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  1. dmarkovina1

    Which winter tyres to get?

    https://www.mytyres.co.uk/cgi-bin/rshop.pl?dsco=110&cart_id=iWl6YQeZMXke5F2x.110.854576966&sowigan=Wi&Breite=225&Quer=55&Felge=16&Speed=&kategorie=6&ranzahl=4&tyre_for=PKW&x_tyre_for=&Ang_pro_Seite=10&weiter=10&sort_by=preis&rsmFahrzeugart=mm&Label=E-C-72-2&details=Ordern&typ=R-352465 Norwegian make owned by Continental. Pretty good value for money. No reviews yes as it only just came out. XL load rated - 99 vs the usual 95. It does help tyres not loose shape with time, especially with our heavy cars and high tyre pressures.
  2. dmarkovina1

    Btw e39 525i cuts out....

    Thanks for letting us know!
  3. dmarkovina1

    Winter oil 5w40 or 5w60?

    5w 40 Unless you have excessive oil consumption. Any reputable brand LL01 should do. I have been using Total Quartz 9000 for the past 12 years - combined mileage on my two cars is now 0.5M+ miles and counting (both petrol/lpg). Also since the last 60k or so happily using Liqui Moly Ceratec - especially beneficial for cold winter starts at -15 degrees in the Alps. Amazing stuff, can't praise enough.
  4. dmarkovina1

    Btw e39 525i cuts out....

    You would need to connect INPA via the round diagnostics port under the bonnet and read out the error codes. I believe European pre Y2K BMWs do not support ODB2 - my 2000 E38 surely doesn't.
  5. Swapping coils between cylinders moves the error to another cylinder or it remains at No 4?
  6. dmarkovina1

    530i hesitation/misfire accelerating when engine hot

    No loose spark plugs by any chance?
  7. dmarkovina1

    530i hesitation/misfire accelerating when engine hot

    If any of the camshaft sensors is faulty you can see it via INPA - there is no variation in the angle of the affected camshaft as you rev the engine - the angle remains stuck at either fully retarded or fully advanced (not sure which camshaft stays where) . If you want to spare some money on sensors, give Febi a try - in my recent experience I was lucky enough to find the OEM VDO sensor inside - with BMW stamp gorund off. Perfect ever since - a year later. Delphi sensor proved not to work though.
  8. dmarkovina1

    Cost to repair jacking points

    Normally the jacking point itself is ok as it is made of thick metal and there is reinforcement above inside the sill - it's the outer sheeting that goes first - as per your photos.
  9. dmarkovina1

    530i and Euro Emission Standard

    Euro 3.
  10. dmarkovina1

    white smoke from engine bay???

    I would check valve cover gasket above the exhaust manifold . especially at the back towards the firewall - all dry or oily? If not the gasket you may also have an airline crack in the valve cover itself. Airline crack is visible with the cover off and inspected against the light. Competent ABS welder can fix it easily. What happens is oil dripping on the exhaust manifold hence the smoke. If you notice more smoke when the car is pointing uphill (low speed or stationary) that's most likely the cause.
  11. dmarkovina1

    E39 Headlamp Projector Alternatives

    You can pass the MOT with the flat cutoff on HIDs?
  12. dmarkovina1

    E39 535 has issues when warm

    Febi seems to be repackaging BMW OEM camshaft sensors from VDO - you can notice the (BMW) stamp ground off from the side of the sensor. Two years now, no issues. Avoid Delphi - which is fine for ABS sensors...
  13. dmarkovina1

    E39 Headlamp Projector Alternatives

    E46 OEM reflectors made by ZKW invariably fail - this is probably the most-replaced BMW projector on the market.
  14. dmarkovina1

    E39 Headlamp Projector Alternatives

    If your projectors are ok i.e. they did not lose the mirror-like finish, just cleaning up the dust from lenses should make a big difference/ coupled with inexpensive H7 4300K HID. -Just recode the car to skip the headlight bulb check otherwise you will get the OBD error. I have done that for now and am very happy - not that I would mind bixenons...If you want to go bixenon or your projectors are finished you would need a new ones. Some useful info below: https://www.retrofitlab.com/blog/bmw-e39-bi-xenon-retrofit-guide/ http://forums.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1863650-FXR-v-3-projector-retrofit-into-Hella-housings Some of the kits from the retrofitlab do have an RHD verson. Apparently EvoX-R is a direct swap but there is no RHD version. I bought EvoX-R v1.0 for my E38 (which had HIDs from factory) and managed to fit it with a bit of dremeling - the E38 has a very small projector so it was a tight fit. It is now obviuosly better than the burned-out Hella but nowhere near the modern OEM HIDs in terms of the cutoff line nor light output (dipped lights). For my coming E39 lights upgrade I will go for something else, maybe the EvoX-R V2.0 - unsure at the moment. One thing to not to forget is the MOT - if you go with H7- based setup it is easy to put the halogens back, cometh the hour.
  15. dmarkovina1

    CD changer stuck again! What are my other options?

    Let's not forget this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/AUKEY-Ground-Isolator-Systems-Included-Black/dp/B01LYYRT7M/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1526592088&sr=8-3&keywords=car+noise