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  1. hi guys I have a set of rondell 0058 with e31 fitment. Centre bore 72.6 8.5x18 ET 13 Fronts 10x18 ET 19 Rears I am looking to go down the centre boreing route. I am looking for a reputable company in the Manchester areas. Any recomendations would be great..
  2. Hi guys do MAF sensors need programming? My MAF sensor has gone on my 760li not sure which one as there is 2 of them.. i have ordered a Bosch one.. was going to have my local garage fit it if it didn't need programming.. INPA FAULT CODES 2783
  3. Hi am after complete wiper linkage
  4. SOLD
  5. Sorry mate it's a 2002 e39 525d
  6. I currently have a 525d manual sport which has been mapped also have a 530d sport which isn't mapped but even with the map feel it's a bit underpowered.. I think a 530d with a map just about right power for me..
  7. I think your right, At this present time once my cars are sold the way it's looking I will probably settle for sport with leathers and decent alloys..
  8. Hi dennis I was considering the 6 speed conversion but I couldn't find anyone that would give me an estimated figure.. i might go go for the repair, i don't think it will Need a full rebuild, very few boxes need a complete rebuild. If you can get the right transmission place then they should be able to sort it out.. i have had few with reverse issues which all turned out to be the bridge seal.. The last one was the 760li I purchased off this forum from m535man with reverse issue. Was being quoted £3k-£6500 for rebuild, eventually sorted for £250
  9. Have got a 540i sport with reverse issue, contemplating wether to do a 6 speed conversion or repair the reverse..
  10. My passenger side wiper has stopped working, need a linkage for it.. motor is working fine as the drivers side is fine
  11. Yeah that's all I seem to find.. I would want one with a high spec around a budget of £3k-£3500 I think you been luck that's really nice and well specced.. love the colour as well..
  12. Been looking for a manual sport touring for while, I have seen couple of none sport high mileage but non in sport? Those of you guys that own one, did you buy it because it came up or were you looking for one if so how long did look before you found one?? They seem to be harder to come by than 6 speed 540s or am I just not looking right? I have given up at the moment and have decided to go e60/61 manual touring instead.. Currently have couple of e39s (540i sport,530d sport and an 525d sport) will start to sell these and buy e60/61 530d touring.
  13. Wow absolutely stunning.. always love these I only went as far as couple of manual 535i
  14. Was just looking for standard ones mate.. just need to be on my car whilst mines are being repaired..looking for less than £30 as I'll probably chuck them away once done.. seen a set off ebay for 15+ postage