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  1. eBay screens are of dubious quality. Changed 5 and yet to find a real decent seller. On the other hand they are only £25-30 so not bad even if not perfect Apple quality and price Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. try and see if it is listed for your car. might just be different ampage in which case it will be fine. if its lower rating you might have bother when everything is running in the winter (heater rear screen, lights, fan, etc) but will keep you going. if its higher rated then thats a bonus and will not do any harm
  3. hope you made it! Should have joined the RAC instread of the AA - they only take 2 hours in the scorching sun to get to you whilst blocking the main A road out of the city!! LOL
  4. diamond schwarz - especially when the flecks show in bright sunlight
  5. I assume you've ruled out the ignition switch? Fairly common non-start issue... the one when on mine it coincidentally started when the RAC jumped it but would not the next time I tried, but sometimes would. you can strip and clean the contacts if you've not got a spare to hand!
  6. £250 sound a great price! For normal car parts if I were in France I'd buy on ebay and get them to ship to you in France - would be cheaper and quicker then getting a French "Mechanic" to sort you out. My mate (who does my MOT's) is moving to France in the near future as he can work 1/2 as much and still be 2x quicker and cheaper than the French!!
  7. do you think he should have a career change? What with his crash years back, and a couple of biking "offs"?! Well perhaps not - this one didn't hurt too much it seems!!!
  8. My bike's only £85! LOL Still with the others that adds up to around £550 when you pay monthly too I've said for 30-years it should be on fuel that there is no dodging the tax, the more you use the more you pay, but perhaps allow commercial users (Stobarts of the world ans so on) some sort of tax breaks?
  9. £400 lighter I now have new idler pullies x2, serpentine belt and front engine pulley all fitted by my friendly mechanic. Couldn't source a new A/C pully which got broken when the front pulley let loose and spat the dummy! so still need to replace this at some point but can live with just having it back at the moment! On the plus side our new house has a drive, for 2 cars, power in the garage and outside tap so I've washed and polished both cars, vacuumed inside and generally fetteled things! Looking pretty fine I must say! but loosing the light to photo now.
  10. What did I do? Set at the side of the road for 2-hours waiting for the RAC! The front pulley fell apart and took the two drive belts with it - hoping nothing else broke! Both idler pullies are shot (bearings sound really dry) - more expense after changing both front springs. Seems to be a bit of a money pit at the moment!!
  11. changes the pollen filters and did the air filter too - what a stupid design to get that thing out! Remove the anti roll bar, pollen filters, and trays under filters - wtf?! All done though but what a faff!
  12. I'd be interested too. Bought Conti Contact 6 for the front of mine but not had a chance to drive it. Off to Bristol tomorrow so will feed back anything I notice Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. What did he do? Might be helpful to others. I've seen that pop up when I was trying to sort out my install Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. does it only happen when the car is hot or all the time? ABS modules is right near the exhaust and they can suffer electrical fault that only show up when hot probably due to bad connections inside the unit expansion when hot. Either way it doesnt sound right. Not having an e39 anymore I cant check it for you...
  15. even IF you needed 2l of brake fluid that's no more than £15 to the public, yet alone what they pay for it trade, so that's quite a mark up for a stamp in the service book!