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  1. 2002-E39

    Sorted E39

    Hi all, I really regret letting my E39 go- I'm after another one. I'm after anything of the following: 528i SE or Sport. if an SE preferable with shadowline trim. 530i Sport. 530d Sport- but must be a manual if a diesel. 535i/540i SE or Sport. I'm not looking at high end low mileage, but good honest E39's that have been looked after. Budget is in accordance to current E39 market, less than £3k preferable. I'm in no hurry. It must have decent service history with paperwork to back it up and as rust free as possible, certainly no dents or chunks of bumper missing beyond typical car park stuff. Don't care about mileage or colour. Not a fan of aftermarket stuff like wheels etc. I'm sorry but anything mid range i.e 520i, 523i or 525i won't interest me unless it's a 535i. Please PM me on here. Thanks.
  2. 2002-E39

    E39 525i Sport Manual 2002

    Sold my 120k 530i Sport in July for £1600.. it needed some cooling bits as it shat itself the week it went, but all in all I think I done pretty well. It also needed read tyres and an oil leak sorting so I don't think mine was underpriced.
  3. 2002-E39

    E38 7 Series

    No 7 series yet...
  4. 2002-E39

    2003 E39 V8 535sei Auto/switchable

    Thanks, is it on SE suspension?
  5. 2002-E39

    2003 E39 V8 535sei Auto/switchable

    When you say in for repair do you mean the door?
  6. 2002-E39

    Weird electrics.

    It's not the ignition switch. If you still have the traffic master system then the module will have to be completely removed, if you have a diesel it's likely the webasto heater that will need to be unplugged.
  7. 2002-E39

    What to buy?

    So I sold my 530i in the summer. I now am in the position to buy something else. I have £2000-£2500 ( closer to £2k preferably) I don't want anything with rust and I want a BMW. It must be petrol and be able to achieve mid to high 20's on a run. I want an E38 ideally but they are very thin on the ground. Maybe if a nice pre facelift E39 540i came up.. but I've also been looking at E46 330i Sports in coupe guise. I don't want another 6 cyclinder E39. It's quite difficult!
  8. 2002-E39

    E38 7 Series

    I'm hoping prices come down again! A 728i is probably most sensible. And I can spend £2.5k now.
  9. 2002-E39

    E38 7 Series

    Any age, any engine. No rust and less than £1800... thanks
  10. 2002-E39

    1998 BMW 735i

    How's the fuel tank?
  11. Thank you, I've already done it online now but the DVLA emailed me a copy of the rentation form, so the car is now registered to the old plate and the private one is no longer applicable to the car. I will give the guy the new keeper form I have, the "invoice" I am writing up states the plate stays with me anyway. I just want to make sure that even though the new keeper form he will have will have my private plate on, that he has no entitlement to it. Cheers
  12. Well I won't get the new V5 by Saturday so I guess I'll give the new owner his part when I get the new one.. is that right ? He's picking the car up on Saturday.
  13. Thank you guys, so even though the new keeper form which is going to the new owner will have my private reg on, the new V5 he will get will have the old one?
  14. How do I go about doing this and putting it back on the original plate? Also I won't have the V5 back by Saturday so do I just get the new owner to sign the current V5 with my private plate?