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  1. Calypso-E34

    Wheeler Dealers Series 16

    Enjoyed the Rabbit / Golf tonight. They did a good job on it I thought.
  2. Calypso-E34

    Wheeler Dealers Series 16

    I’d prefer the 2.0 Pinto to the Essex in a Capri. The Pinto is very tuneable too - easy to get it up to the same output as the Essex. The Cologne one is what you want though - plenty of torque, nice noise - lovely!
  3. Calypso-E34

    Wheeler Dealers Series 16

    They won't be too different - you'd need the front bumper too though as the location of the indicators would be different. Not sure about the rear lights though - I think a wee bit of surgery would be needed there.
  4. Calypso-E34

    Cars holding their value better?

    Hmm... Interesting. Based on that information, now might be a good time to trade my early 2011 F10 in for something newer while there's still value in it. I normally hang on to dailies for 3 - 4 years, but there could be a good reason to change if this is likely.
  5. Calypso-E34

    Wheeler Dealers Series 16

    It was a Mk2 - but it had twin headlamps for the US market as so many cars did. Bigger than Mk3 lamps.
  6. Calypso-E34

    e32 750iL Calypso Red

    Here's an E32 on 17" split rim Style 5s ( Actually these might be 18s, but you get the picture)
  7. Calypso-E34

    e32 750iL Calypso Red

    These would look bang on - if you can find a set for the right price. They will hold their value too. They are 17" by the way - the biggest I personally would go on an E32.
  8. Calypso-E34

    e32 750iL Calypso Red

    This. I wouldn't go for the M Parallels either. Don't get me wrong - they are one of the nicest wheels BMW produced, and look great on an E38, E39 or even a late E34 - but somehow don't look right on an E32. The wheels on it are nice, and they suit the car - but being metric they are a pain to get tyres for. 17" Style 5s would look good on it combined with a slight drop I'd say. Lovely car. I'm insanely jealous!
  9. Calypso-E34

    Wheeler Dealers Series 16

    The Mk1 Capri did indeed share lights with the Mk1 Escort, until it was facelifted, at which point it got the 'stacked' ones. For the MkII, there was a new design which although bearing a passing resemblance to the Mk1 lamps, were much bigger. The Mk III had the 'louvred' design.
  10. Calypso-E34

    Wheeler Dealers Series 16

    I think the rear lights were proper Mk2 ones? i agree about the lookers though - the Mk1.5 in yellow and the Mk3 also in yellow - or Brooklands green.
  11. Calypso-E34

    Wheeler Dealers Series 16

    I just watched this Capri episode. Actually, I didn’t enjoy it at all. Maybe it’s the colour and the wheels, but I don’t like the car. And I’m a big Capri fan. It still looks one step ahead of the scrapyard.
  12. Calypso-E34

    Wheeler Dealers Series 16

    I like the programme. Always have. Some don't, but hey - it's not a life or death situation either way. It's an interesting watch if you're a bit of a car guy. I've never met any of the presenters, but I like what I've seen of all of them really.
  13. OK, so they'll need some recommissioning, but still! https://www-motor1-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.motor1.com/news/299519/brand-new-bmws-found-bulgaria/amp/?amp_js_v=0.1&fbclid=IwAR1uGpDVgKPP253ZXE-4r3IDoi4p_lwgxr3fRdPf-3ayuDO9FK9Whs9qJLY#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.motor1.com%2Fnews%2F299519%2Fbrand-new-bmws-found-bulgaria%2F
  14. Calypso-E34

    Classic 7 Series

    I think big wheels look all wrong on these cars. IMO, BMW got it spot on at the time. I saw an E32 wearing a set of Style 37 'M Parallel' 18s once, and they looked bloody awful. Funny that - they look terrific on an E38, but not an E32.
  15. Calypso-E34

    Classic 7 Series

    Looks nice for it's age, although not a great colour IMO. As others have said, the wheels don't suit the car. A nice set of 15" Style 3, 4 or 5 would look spot on, or maybe even a set of the 17" Style 5s with a slight suspension drop - but would need to see that combination in the metal.