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  1. Had to be done, eve. If it invited scorn from my partner.
  2. My condolences to Keith's family. I always enjoyed catching up with him and hearing about his exploits. It sounded like he had a very full life. Also enjoyed hearing about his cars, from Jags to VW campers, there was loads going on. I was fortunate enough to go down to his home and he showed me his collection. Very sad time but plenty of fond memories.
  3. Do you have Avus Blue e34 sideskirts?
  4. Know what you mean. I've had mine for nearly 6 years and have driven fewer than 3k miles.
  5. Bit of a milestone.
  6. Not much really, I changed jobs around a year ago and was on a training salary until a couple of weeks ago. This has limited what I could do to the car but it hasn't stopped my planning. I have been using it as my daily this month which has been fun but has also highlighted a few issues that need sorting sooner rather than later. I want to change the lsd for a 3.15 one as the current one is a bit short, it makes first gear redundant. Also, the suspension needs sorting, I've got lots of parts ready to fit, my problem is finding someone to fit them, one place took it in but rang me to say they couldn't undo a bolt and so wouldn't do the work. Pretty poor, I think they just like shiny new cars. I need to find a specialist! The exhaust is sitting a bit low so that needs sorting, scrapes quite a bit. The gear change is sloppy, should be an easy fix. The viscous fan needs changing as well. That's the main bits, the wish list is a lot longer but getting it driving nicely is the priority. I still love driving it, it still feels quick, sounds fantastic and has that lovely e34 feel. Economy hasn't been too bad whilst doing daily driving, been getting around 24mpg. So, plans are afoot and hopefully life won't get in the way!
  7. I've not noticed any difference, I replaced them when I renewed the inlet gaskets, the covers on the old knock sensors had gone brittle.
  8. Wow, thanks gents. I have replaced the knock sensors but you may be thinking of Mazz as well. Plans for this year are to go through the suspension and tighten it up and to also take the slack out of the gearshift. After that it's mostly cosmetics and I have a set of style 5's to refurb as well.
  9. Cheers Carl, it's going to get some long overdue attention this year.
  10. Washed it
  12. £8k! Wow, he did well. I had one of the 2 Diamond black 540i/6 tourings back in 2008 and tried to buy it back in 2011 or 2012. L336KDP, looks like it's dead now.
  13. Come on, don't be a tease Duncan.
  14. Nicely summed up[emoji3]
  15. That's a good looking car, love diamond black.