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  1. That could be a nice keeper if corrosion hasn’t taken hold of it too much......
  2. Hi....

    Nice touring
  3. M5 valet today. Results

    That m5 looks superb. Great colour combo too
  4. It look brilliant with those wheels on it. Top work
  5. E34 535i Sport / M5 content

    Looks a nice original e34 M5.
  6. Difficulties at refuelling...

    My old 530d used to do that as well. Tesco was a nightmare to fill up at turning the nozzle sideways etc made no difference at all...... that is one aspect of 530d ownership I do not miss!
  7. Bargain estate cars. Talk to me

    The vvti petrols I think are extremely reliable and pretty good on fuel too. I had a Corolla with a 1.8vvti in it and it was a sweet reving little engine that sort of came on ‘cam’ above 4K revs. Decent manual gearbox too. Although typical over light steering.
  8. Bargain estate cars. Talk to me

    I remember reading something recently about Passats and someone said of them that they are a poorly made car masquerading as a quality car. After having a few of them I would tend to agree with this statement. Yes the 130pd tdi is a good engine. But plagued by sensor failure, the suspension design is woeful unless you replace all the arms at once with quality parts you will forever be chasing clunks and rattles. They are extremely dull to drive and not very refined on long distances either or that was my impression having driven Glasgow to Kent in them quite a few times. The sports seats are also poor on long journeys. Blue dials are awesome though another option for a cheap estate car, Toyota avensis? The 2.2d in 180bhp is a punchy engine they even used it in the Lexus IS 220d. After 55 plate they are better galvanised underneath so don’t rust any where near as much. Reasonable kit too.
  9. Am I missing something here ?

    Loving the black tape on the drivers door handle as a temp repair?
  10. I really quite fancy another Saab......

    Mine said S on the gear indicator on the dash when it was engaged and then if you moved the lever up or down it then gave you the number of the gear the car was in. I tried out the manual mode a few times, but in sport it redlined each gear the box was a little more responsive too after I had it serviced by Mackies Transmission in Glasgow. They recommended about 70k tops for oil changes on those Aisin Warner boxes. Said that they had fixed quite a few of them due to Volvo owners leaving the service too long i.e. over 100k+miles
  11. Winter times & bmws

    What is the windchill factor? Must feel like about -15.
  12. I really quite fancy another Saab......

    Mark they did have sport mode! My D5 R did, if you moved the gear lever to the left but didn’t push it up or down, that was it in sport. Mine would wheelspin into 3rd gear quite easily under full acceleration in sport my interior was nicer though as it was the R spec. Agree the autobox wasn’t the sharpest. But I am not sure if a manual box would have suited the twin turbo d5?
  13. Winter times & bmws

    Haha that makes the snow and temps we had in Scotland the past few weeks look like tropical weather
  14. That is unbelievable. Poor guy must be gutted to find his car like that, and the other two owners as well.
  15. I really quite fancy another Saab......

    Those late model 9-5s are a lot of car for the money! Tempted with one myself at some point.