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  1. 525ix refreshed

    Nice ix! How many miles? What recent work did you have done to it. Awesome cars had a calypso red ix touring auto in the past.
  2. Recommend a commuter car

    Skoda Octavia tfsi. Plenty low mileage ones at that kind of money with decent spec too. Choice of petrol engine size also.
  3. E39 restoration project.

    Looks good with the wheels refurbed. I really liked my 51 plate e39 525i sport in Topaz blue. Would certainly have another one
  4. Bmw E34 525tds - Giving some TLC

    Looks brilliant. Especially with the interior mods.
  5. 17 year old driver insurance oddity !!!

    Great first car! I would have been well chuffed with that as a first car
  6. ^^^^agreed a 525i is probably the best all rounder. But I bought a remapped 525tds SE saloon auto ages ago from a previous member from here and bar the e34 IX touring I had the TDS was brilliant. Avg’d 35-38 mpg all the time and on a brisk Glasgow to Margate run it avg’d 43mpg and it had a slight fuel leak at the time from the fuel filter. Unfortunately because the car had lived its entire life in the north east of Scotland the body just disintegrated so ended up selling it on while it still had some mot on it. Nice Montreal blue colour and had style 66 staggered wheels on it too.
  7. Very tidy E39 530d Tourer

    Just getting run in then
  8. Superb project thread. Be good to see some pics of the car as a whole now
  9. My 540iX M Sport finally arrived!

    It’s within the I-drive I believe. To adjust the key settings. Have a search on here as I am sure this subject was discussed very recently.
  10. Wow £2k! Superb bargain and even better with the repairs etc you have done. Result.
  11. Lancs Newbie - BMW 530d

    Welcome looks a nice 530d. Are those x5 wheels not meant to be heavier than normal 5 series wheels which would no doubt blunt the performance a bit and have a negative effect on mpg too I would imagine?
  12. My 540iX M Sport finally arrived!

    That looks superb, hope you have the settings amended and keys stored in a metal case/tin given the recent news stories about new BMWs stolen with the comfort access option making them easy targets.
  13. Little addition to the family - E36 316i Compact

    Ideal! Cheap as chips. Looks in good nic too
  14. That's it for petrol....

    Those Tesla's are impressive. The youtube guys at JR Garage have one, the model x? i think it is. It is ridiculous how quickly it accelerates. Also they managed to drive it up to Montana from Virginia and get pretty decent range too as it regenerates power through going down hill and when it is braking as well.