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  1. Hi guys, Can someone recommend a recovery service to to deliver a e39 535i sport from Lincoln/market rasen to deliver to Manchester.. Regards
  2. kayser540

    Which fuel pump to replace?

    Update.. had the car towed to the garage last night, went to drop off key and it fired up first time? Now seems to be running fine..
  3. kayser540

    Which fuel pump to replace?

    Checked the fuses and relay all seem fine, AA came out and towed it to my local garage. He undid did the hose to the filter and there is still fuel coming through..
  4. kayser540

    Which fuel pump to replace?

    Thank you, didn’t think to check the fuses. Will check them this evening. There is fuel just above 1/4 mark.. regards
  5. kayser540

    Which fuel pump to replace?

    Hi guys went to start the car yesterday, turned over and cut out straight away and after won’t start. I have had had my brother run INPA and below are the faults. Regards
  6. Hi guys can someone recommend a mobile mechanic To fit a fuel pump(s). Regards
  7. kayser540

    2001 51 BMW 530i Sport Auto Saloon - FOR SALE

    Hi Dave, Where abouts in the country are you based? Regards
  8. kayser540

    E39 v E60

    I’m on the lookout for a e61, having owned numerous e39 over the last 15 years I feel its time to for a change. What are people’s opinion on reliability?
  9. Hi guys looking for drivers side front and rear suspension for a 2002 525d sport saloon
  10. kayser540

    DVLA Error - 57 instead of 51?

    As above, not sure why that is but i was looking a 98 540i which was registered as 02. I have had imports before evos, Subaru’s and hondas which were imported in 2000s and were correctly registered.
  11. kayser540

    Bmw offset 42 fronts and 43 rears

    Hi thank you iv never understood offsets..lol.
  12. Hi guys My brother is looking at a set of wheels for his 435d. Hi has found a set which are 9Jx 20 ET 42 fronts 10JX20 ET 43 rears i have googled but cannot find anywhere if they would fit. Ideally he’d want a set without spacers. regards
  13. kayser540

    Oil in coolant scammers caught

    They pour brake fluid in exhaust so it’s smoke like steam engine..
  14. These guys tried scamming my brother, http://forums.m3cutters.co.uk/showthread.php?t=190518 his the 3rd post the restaurant owner, seems like these same guys have scammed few other. The ring leaders telephone no. And Facebook profile is on there.. People need to be aware of these guys, please share on other car forums if possible.
  15. kayser540

    Insurance Advise Needed

    I think that rule only applies to private land with restricted access such as race tracks. Most supermarkets, work, shopping centre etc car park fall under the the road traffic act as they have unrestricted access so are covered by insurance. I’m pretty sure law changed in early 90s to clear this up. This is my understanding having work for a law firm as a summer job whilst at uni. It would ludicrous to think that millions of people are going to work or shopping with invalid insurance as soon as they entered the car park.