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  1. What are you currently drinking...?

    I'm a rum man, and currently have 4 on the go: Ron Zacapa - my go-to premium sipping rum. Price varies ridiculously though - i usually buy at the Denmark airport on a business trip when on offer. Usually pay 300 DKK (£35) for a litre - then see it at Heathrow for £70 for a bottle!! Ron Centenario 20 - found this in a posh off-licence in France. A fabulous tasting rum (shop gave me a few samples) - really mellow, buttery and slightly sweet. Uber-smooth. Also the most i've ever spent on booze - paid 70 EUR! Ron Cartavio XO - this was a gift from my Danish colleagues. Hands down, the finest rum i've ever had. Never seen it before but this one is just exceptional. and um.... my UK colleagues bought me some Morgan Spiced for my birthday. One for cocktails for the wife
  2. I had my rear pads done at Vines BMW - 179 which i thought was pretty reasonable. On top of that, they gave the car a software update, and re-registered it for service reminders.
  3. Hardest part for me was making up the loom, and finding the right connectors. If piper's sorting you for that, then it's just seats out, carpets up, bottom half of centre console out, then a bit of fiddling about. I followed this thread, and got nice toasty bum going in time for winter. Do it!
  4. Reviving E39 530D Webasto.. IT LIVES! AT LAST!

    Good luck getting this sorted - I really miss the Webasto from my 530d. Mine had never worked when i got it - reported a short circuit, so got a replacement from eBay and had an Indy fit it ( not too handy with spanners myself). Also lost my nerve with NCS, but finally got DIS up and running and coded the independent heating there. Took about 30 mins, and after that used MID to set the timer to wake up to a defrosted car Made me look forward to icy mornings
  5. Alpina B10 V8 Touring 0012/1

    Oh lordy - i loved looking at pics of that car. This really should not be broken - hope someone comes in to save her... GLWTS!
  6. F11 hatch will not close!

    Diagnosed as open circuít on the lock motor. Lock motor replaced, with a little discount. Vines (Redhill) don't seem to as much as a rip-off dealer as Coopers (Thames Ditton) - my only previous encounter with BMW servicing. All sorted now
  7. F11 hatch will not close!

    Thanks. I did try that and could see the catch vibrating. Could also manipulate the catch ok. Popped to the local dealer as I'm in a pickle. Mech said it was the main catch that's broken. On order but won't be here before Wednesday. Left it with BMW as it's not secure or watertight at my house Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Just went to the car, unlocked, popped the hatch and now it won't close. The latch just seems not to engage.... Cannot really leave the car like this Any ideas there people? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. DAB retro fit

    I looked at that - but ouch on price! Looking forward to seeing if it delivers on the promise - definitely sold as the only truly OEM integration alternative. Fingers crossed for you!
  10. E39 freebies

    I'll bring it to work tomorrow - minor scratch (1-2cm) next to the black strip PM me your mobile and i'll return with the address!
  11. E39 freebies

    1 tape flap - Vavona 1 auto gear knob - Vavona Just pay me postage and it's yours - or collect from SL1 or RH2
  12. F11 Rear Bumper Edge Protector

    if there was only one - i bought it
  13. Soldering/crimping

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/162403732885 Bit like this one - bought for a lot less from a German ebayer. Sold it on here as I never needed it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Soldering/crimping

    My two cents from my E39 experience: I would do boot wires with crimps - much simpler to do in situ, as you're pretty restricted for space in the boot, unless you've gone to the trouble of disassembling the whole boot. I bought a boot wiring set as a precaution, and it came with pre-crimped terminals. When i replaced my wing mirror, i also used crimps. The only soldering i did was when wiring in heated seats - didn't want to take chances with a poor connection on those wires, plus there was a quite a gauge variation in the wiring used for that. Edit: just noticed you did ask for tool recommendations... For soldering, i bought a cheap Chinese job from eBay - not likely to be soldering again. It did the job. For crimping, i again bought a cheap-ish ratchet crimper from the bay.
  15. Washed it - first go on the snowfoam less than successful. Need more soap next time! Summer wheels on and sealed, now i found my Poorboys... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk