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  1. New member

    hello and welcome
  2. What are you currently drinking...?

    nothing at the moment but have for this evening, and beyond, Ruddles County, some Old Speckled Hen (12 for £8 reduced in Tesco as the cardboard box was ripped!), and a small selection from the local Wychwood brewery.
  3. cheap as chips! I had to buy one for my step daughter's Golf and paid about the same price as that one, but it only came with 2 plates, no gloves, or box. A veritable bargain!!
  4. What brightness of hid

    the condition of the front plastic light units will make a big difference to the light output regardless of the k rating, but 5-6k is best for light as mentioned above. tbh I didn't have a problem with 4300k oem bulbs but they do loose there output over time so even replacing a fully working 4300k with a new one can improve the light output...
  5. Programming new key fob

    two types - one has solder links and you can copy the original one you have (looks rectangular shape with corner cut off), the other type needs programming. Syncing to the door locks I think can be done but the alarm/immobilizer is the bit that is tricky if it needs coding. Second hand fobs can be bought off ebay and the one pictured below is also used in some older Subaru models too. I found a local independent BMW specialist who could program the fob when I had to get one a few years back. this type needs special programming:
  6. Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser

    Just read the website - sound a great product Back in the day I would take to rotor arm with me! For all the young-un's Google it!! LOL
  7. Favourite feature?

    split tailgate - I'm so miss this at the moment! HIDs now its dark of an evening, and Auto climate control. My current (new) car has none of these and its bugging me! should have never left to BMW fold. Only a matter of time before I'm back... :D
  8. What are you listening to?

    new Feeder, and Black Stone Cherry.
  9. Replaced alternator still not charging???

    duff 2nd hand ones are common place, and if working are just as bad as the one taken of fin the first place!! Been there, done that, bought a replacement!
  10. Problems with first start in morning

    Not always from what I read (pre-lci models at least). Faulty controller may simply not commuticate at all in which case it's knackered and needs replacing. Only then can the system determine if and glow plugs are at fault.
  11. 540 ignition switch refurbishment

    Yes they can refurbed, having done it. Didn't know auto/manual were different though!! Internals of my 528 '99 auto one: http://s271.photobucket.com/user/machinehead_photos/media/SUNP0018m-1.jpg.html
  12. Triumph street triple R

    I'd be up for that
  13. Wheeler Dealers Series 14

    don't get me started on sinking the pink jokes!!!!!
  14. Petrol warning light...

    fuel light should be when there is about 7 or 8 liters (think the v8's get more?) so that's a gallon and 1/2 so at say 30mpg that is 45 miles. I've seem teh RANGE on the OBC get to show ---- and its still been going!! Wouldn't recommend it though.