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  1. E34 / E31 Auto dipping mirror

    Now on eBay. Free postage for forum members.
  2. WTD: E39 tech graphite trim for piano black swap?

    I have Piano Black in the F10, and I have to day I really like it. Classy.
  3. Retro fitting OBC - Temp sensor warning gag

    That sounds right. Alternatively, I could just wire the temperature sensor in there and stick it back behind the dash - an in car temperature indicator!!
  4. Coding plug

    Yep, spoke to someone this morning!
  5. E34 / E31 Auto dipping mirror

    Electrochromatic/Electrochrome/EC/Auto dimming rear view mirror Suitable for BMW E34 5 series and E31 8 series Tested and fully working. Includes the connector trim cover and connector with a short length of the 10-wire harness. Just want back what I paid, so £30 Posted - PayPal gift or Bank Transfer.
  6. Wheeler Dealers Series 14

    There's worse. I sat through last night's Misfit Garage last night. Lots of pseudo 'home movie' stuff starring big Tom in there - absolute and utter drivel. After that and ad breaks, the hour long show had at best about 35 minutes of car related content. I watch lots of car shows, because I love cars - but I never watch them live. I record them and fast forward past all the crap.
  7. Project E34 - some Success, some failure!

    Believe it or not, I have bought 8 different types of bulb for this car so far! Don’t get me started on the different screws, nuts and other fixings I’ve replaced - and this is a good car! Previous phone and radio fitters have missed bits and taken short cuts.
  8. Project E34 - some Success, some failure!

    I’ve had a sniff around the net. It turns out BMW’s stock list is wrong about this. It is indeed the 12v ones I need. The 6.5v holders are green, and are actually the wrong physical size. Too shallow for the deep recesses on the OBC. I think there was once an OBC that used these - needed 4 of them apparently. Probably something older like an E28 or an E30. I’m hoping Cotswold can cancel my order!
  9. Project E34 - some Success, some failure!

    Curious. I have two OBC units here. There are bulbs in them, but not them are the 6.5v 0.8w ones specified on RealOEM, but 12v 1.2w ones as you suggested. The holders looked to be right for the units too. None of them are working, but they look blown. I had a spare 12v 1.2w one in my spares box. Holder wasn’t the right height, but I got it in - and it works perfectly well. I don’t understand how how this can be. Now BMW do stock the 6.5v 0.8w ones, and I have ordered these - but it looks like I may have wasted my money if the 12v 1.2w one’s work - and that displeases me. Can anyone shed shed any light on this?
  10. Project E34 - some Success, some failure!

    If you do, drop me a pm. Might be a better option.
  11. Project E34 - some Success, some failure!

    Would you like to sell it?
  12. Project E34 - some Success, some failure!

    According to the information I have, I need part number 65811374495, which is a 6.5v 0.8w bulb - x 3 - and not a 12v 1.2w. Am I wrong?
  13. Wow, that was a good investment.

    I feel the dilemma!
  14. Project E34 - some Success, some failure!

    Actually yes. I'll have to start that soon.