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  1. Hi all, I'm struggling to get this blooming thing re calibrated after cocking about with the other cameras recently. Question I have is, for the initial part of the calibration is it better to be driving the car or stationary? I've also lost the road speed limits as well so am guessing they will all come back once sorted. Just want an idea on the best way to re calibrate from someone who may have already done it using ISTA? Thanks in advance.
  2. Auto gearbox specialists in north west

    +1 for Automatic Transmissions They'll see you right
  3. Looking to buy a f01 740d

    Interesting thread that Robsey29. That sprocket design I never knew about. My car has been serviced according to the CBS intervals up to 58k which is when I bought it although that has changed to every 10k now its in my hands. God knows if that will make a difference in the long term. I do plan on keeping the car forever (he says)...
  4. Looking to buy a f01 740d

    66k now Enda from endtuning.com did my remap and EGR disable...

    I've got the tools so I may as well use them plus I'll learn a thing or two. Hopefully I won't cock it up and brick my unit, but I have coded the car previously so am confident in my ability
  6. Wet Look Wax

    "Big White" all the way for me
  7. Idrive saying oil level is high

    But if it ever does rise again (according to the dipstick) of its own accord, it could be a sign of failed DPF regens whereby diesel is being dumped in to the sump which inevitably could lead to a runaway engine. Something to wary about so check your level often
  8. Idrive saying oil level is high

    So, I've had the car around 4 weeks now and when i bought it the oil level on the dipstick and the idrive were fine (dipstick was at max) but last week the idrive started to show the level as high whereas on the dipstick it had not moved. Anyway i decided to leave it as after speaking to my usual (ex BMW) indy he said they're known to have the sensors to start playing up. But as ever me being me i decided to ring the warranty company up as i have 3 months of platinum cover with the RAC and they said they'd cover the replacement of the sensor so I contacted a different BM specialist (as my normal guy is not VAT registered) and explained the issue...Now, here's the twist, he said that apparently, BMW had made the dipsticks too long and that it affected a number of other model (GT) ranges as well and all that is needed is a bit of oil drained...He advised that if the sensor was playing up then there would be an error logged, which makes sense but ISTA does not show any errors. Anyway, i decided to suck out some oil via the dipstick tube and got the level down to the minimum on the dipstick and guess what the Idrive turned back to green (after driving a couple of miles) with the level showing at the max on the screen. I've decided to push on with the sensor replacement under warranty but logic tells me to believe what the dipstick is showing...I've googled around and cannot find a single story about dipstick defects affecting BMW's. Would be interested to hear from people who may have had a similar issue?
  9. Looking to buy a f01 740d

    I have a 2011 model and I think the facelift model came out in 2012...FSH, 1 owner etc applied in my case. Timing chains, again I don't think are much of an issue on these engines but I'm sure there will be someone who has more information than me. Cracking car to drive and if you remap like I have you'll be running around 350bhp which is even better P.S - make sure all of the gizmo's e.g. cameras, HUD work as normal....Good luck!

    Many thanks to Matthew Ashton. I just need to find a set of reliable instructions on how to generate my FSC code using either Dr Gini or Esys. Any links would be greatly appreciated

    Any idea of where to get the latest maps from as I have Dr Gini and would do it manually?
  12. Voltage

    I ignored the ISTA message too but was convinced after seeing 12.7V via the hidden menu that all is not right.
  13. Voltage

    I've noticed that every time I connect ISTA there is a message relating to 'undervoltage'....Always thought nothing of it until yesterday which is when I decided to check my water temps whilst driving home via the hidden menus etc. Basically under the voltage section it was showing 12.7/12.6V whilst driving home. I'm sure I've read somewhere that it should be around 14 volts. If this is correct then am I right in saying it could be a potential alternator issue? Thanks in advance.
  14. Voltage

    I think it will be the bushes first, I think my alternator is a valeo. anyone know a reputable place to buy from before I google...
  15. Side View Camera Failure

    Started her up this morning and all good, no errors and all cameras working. Think I got lucky this time and will be extra careful with the jet wash next time, in fact I'll probably use a watering can for those sensitive areas going forward....
  16. Side View Camera Failure

    Hair dryer on the wing mirror camera has brought it back to life in terms of getting a normal picture but I still have the bongs going off for the rear and side view cameras even though they are all working fine. I'll have to run through the initialisation process over the weekend using ISTA which I hope will resolve it once and for all....
  17. Voltage

    Hmm, thanks for the replies....I'll look up a few videos on what and how to etc and decide how soon to tackle it.
  18. Side View Camera Failure

    Thanks for that, was just looking at realoem and found the same part numbers: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=KM81-EUR-10_2007_F01_BMW_740d&diagId=66_0208#66539240274 It will be an ISTA job over the weekend me thinks...
  19. Side View Camera Failure

    Ok so just a quick update...I've noticed that on the birds eye view on the idrive the left hand side is greyed out so I suspect this is the suspect camera that has packed up. Question is, where is it located, on the mirror housing somewhere? I will look at the realoem to see if I can find it.... Wonder how much they cost to replace.
  20. Side View Camera Failure

    All of the cameras work as in they show a picture on the idrive when the relative button is pressed or when reverse is selected. It's just the 'bong' that won't go away. I'll try the hair dryer and see what I can do with ISTA over the weekend...
  21. Side View Camera Failure

    Hmm, thanks for that, might be a hair dryer job from the outside then.
  22. Idrive saying oil level is high

    Ignore the Idrive, drained mine to lowest level on dipstick but the topped it back up bit by bit and now it sits 0.5mm under the max mark on the dipstick and the idrive says the level is fine.
  23. Side View Camera Failure

    Washed my car yesterday using the jetwash and got a rear camera failure when selecting reverse. Also get a side camera failure when activating, yet they all work and show a picture normally. I suspect I got a bit too close with the jetwash gun on the front bumper cameras and will see if it clears during the week. If not, I'll open up the front bumper cameras first....Actually I'll check with ISTA first to see which side is playing up...
  24. Tire reccomends

    Oponeo is a good site too
  25. Tire reccomends

    I've ran Khumos in the past and thought they were good.