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  1. Mobster

    E39 M5 Facellift

    Let me know what you got..... No high miles please. Maximum 140k
  2. Mobster

    2001 E39 M5

    Did this sell ?
  3. Mobster

    BMW E34 Optional Extras

    I have bought a 525 Sport and would like to spec it up with some optional extras. Whats out there ?
  4. Mobster

    BMW E34 Co Pilot Rear Seat

    Pref Blk Leather but will consider anything Let me know
  5. Mobster

    2001 E39 M5

    Is this still for sale ?
  6. You are correct. His charge has been "upgraded" to first degree murder by the Judge.
  7. Anyone notice that suddenly we have slipped in that the Al Nusra front who we have labelled for decades as part of Al Queda have dropped links with Al Queda and are now helping the rebels fight Isis. In another words, we were funding them all along. Anyway, if anyone is scratching their heads wondering where the guns come from the answer I am ashamed to say is us. So before we start labelling people like this Anjem prick, maybe we should hold our own governments to account, after all we vote them in.
  8. The priest in France gets killed and rightfully so we call the killers terrorists. The imam and his assistant get killed and we label the killer as mentally unstable and gets a charge of 2nd degree murder. hmmmmm
  9. One thing I want to ask MP's, ministers etc is this "where the hell are Isis/isil or whatever we choose to call them, getting their wepons from. Last time I checked, the Arab states couldn't make a decent cup of tea, let alone guns, bombs and tanks. anyone help me out here, I've been scratching my head so long thinking about this, I'm nearly bald !
  10. Give it a few years, we will find out he was sponsored and supported by Mi5 or Mi6. Same shit, different name.
  11. Mobster

    For Sale Again E28 M535i

    Car For Sale Again. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, the buyer and i were unable to meet up and agreed to cancel the purchase/sale. Can is available again.
  12. Mobster

    For Sale Again E28 M535i

    Hooray ! I was laffing especially when 528 Fan said if the work has been done and it has an MOT its a good price. I was like, wtf, i only sold it 2 hours ago, he must be handy with a welder.
  13. Mobster

    For Sale Again E28 M535i

    LOL oh well good luck to him.
  14. Mobster

    For Sale Again E28 M535i

    Car is now Sold Thank you all that showed an interest
  15. Hi, how about a straight swap for my fully sorted E39 540 six speed touring, it needs nothing doing to it and runs perfectly - I would take the gamble on rust and cooling.

    there is only enjoyment now in the touring and six speed box is excellent - its the ex BMW press demonstrator and I am the second owner after they sold 18 years ago. !!


    keith stout