passed from one publisher to another, and in the end, it was a poor relation to the original.
  3. BMW Car Mag - Why so BUSY?

    Why is the cover of my favourite BMW magazine starting to resemble a cheap weekly rag?? Seriously - it’s horrible. It used to to be nice and subtle. Now look at it. It’s like the bastard child of Fast Car magazine and the Sunday Sport....
  4. So - after a bit of work on the Internet, I managed to fill in most of the blanks in my physical music collection. Between Music Magpie and eBay, I bought 62 albums for just over &118. Of the ones I didn’t get, a few I have decided I can do without, and the rest couldn’t be bought cheaply. I can wait. Im just wondering now - should all this be separately insured?
  5. Radio on F10 525d is SHITE

    Mine didn't have DAB - I had to have it retro fitted. My midrange 2009 Volvo V70 showed this sort of info, as did the 2003 Saab 9-5 I had. Not the end of the world, just annoying.
  6. Radio on F10 525d is SHITE

    I was out walking at lunchtime today, and I had my little DAB / FM radio with me, and it occurred to me that I bought this thing for a few quid. It has a good sound, but it also tells me what channel I'm on, what programme I'm listening to and what song is currently playing. Awesome. My 2011 F10 Five Series, which cost tens of thousands new, has an iDrive, a load of menus, and a screen - yet when I have it on the radio screen, all it shows is a list of stations, with a tick beside the one to which I am currently tuned. Nothing else. At all. Yet it shows album name, artist, song, and even the album art when I plug in the iPod. My Wife's Kuga does it so much better - as does my Daughter's Renault Clio, and indeed, my £20 pocket radio. Why do we as BMW drivers put up with crap like this?
  7. DAB retro fit

    I didn't like the idea of that before I got my first one, but I've had it in a few cars now, and don't really notice it anymore. Maybe it could be mounted on the rear windscreen?
  8. DAB retro fit

    The only time it drops out is between Aviemore and Pitlochry - but to be fair, I lose FM on a lot of that route too. I stay about 10 miles east of Inverness, and have had zero issues.
  9. DAB retro fit

    I love it - it works just as well as I’d imagine the OEM one would. No issues at all. I think it was worth the cash to get this setup.
  10. DAB retro fit

    Some info for you - id you Google it you’ll find out more : https://www.carcommunications.co.uk/fistune-dab-dab-integration-for-bmw-f-series-with-cic
  11. Here's an issue most people won't have or be too bothered about, but here goes anyway! I have a HUGE music collection. Most of it is on CDs - I have over 1000 of them, and I have them nicely indexed and stored on shelving in my 'man cave'. It's there, and I can do what I want with it - keep it, sell it, loan it, play it - and when the time comes, pass it on. My issue is that I also have some stuff which I bought on iTunes. At the time I thought it was a no brainer - instantly available on all devices, on the cloud etc. Now however, I am regretting not buying this stuff on CD, because although I paid the same as I would have for a new CD (more in some cases), I can't sell it on, give it to others, leave it in a will etc. This irritates me. However - we are where we are. I no longer buy albums from iTunes - only the odd song. SO - I would like to have the 82 albums I bought via iTunes on CD. Problem is, even if I could buy them all for an average of £5 each, that's going to cost me over £400. Anyone know of any way to do this cheaper, or know of a very cheap source of CDs?
  12. DAB retro fit

    Yes - another antenna was required - it's the one that sticks to the inside of the windscreen in the top left corner. I had this professionally installed, as it involved taking out the screen and installing a little box back there.
  13. HiFi speakers and set up advice

    OK - I'm going to be the old fart here. I have all of my music on CD ( I have over 1000 of them now!). I buy these for not a lot, and rip them, so they are on iTunes. I find buying music via iTunes very expensive, and so, I only buy the odd song that way. I have over 15000 songs. I use iTunes Match rather than Apple Music. and I can access all my music anywhere I can get a WiFi or 4g signal. At home, I usually use my iPad to throw songs onto my Bose speaker using Bluetooth, and that does me fine. HOWEVER With the two older girls having left home, I have had the opportunity to set one of the rooms up as a bit of a man cave. I have all the CDs arranged on shelves, along with DVDs. I use the Bose speaker in there sometimes, however when it came time to set up some audio in there, I unpacked my 25 odd year old Technics stereo system, and set it up in there. The speakers had deteriorated, so I binned them, and at the moment I have it feeding into the Bose, but I have ordered up a pair of Mordaunt Short M10s for it from Richer Sounds. I spent a bit of time cleaning it all up, cleaning the heads on the twin cassette unit, and the lens on the CD player. I stuck a new stylus on the turntable too. The sound off this old thing is awesome, whether using radio, CD, cassette or vinyl record! I suspect it will sound even better once the speakers arrive. Which means I can play all my CDs, cassettes and vinyl as intended. It's old school. It's time consuming. I LOVE it.
  14. Opinions please....

    Nothing wrong with the Evoque. I hear people saying it's for girls, but I wouldn't pay any attention to that. Jaguar have some nice cars on the go too. Worth a look maybe?
  15. Opinions please....

    I drove a 1 series recently as a courtesy car, and apart from the seat not being wide enough for my fat arse, I thought it was OK. HOWEVER While I'm here, let me tell you all what I really dislike in a car - HARD, CHEAP PLASTICS. I was horrified to find some of this in my F10 525d. When a passenger gets out of the front seat, the seatbelt buckle returns to the side - and rattles off the hard plastic cover on the lower B pillar. I wouldn't expect to see this in a mid range Ford, never mind a BMW 5 Series. Bring back the E39 interior materials......