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  1. Washed it - first go on the snowfoam less than successful. Need more soap next time! Summer wheels on and sealed, now i found my Poorboys... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. First - sorry to OP for thread hijack. Second to Matthew - 6FL is the thing stopping me. I only have USB in glove box, and i can only use that for copying to CIC drive. CIC drive will NOT display album art.... Bluetooth streaming is more flexible for me, and that also won't display album art. Only recourse is to retrofit 6FL - between 150 and 500 GBP by my reckoning. Hardly worth it for a few pictures!
  3. I thought I'd read that Album Art is not availble for CIC - end of? i also have a 2010 (though I likely miss some options - i only have these 6*: 6AA BMW TELESERVICES 6AB CONTROL TELESERVICES 6VC CONTROL COMBOX 609 NAVIGATION SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL 612 BMW ASSIST 615 EXTENDED BMW ONLINE INFORMATION 616 BMW ONLINE 620 VOICE INPUT SYSTEM 633 PREP.MOB. PH. BUSINESS BLUET.INTERF. I also thought that 32GB would be the limit of what would work. Good to know - might well try a bigger thumb drive/SD card. Will also look into the iTunes export - for now, i've copied the files manually like a noob!
  4. I have an Amazon Fire Stick - brilliant little thing, which has now replaced my Apple TV. It has apps for Nexflix and most of the UK catchup services (BBC, C4, C5, ITV) I bought it with a trial of Amazon Prime - content was ok, but not worth paying for (IMO). I did consider the Netflix trial, and paying for that, but I now have KODI loaded on it and for now....I'll selectively watch through that. I have a lot of content on a local network hard drive, and I also use KODI for playing that - nothing illegal there - or even close to it. I've been happy with what's available on Freeview (have a Humax HD PVR - my third Humax device) - never been tempted by Sky or cable TV. So all in all, I pay for nothing on top of the TV licence, and whatever content i decide to purchase. Humax pretty much the best Freeview PVRs and there is an active community of developers extending the functionality through customised firmware (with the full blessing/participation of Humax themselves).
  5. I have an early one, so not included on mine (though the blank button for disabling it is there). Sounds like I avoided an irritation!
  6. If you look at the other red wires installed, you should see them at least that thick. I got the connectors from a breaker E46 with heated seats and the wires coming off those (had to chop them) were similarly thick so that reassured me. Joining the old/new wires was one of toughest parts of this for me. Not too handy with soldering so it was not pretty! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I used 4mm 41amp cable to carry the power from/to fuse. This is the one cable you do NOT want to underspecify, unless you want the whole car to get very hot...and a bit flamey For the rest i used 2.5mm 30A spec cable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Originally from a E38 - but bored out for E39 fitment several years ago. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. A couple of years ago in my E39 on regular Falken winter tyres, I had one rear suddenly let go at about 80 on 3rd lane of 4 of M25. By the time I'd managed to get across to the hard shoulder, the sidewall was obliterated. I have winter RFT on my F11 currently, but on summers I needed to change rears, so switched from 19" RFT to non-RFT, and the noise reduction was instant and noticeable. I will switch the fronts out to non-RFTs too and will carry slime/compressor in the boot.
  10. When I was looking for mine, I enquired about a F11 with those jokers. Kept promising to call me back as the car was "not quite ready". Given the runaround and no callback for over 2 weeks I recall. This one - no xenons. Wrong priorities from original owner (IMO)! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I always leave mine on Auto and with A/C on, and the missus now knows to never touch those buttons! Never even a patch of condensation unless engine is off and people in the car. Then boom - engine on, mist be gone!
  12. Join Bimmerfest, post a request in this thread: and you'll get link and instructions. Worked for me. Support on ISTA and E-Sys over there is phenomenal and quick.
  13. Yes it does - in some respects even more comprehensive, though can take a while to find the correct component/procedure
  14. Contact the dealer you bought it from ASAP. They are obliged to take the car back for repairing any major issue that occurs within 6 months of purchase - warranty or not! My independent (non-BMW) dealer got my combox diagnosed and replaced at no expense to me, after it gave up after 3 months of owning the car.
  15. +1 since my E39. Also ensures you don't end up with a stinky A/C when you do use it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk