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    Major Service cost causes major heart stoppage

    Did you buy this from BMW? They usually come with MOT cover meaning you don't pay for anything on it's 1st MOT although I'm sure there's some exceptions such as tyres etc.
  2. Heated or cooled cup holders Cheesy video alert:
  3. I've had 2 cars and a few warranty repairs from Lloyd Colne and never had any issues at all with them.I think due to it's location they might not get many fleet/business users so they tend to look after you a little bit more. Thankfully I've not had to visit them for nearly 2 years though
  4. bmwtransit

    How to pick a good boiler

    The gas lads in work swear by the Potterton ProMax. I work in social housing and we maintain 13,000 properties and whenever anything packs up they get replaced with these at their recommendation.
  5. bmwtransit

    What about F30 335d xdrive?

    Exactly like what I said! They just don't feel prestige do they? Mine's on a PCP deal and as soon as I hit the 51% on the payments they are getting the keys back and I'm going to get a used 5 or possibly 3 tourer. Sod what the wife thinks.If she wants a high driving position then she's going to have to get herself a booster seat!
  6. bmwtransit

    Breakdown cover

    For those of us with a BMW warranty including breakdown cover.Am I correct in thinking that if AA/RAC etc. even attempts to jump start a car then that will void the warranty for the subsequent repair? I waited 3 hours at the side of the road last year for BMW to attend instead of the 1 hour it would have taken AA to attend for this very reason. It was the EGR valve in the end,replaced under warranty on an X3 with 3,000 miles on it.
  7. bmwtransit

    What about F30 335d xdrive?

    I treated myself to my very first brand new car last year for my 40th and got an F25 X3 2.0D. Although it looks the dog's bollocks (I need to get pics up) and came with a decent spec it just feels so dull.It's a hard and noisy ride,the engine sounds like a black cab on tickover and the steering is far too light for my liking. The 8 speed gearbox is good though,it glides through the gears and you don't feel the changes and the Xdrive worked tremendously with the recent weather. The wife talked me into it.I wanted a 5 tourer but we had an e53 X5 at the time and she preferred the high driving position. It would definitely have to be a 3.0 to get any enjoyment out of these.
  8. bmwtransit

    7-seat MPV views and opinions

    How about a Volvo XC90?
  9. bmwtransit

    Road Tax Fine

    Join ClearScore if you haven't already (it's completely free) and check if all of this has had an affect on your credit score. You may have another battle on your hands trying to get it removed
  10. bmwtransit

    The grand tour

    It's here mate ..... https://drivetribe.com/p/can-this-gorgeous-kia-stinger-take-APKN7Ud0SwKIJAfRAqpHDQ?iid=UoUJdOe5TQiENWpNl3eTCA
  11. bmwtransit

    The grand tour

    At least the Kia's achievable But yes, the Bugatti is awesome and I love the noise of the turbo
  12. bmwtransit

    What a waste

    We have different consignments in the North West http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/lorry-full-cannabis-found-fire-14066524
  13. bmwtransit

    The grand tour

    Watched episode 3 today. How cool is that Kia?? ... and it's RWD
  14. bmwtransit

    The grand tour

    Definitely an improvement on the last series. As well as ditching that shit celebrity thing that they did,the fact that they're filming it in front of a UK audience in the tent makes all the difference. When they were filming worldwide the gags seemed dumbed down probably because not many countries get our humour/irony (especially the Yanks). I think this season is going to be a goodun
  15. bmwtransit

    This months stupid award goes to....

    Not as daft as you all think .... He's making shitloads of money http://naibuzz.com/2017/01/19/much-money-tgfbro-makes-youtube/
  16. A mates dad used to put a square piece of plywood on the drivers seat every night with a load of 3" nails poking up and with a thin cushion on top. Nobody put it to the test unfortunately.
  17. bmwtransit

    My wife does read some shit...

    Is that Les Dawson?
  18. bmwtransit

    costco cheap diesel

    96.9p for PREMIUM diesel at costco,-- well impressed! sorry petrolheads i never took any notice of the unleaded prices but i'll take note next time i fill up. i maybe wrong but i think they only have 2 stations in the uk at the moment, Oldham(Chadderton) and Liverpool
  19. bmwtransit

    Plumbers! Simple question

    You MUST also get the insert that goes into the plastic pipe.It could be fine for months/years but all of a sudden it will blow the fitting off without it. http://www.screwfix.com/p/hep2o-hx60-15ws-smartsleeve-pipe-inserts-15mm-10-pack/3158f
  20. bmwtransit

    Dark Side May Be Calling

    I'm also considering a merc at the moment. A 2011 E220 CDI blueefficiency Avantgarde. Has anybody had any experience of these? Are they quick when you need them to be? I know nothing about Mercs but this one does look appealing.Only 29k miles and up for £12500 main dealer.
  21. bmwtransit

    Im SHAFTED big time

    How come it suddenly dawned on them to check the engine number AFTER the engine had been removed? It's as if they have gone "whoa! this is going to cost a lot to put right we better check it's legit" when in my opinion they should have gone "this might cost a lot,we better check it out first." Not sure where you stand legally but on that basis i'd at least try and aim for a 50/50 repair
  22. bmwtransit

    Any plumbers on here need advice

    Decent prices there. The sink swap is probably just for the labour with a little bit of fettling if it's not a straight swap. The price for the bath seal probably includes a tube of silicone which for a decent make you're looking around the £10-£15 mark. Or you could seal the bath yourself. I'm a joiner and I've never been 100% with my sealant until I got my hands on a set of these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cramer-40405-5-Fugi-Kit/dp/B003BNLQQ0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1487967033&sr=8-1&keywords=fugi+kit You can throw the silicone on any old way and these will still give you a showwroom finish.
  23. bmwtransit


    i'm severely claustrophobic,that would be my worse nightmare! jeez my heart's racing now just reading this-the thought of it!! was it a hot day too?
  24. bmwtransit

    Last minute holidays.

    holiday pirates i've got the app on my phone and get alerts all day long,there's some real bargains to be had