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  1. What mileage are you at now Calypso? I just clicked over 110k yesterday. Last mot for me was a clean sheet to. But the v70 hasn't been 100% reliable. A £400 thermostat and a broken front spring have been the costs out with normal servicing so far.........
  2. So at least our V70s have only increased by £10 as it was £230 I paid in March for mine.
  3. Those tds engines can rack up the miles with ease. They don't have any swirl flaps to worry about either. Has the fuel pump in the tank been replaced? A remap should see about 180bhp. But it should be a bit more responsive too. My old e34 tds was. LSD for a diesel touring might be a big ask though? Looks a nice touring though.
  4. looks like new!!! Awesome cars. Congrats on the new purchase.
  5. Bad news!! Such a nice standard M3 saloon as well. Really hoping you manage to get it back. I had car stolen once (Volvo 440 Turbo) and it was gone for about a month. Eventually on the day before the claim was to be finalised and I got a call from the Police saying that had found the car and it was all in one piece. Just needed a new starter motor and ignition barrel/plastic surrounding it which I got from a breaker and car was back on the road and no claim was ever processed. Hopefully yours turns up in once piece too!
  6. Sounds a decent car Duncan GLWS
  7. ^^^^^that video is pure class lol
  8. Looks nice. So how does the fuel economy stack up with that compared to the 520d you had previously?
  9. Nice project! There is an import e39 d10 bi-turbo on auto trader at the min for £17k! Lhd though
  10. That looks amazing. The paint finish is like glass
  11. Looks good! Nice to see a standard sport getting a bit of tlc.
  12. Nice project! Also the 530d looked a really clean one in the first place.
  13. that is scary prices for insurance for new drivers. When I was 18 and looking to buy my first car, I lusted after a 205 1.6 GTI but the insurance for that even back then with third party fire and theft was about £1k. So I reconsidered and ended up with a 2ltr Volvo 360 GLS lol but only £500 insurance, which was cheaper than any other car I tried all with small engines. At least it was rear wheel drive and once the suspension was uprated it actually cornered quite well with little 13" wheels.
  14. Wow! What a car. That is immense. If i had the cash I would happily buy it. GLWS
  15. that looks nice! Really like the colour/spec combo. Other half has an F30 320d Sport. You do sit nice and low in them. Steering is a bit too light for a BMW though and the sport wheel is too thin. Hers is a 12 plate so the newer design steering wheels in the later f30's look more chunky.