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  1. kayser540

    Help identify this part that’s snapped off

    Hi clavurion, thanks for quick reply, that makes sense.. I’ll order new part from dealers..
  2. Hi guys went to start the car this morning and herd a bang, power steering went and battery light came on. I have taken the fan off and the belt has come off but one of the pulleys on a bracket has snapped.. Any help would be appreciated.. regards
  3. kayser540

    E65 730D - New battery needed

    I fitted an Yuasa 110ah from Halfords on my 760li and have had no issues, I tried buying an 110ah for the 760li from dealers but was told this had been discontinued and a 90AH AGM was the recommended one, I think it was It was over £300. When I had a weak battery, the dash lit up like a Xmas tree, lost ABS, suspension, PAS, EML, gearbox warning, etc, i would recomend the Yuasa.. regads
  4. kayser540

    Wanted 1x 9j and 1x 9.5j style 37 m parra

    Manage to get hold of the 9.5j courtesy of a forum member.. still looking for a 9j
  5. kayser540

    Wanted 1x 9j and 1x 9.5j style 37 m parra

    Still looking..
  6. My wife put a full tank of petrol our Mercedes couple of years ago, called out someone off google “fuel doctor” or something.. luckily she she hadn’t started the car, all the fuel was drained and full tank filled then drop to half tank and filled to brim again which diluted any petrol in the tank, as mentioned above.. 40k miles and no issues.. regards
  7. kayser540

    16" Turbine wheels on a 530d Sport?

    Turbines would will be fine, iv ran turbines on my 2002 530d with no issues
  8. kayser540

    Anyone with virgin mobile?

    Will give three a try, will be looking for sim only deals..
  9. kayser540

    Anyone with virgin mobile?

    Hi guys, Just seen an offer for a sim only deal with virgin mobile, 100gb data for £20 which I was thinking of getting. I have been with one2one/T-Mobile/EE for almost 20years but have recently been told my loyalty discount will not be carried over when my contract ends in October so have decided I will cancel my contract. I have just looked at the review on trust pilot for virgin mobile and they seem absolutely shocking! I honestly can’t believe a big cooperation will have that many bad reviews! https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/virginmobile.co.uk i have previously been with virgin media and have had no problems with them. Anyone have had had any personal experience with them?
  10. kayser540

    Set of 4 Rondell 0058 8.5J x 18" - £150

    I’ll take these mate, forgot you had these otherwise I’d have taken them with the car.. pm sent
  11. kayser540

    My 2002 530d Manual Sport Touring - Sold

    Pm sent, I’ll take the car mate.
  12. kayser540

    Wanted 1x 9j and 1x 9.5j style 37 m parra

    Still looking..
  13. kayser540

    Wanted 1x 9j and 1x 9.5j style 37 m parra

  14. As per title, looking for a rear 9j and a 9.5j for the e39 and e31 thank you..