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  1. Soot on the inside of your tailpipes = No DPF imo and you should hear light burble under idle...If you do get round to physically looking at it, any outside (non manufacture related) welding will tell you that it has been opened up and the DPF brick probably removed. If you do remove it, note that at the front of the DPF canister (side nearest the turbo) it may have the CAT brick still in it, possibly. I only say that as i had my CAT left in when i did my 5 back in the day. Edit - Simple test would be to high rev it and if there is any smoke, then you have no DPF
  2. 5SPORT

    BMW 2006 E60 530D Stopped in water help!!!

    Disconnect your IBS sensor and give it a try. It's the secondary thinner cable that comes off one of the battery connections. It will have a squarish clip part way up.
  3. 5SPORT

    Torque converter

    Anybody know of a good TC specialist in the Midlands? My 7 has the revs jump slightly when cold from startup first thing, it also has that bumpy road feeling when cruise control is set at 50mph from cold. All fine when warm though.
  4. 5SPORT

    Chrome Window Exterior Trim Rejuvenation?

    Autosol polish is what I use and does the job nicely.
  5. 5SPORT

    Limp mode, here are the codes.

    Ok, but did it drive any better with the MAF unplugged?
  6. 5SPORT

    Replacing MAF, coding/resetting

    I am under the impression that you can't reset the adaptations using INPA. I only say that as I never found the option to do so when I had my E60. I used DIS to do all that kind of stuff.
  7. 5SPORT

    Limp mode, here are the codes.

    Have you tried running it with the MAF disconnected? I know you've replaced it but it's worth a try.
  8. 5SPORT

    What shocks?

    I bought some bilstien front m sport shocks back in the day for mine. It was an E60 though but they were absolutely fine.
  9. 5SPORT

    6 CD changer clunking

    Part number of the back of my dad's is......65.12-9 131 850
  10. 5SPORT

    6 CD changer clunking

    No Bluetooth and it's the type that fits in the glovebox and not the boot. I'd be interested if it's the right type blobby.
  11. 5SPORT

    6 CD changer clunking

    I asked a local repair company who said that they couldn't get parts for them so don't repair them anymore. I'll try a few other places on that front but will try and open it and take a look myself. Not sure how to go about opening it and what to look for if I do get it open though :-/ ....
  12. 5SPORT

    6 CD changer clunking

    My dad's cd changer is no longer loading discs and just makes a periodic cluncking noise. I've managed to get the magazine out etc but ain't got a clue as to what has gone wrong. I have also removed the whole unit. Any advise from people who have experienced a similar issue is appreciated.
  13. 5SPORT

    '05 525d No Power

    Your DPF is clearly blocked with those back pressure readings. That's why your have no power when accelerating. You need someone with DIS to connect to it and force a couple of regens and also tackle the reason why it hasn't done so in the past.
  14. Disconnect your IBS sensor which is the little connector that hangs of your battery cable and then re try.
  15. 5SPORT

    113 grams of Ash

    Ahh sorry was talking about the soot mass. 11.2g is nothing imo.