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  1. I recently sold mine as well and got a 2016 Peugeot 308 GT-Line Estate auto. As the saving over the V70 was quite considerable! It's a bit slower than the V70 but at over 300kgs lighter it's not too bad and nice to drive and 50+mpg with ease and £20/yr road tax. mainly use it as a business car more than anything else and nice to know it has plenty warranty on it etc too.
  2. thing is though pre 2010 cars are not even that old. I mean look at the V70 D5's myself and Mark had, both Euro5 and to look at scrapping something like that would be madness!
  3. that looks superb! Nice upgrade.
  4. where does he find all those low miles E38/E39s??? Are they imports. Also can't see any interior pics of a lot of them as well.
  5. I see quite a few e39s about south and north Lanarkshire
  6. Nice project, hope you manage to get it back on the road!
  7. Ooooh I like that! is that combined mpg figure even remotely achievable? If so that is impressive as I only avg about 3-4mpg more with my D5 V70
  8. Looks really nice Mark. who ever ends up with your old v70 will have a nice car too.
  9. That is bad news, having it stolen like that. Have the Police been any use in trying to recover it? I had heard how new bmws are stolen unless the car keys are contained in a metal box or are far enough away from the car so that signal between the two cannot be intercepted........ bring back a normal key I say! These new type of transmitter keys appear to be very vulnerable. Hope your car gets found soon.
  10. Congrats on the new purchase Mark! Looks a nice car.
  11. I think you will be offered about £4K if you are lucky. Could sell it yourself for about £6k via auto trader etc.
  12. That is real nice car. Love the interior spec too.
  13. ^^^^servicing the Volvo autoboxes every 60-70k should prevent any failures and that was Mackies Transmission in Glasgow that advised me after I had my D5 box serviced. To be honest any automatic gearbox in all makes of cars has issues these days unless regular servicing is adhered to, which many owners do not follow.
  14. That's been drag racing at Crail if he is in fife! Lol bet that engine and gearbox won't last long......
  15. Agreed the dash is a bit dated in ours. I like the xc70s as well. But an awd d5 with 230bhp is heavier than ours and therefore not as good on fuel. I know you can get them in front wheel drive and with less power but it's still a big lump of a car to lug around. Also with them having a higher ride height I think they are quite walloway in the bends unless you are lucky enough to find one with the suspension upgrade that has 3 modes to it. However what comes with that option is the added expense if you damage a strut/spring due to our crap roads........... i did consider the last generation mondeo too, but the dash boards are not appealing and the switchgear felt cheap. Also only 2.0d or 2.2d engines which again put me off. I think if if I was going to change to another estate it would be an e91 325d/330d m-sport auto with decent spec.