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  1. GStarrr

    M5 Touring stolen and Torched

    That is such a shame. No amount of insurance pay out is going to replace that. All because some twat took what didn’t belong to them.
  2. GStarrr

    2004 E61 545i 6 speed £2,500

    Duncan looking at the ride height in the pics I would hazard a guess it’s SE and not M-Sport. As they usually sit a bit lower if they have sports suspension.
  3. GStarrr

    2004 E61 545i 6 speed £2,500

    Nice car! That should sell given its rarity
  4. GStarrr

    Adblue refill

    Not in a bmw.but the Peugeot 308 estate GT line I had previously went through Adblue a lot quicker than the manual stated. A full tank of Adblue was meant to last 12k miles reality was more like 8k miles before the light came on. This was due to the car running at higher speeds most of the time with very little in the way of town driving. Therefore more of the Adblue was being squirted into the exhaust system. So I would take the range quoted with a pinch of salt. have to say I am happy my F11 520d I have now doesn’t use the stuff! It’s a total con anyway.
  5. GStarrr

    Picked up my 520d Luxury

    Tried eco pro in mine between Perth and Stirling today to give it a reasonable assessment. It does make the car a bit sluggish and I can’t say it really saved much in the way of fuel compared to comfort mode. Which is what I tend to leave it in most of the time.
  6. GStarrr

    E39 M5 Individual - 1 of 1 in this colour!

    Lovely car, but that colour combo is horrid just couldn’t have an e39 let alone an M5 in that colour. So i’m oot
  7. GStarrr

    E39 touring newbie.

    Looks a nice clean e39.
  8. GStarrr

    My 2002 530d Manual Sport Touring - Sold

    these things happen Rob! hope the new house move goes well. all the best. Greig.
  9. GStarrr

    1994 BMW E34 540I - GF22093

    How does it ride and handle with the new spax kit on it? Looks awesome.
  10. Hi Dave, i had a C5 A6 2.7t twin turbo v6 Quattro avant auto for a while. Lovely interiors with superb stereos too if you get one with the sub down the side of the boot. Auto boxes are a bit fragile and the output shafts can leak fluid on the Quattros due to the heat from the twin exhaust drying the seals out. So check for any fluid leaks. The boxes need a service about every 80k or so. In terms of driving, the Quattro grip is awesome and they have active yaw control too. But a 5 series they are not. Very heavy cars, heavy front ends and non communicative steering means it’s more of a cruiser than anything else. Mine averaged mid to low 20s mpg. Also watch the tailgates as they leak and fill up with water. Also the scuttle drains need looking at too just like they do on Passat’s as they block and then water ingress damages the ecu under the passenger front seat. Good luck with the search.
  11. GStarrr

    My new 525 tds touring

    Some find. It looks like new! Very low miles too.
  12. GStarrr

    My 2002 530d Manual Sport Touring - Sold

    Wow what a lot of car for £600! somebody got a deal there
  13. GStarrr

    Back in a 5!

    Exactly. As an overall package it works very well.
  14. GStarrr

    Back in a 5!

    I would have liked the earlier 525d like yours with the 6 in it (later ones have the 2ltr D with higher remap on them) but I couldn't find any for sale with a low mileage etc. I did look at a nice 530d SE Lux tourer but it was too expensive (as in overpriced!) and also the previous owner must have had a lab or a golden retriever as the car stank of dog!! lol So that was a no. Once I had a drive of the 520d it was actually pretty nice. May well take it to Ecotune next year as they can up it to 230bhp quite easily and a whole load more torque too.
  15. GStarrr

    Back in a 5!

    got one pic up now. Need to take some more after I gave it a proper clay and polish etc yesterday. Thanks Mark! Driven about 200 miles or so in since I got and getting more familiar with it. MPG seems very reasonable so far and the performance is good considering it's a big heavy car with only a 2ltr D in it.