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  1. Not long to go now, kit being fitted next Wednesday - I'll update the thread once done. I hope it's worth the outlay!
  2. I realise diesels take longer to warm up than their petrol powered equivalent, but with my last BMW, an E39 530i, the needle was in the centre of the gauge after about 4 miles of A road. This car takes about 10 miles to do the same. Does this sound about right?
  3. I'm going to see what my lights are like come autumn, and if they aren't great, I might stick in some HIDs too.
  4. Politically correct authorities, soft arsed politicians and unchecked immigration of people from shitholes in the Middle East and Africa who want to turn nice European countries into shitholes resembling the places from which they came, by forcing their ideas on us and introducing their sharia laws. Western countries interfering in countries whose issues they know feck all about, to protect oil supplies they want, and pat themselves on the back for forcing democracy on countries ill equipped to deal with it. We had very few issues while dictators like Gaddafi and Saddam ruled the roost. Ask people in those countries whether they were better off with Western Democracy, where their countries are reduced to a car park, or under their dictators. I don't think I missed anything there.
  5. I would be bringing back capital punishment. Administered right there, at the scene of the offence.
  6. I've decided that the beer needs reducing for sure. I need to get my act together with what, when and how much I'm eating and get some exercise. I'm going to go along to this Slimming World malarky, and see what's what. Time to sort a few things out.
  7. Well actually....... that beer is consumed on a Friday and Saturday evening / night. Represents 10 cans on each of those nights. Sounds a lot, but easily done. I don't drink at all Sunday to Thursday, unless I'm on holiday.
  8. Lots of good advice there lads, thank you all! About 11 years ago, after I stopped smoking, I went on a mad exercise thing, walking 3 - 4 miles a day, on an exercise machine a few times a week etc, and was eating healthily. Kept that up for about a year, and lost about 6 stone. Best shape I was ever in. Then I went on holiday, and never went back to my regime. I was never going to be able to keep that up long term. I put all the weight back on in no time at all, and put on another 4 stone on top. I would have been better off if I hadn't bothered in the first place. If I could get back to the weight I was BEFORE I started all that, I'd be happy now!! I don't like a load of happy clappy nonsense either to be honest, but the eating plans SW have seem to be OK, and the discipline will be good for me. I may just live with a compromise on the beer front, and have beers on just one night a week instead of two, and maybe supplement with a bit of exercise - not all the mad stuff I was doing before, but walking, cycling and maybe a bit of weight training - I still have the gear.
  9. OK, so the weight has crept up over the years, what with having an office job, being a lazy git where exercise is concerned, eating too much fatty / carby food and drinking beer at weekends. I would now like to get the weight off, and I have been considering this Slimming World thing. Not sure if any of you guys has come across this, but it's all based on healthier eating, and a certain number of what they call 'Syns' being allowed each day. I'd probably be allowed 15 of those per day, or 105 per week. Now here's the problem. I probably consume 180 syns per week just in beer! So, what I need to do is reduce that substantially, cutting back on the amount I have, but also watching the strength. I can drink spirits, but don't very often, and NEVER with any sort of diet mixer. I can't deal with artificial sweeteners. Ever. So - have any of you managed to get around this? Anyone know of a really nice, reasonably priced and readily available lager or IPA under say 3.5%?
  10. I've always had a soft spot for a nice S2 XJ6, on chrome wheels with hub caps and big, fat tyres. Alloys don't suit these cars other then the 'Kent' or pepperpot ones on the series 3. I am very partial to the Wheeler Dealers XJC too. That's a classy old thing in a great colour.
  11. Mini champs, Neo, Vanguards and IXO do some good ones, and Atlas do well with Saabs. I have about 180 cars now, but I am going to sell off some, and buy just a couple more that I really would like.
  12. They look good Rupert. I see a set of those on the horizon when it's time to replace my tyres
  13. I looked at that one Duncan, but it's not great. Look at the side windows and the front kidneys.
  14. I'd like a set of those for my car. They would suit it very well.
  15. I tried BMW, and they don't have one. They don't have an F10 or a G30 either! The Calibra was a nice enough thing in its day. In fact, the Mk3 Cavalier was a bit of a looker compared to the MkII, and the 2.0i engine went very well, even in 8v guise. The Calibra Turbo was an interesting think. 4x4 was sensitive to tyre wear though, iirc.