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  1. A lot of car for the dosh! Really like those 9-3 estates
  2. Looks a nice 530d! GLWS. Decent price too.
  3. especially now that VAG/Mercedes all offer gearbox services as part of their fixed price servicing program.
  4. I had B8's on my old 530d Touring and they were a good bit firmer than OEM sport. I had them paired with H&R springs on the front. But the handling improvement was worth it especially when combined with an M5 rear ARB and poly bushes.
  5. That green one that you we're asking about a new clutch? It probably didn't need a new clutch at that mileage. E39 clutches seem to last a long time. In fact there was an e39 530d sport touring with well over 200k and still on original clutch and it was remapped too on this forum and is still in use. Also the service intervals for both petrol and diesel e39s is about 17-18k miles if going by the dash service indicator. So again that green one actually sounded fine if it did have a main dealer history all its life. The point is that yes e39s maybe old but they are still a superior build to brand new insignias/ avensis/ prev generation mondeo etc which are built to last about 5 years max. I am not sure what company cars you have enjoyed the perks of owning but to measure an old e39 by the same yard stick is a slightly skewed way to approach buying one I would say. In the past I have owned 2 e39s; 525i sport and a 530d both autos and both were on the whole very reliable and covered about 100k miles combined with them both. Glad you found a nice one in the end though.
  6. If you bought it privately then the onus would have been on you to check the vin and engine numbers all match the v5. Playing advocate here, but why would Toyota need to check the numbers before they started working on what is still a relatively new car which should still have the original engine......... sounds like a nightmare scenario
  7. Stunning e39 sport. Love the interior choice too.
  8. Looks a decent example! Congrats on the new purchase
  9. that Alpina looks stunning!
  10. if you can safely run the tank down to when the light comes on and it still starts ok, then fuel pump is working fine. As it's usually when it gets below about a quarter tank they don't start. If it has been remapped/upgraded ECU chip then it will probably smoke a bit under really hard acceleration on the motorway. But that's probably about the only visible way to tell I would say? Steering box, I have never adjusted but if you have a search on here there should be plenty info about it. It can help with the wander type feeling through the steering. Sounds like it would be worthwhile to service the autobox if it has not been done previously. Don't think inspection 2 services even covered that at main dealers?
  11. Looks tidy! Did ES run out models not come with M-sport suspension as standard? I thought they did.
  12. Had a remapped e34 tds and an e36 325 tds and in both of them the temp gauges sat at the mid way point and never budged once up to temp. So you may need a new stat or sender unit? Handling. It might be wise to get the 4 wheel tracking done with a Hunter type set up, also have a look at adjusting the steering box if it hasn't been done previously. Are the fuel pumps ok? Once Tds's get older the pump in the fuel tank can play up. If it isn't remapped look into doing so as it makes the car feel a bit more spritely and I generally found it was a bit more frugal too. If you plan to keep the car for a while then give the gearbox a service with an oil and filter change.
  13. Sounds like a good wee project car.
  14. Nice e34 sport. Keep the updates coming
  15. Nice save of another e39 that would probably have been scrapped otherwise