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    e39 525i and e32 735i
  1. Price lowered to £230 per set including P&P. or £120 per side inc P&P. Collection in person and offers welcome!
  2. Rear ones 255s sold, one front 225 also sold. Still got one Nexen 225s for sale. Old tyres are selling like fresh bread £20 collected or £30 delivered.
  3. Hi guys I'm after an e39 540i - preferably a manual one, or an e38 740i. I need to scratch that V8 itch again. Recently I nearly bought a nice, early 540i manual, but at the last moment the seller stood me up and sold it to somebody else. It's been over 3 weeks since seeing the car for the first time and I was waiting for him to do the MOT as agreed. In the meantime, I was trying to trace any service history records with BMW, to check the declared low mileage. The car failed MOT as I expected and he agreed to fix minor problems, retest it and to give me a call. When he finally called me, he dropped the bomb by telling me that he already sold it. How gutted and dissapointed I am is beyond belief... ...and then he finished the conversation by saying "this is how it goes" - pissed me off big time. So back to searching on Autotrader, Ebay, Gumtree etc, but there isn't that much at the moment. I know these cars are out there, but I do realise in not too great numbers. If you have one and would consider selling it, then please let me know. Thanks.