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  1. Petrol warning light...

    fuel light should be when there is about 7 or 8 liters (think the v8's get more?) so that's a gallon and 1/2 so at say 30mpg that is 45 miles. I've seem teh RANGE on the OBC get to show ---- and its still been going!! Wouldn't recommend it though.
  2. Lights on 'buzzer' - upgrade?

    try this site for retrofit information: http://www.bmwe34.net/E34main/Upgrade/OBC.htm lots of useful stuff on there - I fitted OBC to my 525 1992. you need a few bits and bobs - indicator stalk, exterior temp sensor, gong, etc...
  3. leave them up there - as an example - until the weather, dehydration or starvation finishes them off!
  4. viscous fan I would say too. re the electric pusher fan, the 528 I had never over heated even though the electric fan had never worked even in 30+c in the south of France climbing up the Alps fully loaded so I'd go for the viscous part every time. My 525 e34 was the same too..
  5. Why the Parking Light error though or is that just a bulb out?
  6. 523i Touring 1967 - stalling

    if you can get the codes read that will tell you more about the problem. Likely to be cam/crank sensor as mentioned above, I'd go for crank but cannot tell without the fault codes from the ECU - there is not point in just changing things. The genuine BMW cam sensor was £80 from Cotswold when I did mine a few years ago and took me about an hour I guess to change at home.
  7. E39 not starting

    I was wondering htat too but should show up as a code though in the ECU?
  8. Battery question

    ^^^ LOL +1 on that!
  9. E61 no radio signal

    the coax had pulled out of the plug on mine and the outer was also shorting the single, if it was getting any at all. Remade the connection and perfect afterwards. Lots of wires brake in the tail gate hinged so could even be a power failure to the diversity unit, or a part thereof. Worth while checking all the wires on all four hinges if you're going in there
  10. HELP !Locked out and cannot open my e61 [emoji21]

    nope, same as the e39 when I remote opened the boot, put the keys down with the shopping and closed the boot, and swore, a lot!! Had to get a taxi home, get the spare key, taxi back to car and let myself in with the spare!! If you've a spare key it's the best option - even if the remote opening doesn't work the key will open the door lock.
  11. Faulty power steering / belt slipping?

    The inner doughnut, smelt of burning rubber one day and PAS went heavy, I could see sometimes at idle the pullies and belts stopped moving and the alternator light came on, made worse if the AC was on. Another time it would be ok for a bit. then it fell off, luckily with no damage but you could see the potential from the from the size/weight of the thing spinning. Mine fell of at idle, but imagine it at 5,000 rpm?! It could seriously do some wrecking under the bonnet!! If you replace the belts (recommended) make sure you get the right AC belt - there may not be a tensioner and its an Elastic belt, so note the length from the old one as there are several different lengths and its a PITA to find the right one without getting the size from the markings on the old one, there were a couple that were only 4-5mm different but you'll never get the belt on if its too short and may slip if too long. There was a thread on another forum with a guide to getting the AC belt on/off but have not still got it, sorry
  12. Febi Bilstein Rocker Cover Gasket vs BMW?

    I've a febi one for sale £12 posted inc spark plug gaskets for the e39 528 but fits many of the i6 motors. New and in original packaging. BMW Part is 11 12 9 070 990 I believe Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Oh dear - running problems already

    And get the codes read [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Faulty power steering / belt slipping?

    change it before it fails and takes the radiator out with it! The smell of burning rubber and heavy power steering is exactly how mine started, worked fine some times and not other then simply fell apart reaking havoc!
  15. But if it shifts fine manually then there is probably not to much wrong. If the ecu gets funny inputs it does funny things. What you can do, but be warned you'll have no ABS is unplug the abs module under the bonnet on big multiplug and go for a drive. Without crappy wheel data I bet you'll find it shifts fine! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk